SSPC Train the Painter | E-Learning Platform Promo

sspc trained painter is offering an exciting new method of achieving their globally accredited training and certification routes the bronze protective coatings applicator that silver abrasive blast cleaning and the silver spray painting training which leads onto certification are all typically held as a set amount of classroom learning plus practicals now students have the flexibility of doing the majority of modules online our new e-learning platform allows you to complete the majority of the theoretical modules outside of the classroom meaning less work down tucked for you and expensive travel and accommodation the training can also be conducted in the workplace the training materials are available 24/7 accessible from any computer the training must be completed within six months giving you lots of time to learn at your own pace and prepare for the classroom course the online course material is continually and instantly updated with market trends ensuring you're receiving the best training possible learning is reinforced with online multiple-choice testing and contains multimedia materials such as videos voiceover and animations to keep you engaged once the bronze protective coatings applicator online courses complete only one day of health and safety training plus one day of practical training remains to be delivered in the classroom on completion of the online course for a silver abrasive blasting and silver spray painting the student can complete the one-day practical training on completion of the training units the students can undertake certification such as sspc c6 c7 and c12 through global affiliates and independent Assessors you will have continued access to the training material for reference purposes throughout your training the flexibility of the e-learning platform makes it ideal for existing employees and new recruits to get started now contact us today to find out

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