36 thoughts on “Spellings Test 1 – English Literacy Builder”

  1. Intend pleasure refuse request restraint retire answer beautiful usual support reply complaint importance prison regard repair vacation important remember special, ITS EASY! ITS FOR YR2!

  2. hi did I do well I only done ten questions as that's all I do in school and of those ten I got 9 it's not my best as I usually get 10/10 but did I do well xxx

  3. Intend, pleasure,refused,request,restrain,retire,awnser,beautiful,usual,support,reply,importants,prison,regard,repair,vaqation,?,remember,special, 16/20

  4. How do we distinguish complain and complaint? Because I've made a mistake in number 12. Anyway thanks for the videos. It's really helpful

  5. Hi, I got 16/20 not sure if it's good but I got sats coming soon starting 9th May and I need a lot of practice can you please do more videos like this.Thanks

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