[Applause] pick me up I wanna see your worth will you treat me deserve every day unless you think you're Oh so journey nine just had her first major I would say access a shield we were and we were going to a corner got something there that gas station because it's right now that's really hot like blazing hot outside and so I wanted to make sure she could one get some saved but to just made me like get water cuz I wanted to buy a lot of water why we were in there and so I go to enter in the worker blocked me from entering he's like no pets allowed ma'am I was like if she's a service dog she's not happy they go that's no pets a lot of like I get that she's not a pet she's a working service like that smoke woman's like no Pat's a lot I said she is not a pet she's medical equipment like she's by law like allowed in fear you can't deny us he's like no pets allowed name and then another girl like another lady who would like must be applying something to you that I should know by federal all you have to allow this animal in is a service animal it could help someone its medical equipment yes finally I was like yeah it's been oblique equipment like by law you literally cannot deny me like I can call the cops and he was like okay like let me if I was just like thanks but it on the plus side everyone's been so nice there's so many water bowls out for dogs I have like my own like watering it for when it gets hot and summer for food and like they are giving away like I got a free cool rack and then they even like went and got it cool again for me and this has been really nice and everyone's complimenting her boots because there's literally over 40 something pets here probably with no type of Paul protection and I can't even put my foot for half a second on this pavement without them literally burning so I can only imagine what it's doing to a dog in a lot of people aren't taking the precaution to stop and let their dogs get breaks versus most of my time sadly I'm here and I want to enjoy it which I am enjoying it so much like today's the best Friday I've had I'm enjoying it so much if I see sharing it'll journey but I she comes first and so I have to make sure she gets a lot of breaks and a lot of water and a lot of cool down time because that's my number one priority before having fun but I am having fun and we're having fun I got something exciting hey guys so um we're done with the event pride was amazing it was great today was like I was just it was just walk around and enjoy like seeing everyone so happy and in love in doing that they are in loving where they are without worrying about getting punched or assaulted or or some other very offensive nice everyone was like so kind like I've never had anyone on Friday that night before but I got so many compliments underneath which is normal people always do but usually it's put they're cute or something but so many people are like I'm so happy but you got your dog this is this hot pavement I'm like good point like literally half a second without a shoe on my foot my foot like burning the guy couldn't I'm not into walking on that sadly there's 40 plus pests around not to have that but it was just so nice got some need freeze things but the weirdest things about lots of right top of that so many people were so nice at all I kept me having a server-side like so many people really do you want water like you need water for your dog and they were like making me pay and sound like that right I like here's water and they're off no me me all the stuff very nice and the nurse's station for pets were there any out pulling racks for dogs and it was so nice and I got walking mouth and they grabbed think you know you won't get like another one that's like cooler since it's been horrible to replace time again I'm sure the health care and they replaced it and it was just so kind we didn't have an access issue which I told you about that was interests but yeah I was just really happy to like enjoy pride and pride means so much to me because it's just like I struggle with just because of like it's hard when you have like issues that affect how you feel and people judge you and humbly and so you can't always be one of the and stuff like that and they just kind of sucks for that but like five is the place where I feel safe I it is the place I can wear something that's rainbow or says something about equality or says anything about any type of part of the community and I can wear it and take confident you know that like if anything's are burned on the compliment I love it and I got so many compliments it was just so nice and I just learned the enjoyed tribe so yeah now we're having called journeys back there cooley Law I have the air conditioning on 100% letting it blow I'm even putting them others down to get some fresh air and I gave him so much water literally I would say 60% of my time at pride was me literally sitting banning her down taking off her stuff letting her cool down getting her water you name it like I literally dedicate so much time to make sure she was as comfortable as she could be in this hot heat that as much as I wanted to stay and enjoy my tummy before sadly I thought she had enough and I think that she's done for the day I think she thought I think she's tired she just needs like old sister and though he's playing dude stuff and I just know my dog's limits and she hit her limit so I wanted to call it end of the day next prides next year that's fine and just like give my dog what she needs so she gets her break I got pictures you'll see those oh it puts them in this video but you know I really enjoyed pie they know so much fun journey is sleeping in her kennel cooling down completely it's been a while she's good now she got tons of water her nice cool kennel floor you know she's enjoying herself and enjoying relaxing after that crazy day or I guess crazy two days I guess that's it that's it for the vlog sorry there's not too much footage it was just a lot to take in a lot of stuff going on like it was hard to focus but I really did enjoy it and I had a great time with journey and she did really good I'm really proud of her


  1. We saw you at pride and Journey taking a water break…. our daughter filled up a bowl for her. It’s crazy to know that you are a YouTube as well. Subscribe!!

  2. Do you have any other tips for black dogs during the hot weather? Besides the obvious of frequent shade and water breaks. What kind of paw booties do you recommend for the heat?

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