Spoken English Class At Siddharth Social Service

the question today before you is how to speak English and my answer is B person it's a long process take small steps and practiced regularly unless you practice you won't be able to speak English so keep practicing finally get a chance to speak with your friends with family members to your colleagues trying to speak in English whatever you know all this diversity and today let us start with consonant sound there are four consonants P T C and B these sounds are not hard words they are soft words P is not P as in Hindi it's and C is curved P is tough not like in D and D is low now I'm going to speak a few words in front of you look at the board now this is P but it's pronounced a problem has three people promise passing I pound pamphlets and people color crystal pan customer table calm canvas katsu carnival caution teeth has to take table but testy fatter state we know dr Bansal Misco the skull dinosaur tink counties now whether you are pronouncing these consonant correctly or not very of paper test and now I'm going to show it how to pronounce these consonants keep the sheet of paper three inches away from your mouth and try to pronounce these words if your breath hit the sheet of paper then you are lumps in them correctly if it doesn't hit man there is a mistake now the sheet of paper is three inches away from my mouth and I'm pronouncing problem history people panicked tasting table color system accountant chime Daniel so these consonants are software and not the hardware whenever we pronounce them secret that we pronounce them very soft you never pay too much stress on these words otherwise your pronunciation will be totally incorrect so be very cautious about okay problem problem concrete carnage I think you've got it

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