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Sport, Coaching and PE at Oxford Brookes is all about learning theory applied to a physical context. Sport, Coaching and Physical Education is a lot more than just coaching You’ve got the whole sports psychology, sociology, physiology. We’ve got an obesity crisis, a drop out rate after school that’s significant. People aren’t doing sport and physical activity and they aren’t doing it for a number of reasons. Maybe they’ve got jobs, families, they get into the daily grind, teachers aren’t capturing them. We’ve got all these different things that are starting to happenand we passionately believe that academic practitioners who have done a degree, who understand that context, that are skilled in they way they teach and coach are more able to deal with these issues. I get students coming into my office
going “I’ve got this drill” or “I’ve tried this practise”, “I’ve read this paper, it doesn’t really make sense with that.” We create this culture of a body of students who are just pushing around pedagogy to really understand it. I’m never putting things down, always reading. We send each other journal articles and have arguments on twitter. I don’t think there’s anything in coaching that you can’t improve. The types of jobs that our students go into really vary broadly. A lot of them coach and teach but significant numbers work in sports development or in policy. We have staff with that expertise who are currently coaches, sports scientists or performance analysts. Staff are absolutely fantastic and you spend so much
time with them you build up that relationship. Some of our best students can challenge traditional ideologies, they can take a particular Idea and say ‘I like that, but actually that’s not relevant to my context.’
Those are the great coaches. So you could be a coach and not come to university
and go through your governing body awards but you wouldn’t gain the theoretical understanding to unpick your practise at a higher level. Applying the theory to the practical coaching is something I didn’t really think about before. For example understanding gender better, It’s no good just understanding that men and women are different How are identities formed? How do we understand masculinity and femininity? What does that mean for my teaching practice. We’ve got the swimming pool, squash courts, gym up here. We’ve got our sports hall. We’ve got a climbing wall. We’ve got labs where students will pursue
physiological and psychological aspects of the course. A brand new 3G pitch, basically our new classroom. Strength and conditioning facilities and a golf course. It’s absolutely essential that our students get placement opportunities. Teaching in state schools to coaching in private schools, to working in clubs. You might work with a sports team and do performance analysis, you might be involved in strength and conditioning or physical fitness and testing of teams. Others have gone to America,
I know someone who’s done a year abroad in Australia. You can pretty much go into most sports jobs from this degree, as long as you pick the right pathway for you and one that you enjoy
you’ll end up where you want to be.

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  1. I might major in Business Admin at Stillman if I can't do that I do Physical Education. That's what I'm going for I don't want to be no English,Mathmatics,Biology,Chemistry, History,Special Education,Art,Music, Elementary school teacher just a Physical Education teacher.

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