Speech Therapy – How To Teach a Toddler to TALK! – Toddler Activities – Jello Sensory Play

hi I'm Kayla Chaco a speech language pathologist from walkie-talkie speech therapy you're about to see me do speech therapy with this cutie using jell-o we're working on imitation of sounds and new words so check it out and don't forget to subscribe because I'm posting new videos every week let's touch it poke poke poke gotta be beat where'd it go bee bee you see but good where'd it go that yummy who is that see these are all clean lychee dead the in mmm can you make that sound you make that sound like where did it go squeeze Casey he wants to go okay what is it yeah Luger came out he's yours oh good job it's empty now empty Wow yes now if you liked this video I know that you're gonna want to watch this one this is how to teach my child to imitate imitate sounds signs words or maybe this one how to teach my child to request right okay it's one thing to have words and another thing to actually tells them when I need something and what they actually need so you're gonna love those videos check them out

8 thoughts on “Speech Therapy – How To Teach a Toddler to TALK! – Toddler Activities – Jello Sensory Play”

  1. Hi please help I wait for your answer my son 3 and half in October 26 but he not speak yet he speak by need if he need water he said mum mam he tells colour elephant cake suddenly speak suddenly not why I go speech therapist she said just you want I to talk nothing problem what you say he speaks ta ba sa you know baby language

  2. Hi mam.ur just amazing.my baby is 13 month old son. What and how to teach him .he is very active.when he is in grandmas home he speaks more.when at home with me he became silent.just playing. What to do?waiting for answer.please .which video will be helpful 4 me.

  3. Hi,my son is 22 month old and he's still not calling mom dad,so can you give me some suggestions, waiting for answer.

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