STAC Students Learn Hospitality Management Skills and Give Back!

Starting at the front here, we have Sloane,
then we have Gianna, we have Tristan, Shawn, Matt, Michelle, Daniel,
Carol, and Derek. Each of these students take management role of project
management, food and beverage management, marketing management, they sold over 60
tickets, and they sought sponsorships from the local community. I just think
this was the best example of an amazing community collaboration. and how much we can all do together, and I think the opportunity for the you guys to get
involved on every level to really know what it takes just to find the date, to
find the location, to get the food together, to organize it all. I would like
now to introduce Bobby and Hayley from Enterprise Cars and they have brought
yet another check, so in total we’ve raised, the students have raised, over

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