Spider Man Trains Miles Morales

let's get to work so where is this face you talked about your toys are so much cooler than mine I love this invisible floating fortress thing but now that all of New York City has seen it hammerhead will probably be here soon I am counting on it so let us work quickly I have acquired the class 5 laser array we need to calibrate it to prevent it from overheating lucky for us I'm working on my master's in calibration let's do this okay what's first hold the housing array into place on it whoa nice laser housing look done and done field aerial sure thing I have no idea what you're talking about exit the hangar and navigate to the top of a nearby transmitter alrighty so we should talk about the strategy with hammerhead don't you think what is there to talk about we find him then focus the laser on the plate in his head the laser will use a carbon steel to critical temperature and soften it so I can knock him unconscious I get that part but how do you know it won't melt his brain Aris getting shot by the shipper okay well Sheppard just remember my no killing rule okay done how's it look she doesn't appear functional now we must test the targeting and power levels cool wait this doesn't involve shooting me does it not yet but I do need you to launch those targets right okay ready ready bombs away oh cool with me this is fun here comes another one shot this is how modern military beat shooting oh can we do one more please yeah well we're all children on the inside whoa come back we have one more thing to do on my way we must adjust navigation stabilizer in order to compensate for the weight of the laser go to that terminal and wait for me to activate the system system ready I'm going in okay that should do it you two teaming up now you but it ain't gonna do nothing sable here's a little help here time to get personal look at me oh you can't kill me now I can get in close you guys don't give up do you but I'm still gonna kill you I need reinforcements now my chance hell no respect what's it gonna take you know what I respect the guy your nose one too quick I missed keep on coming he'll make sure the next one hits I'm the bomb time to get personal in a fight you ain't gonna win yeah try it eight too bad I gotta you today you're quite good but not as good as me you're going down still I give you one chain join like clothes door number three come on in boys let's see you're not dead still too strong I need to disable it first ready coming your way Roger got a crappy shield down in this one I think I am I have an idea Paul's him get ready to chop huh that was fun hey you have dinner plans I know this great pizza place I must have returned to some Korea right you have a war to fight do you not like to fight you what I have to in order to help my people I know that's what heroes do I am no hero but you have taught me a few things oh yeah like what like how to disarm my enemies with bad jokes actually they're good jokes but I understand humor can be subjective Thank You spider-man for everything I don't do hugs Yeah right of course hey can I get a lift back to the city I'd swim but it'd take forever to get the river smell out of my suit [Applause] [Applause] ready I think the web-shooters are a little tight get used to it just try to keep up

30 thoughts on “Spider Man Trains Miles Morales”

  1. I love how you used the spider-verse suit like it’s the actual movie all over again (SPOLIERS) like when the other universe spider-man trained miles to webswing and all that stuff

  2. Ohhhh I’ve been playing for hours trying to get these scenes with Miles because I knew they were in the game, but I just realized they are DLC. Fuck. 😂

  3. 12:05 that's spider sweater you guys remember amazing spider man 2 when you went home he wore that when you went home

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