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hi guys it’s Cindy and welcome back to
my channel living learning with the LD coach today I have an awesome game for
you called square up so if you’re ready to add some excitement to your classroom
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you share this video with your other teacher friends as well as your parents so I recently introduced my students to
square up it’s an educational game made by mind where they love it don’t tell
anybody I didn’t I use games a lot in my instruction because my students need
lots and lots and lots of repetition to build skill okay so what I like about
square up is that it’s a kinesthetic visual thinking game it helps students
with strategizing hand-eye coordination processing speed and even memory so the
game is recommended for ages 6 and up it is to be played with no more than two
players but you can also play it with one player when I introduce a new game I
like to allow my students to have an opportunity to just analyze it before I
actually tell them how to play so as you can see here they’re getting a feel for
it after they’ve had an opportunity to kind of look at it and maybe even try to
figure it out for themselves then I tell them the object of the game basically in
this game you race to slide the squares to match the cube shakers before your
opponent finishes the winner slaps down the frame around the solution and square
off when plate with two it can be a very fun fast-paced game but for my students
who process a little slower I allow them to play by themselves with the focus
being on beat in their previous time versus making it a competition which can
be very frustrating for some of them because they become painfully aware of
how slow they are another thing that I like is that mine we’re actually created
a lesson to go with this game I haven’t used it yet but I thought it was kind of
cool that they are so intentional about making their toys and games so
educational so you can download it from their website and I’ve got a
the link below hi guys so that’s square up so now you have one of my secrets to
help me keep my students motivated and ready to learn if you’ve ever used
square up please place a comment below and let me know how you like it if you
plan on using square up make sure if you let me know how you like it make sure
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game you you

4 thoughts on “Square UP | Educational Games | Special Education Teacher”

  1. Hi! Very cool video. I like the idea of using a game and incorporate it for a lesson on purpose and not just playing it. 🙂 New sub here!

  2. This is also excellent for visual processing, in fact this helps with so many things. I think I will get this for my tutoring practice. Can't wait until your next video.

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