Special Board of Education Meeting, 8-19-19

okay welcome to our work session we’re going to the work session tonight
is to discuss our district goals for the 2019 2020 school year as well as our
core goals and we’ll see how much we can get done tonight
so first is building our vision together and I thought this could just be kind of
a little discussion what we’ve accomplished so far you know one
specific to our strategic coherence we are beginning here for yes in our
five-year plan and where we’re going what’s next and also we have goals that
we use sometimes target that are outside of the SCP that sometimes from the
previous you need to continue into another year or there could be things
outside of that that we may come up with this evening in our discussion that we
want to focus on outside of the SCP so Michelle she’s gonna take us back in
history sorry I’ll just start off okay good evening thank you for the
opportunity to discuss some of the work that we’ve engaged in with our SCP over
the last three years for members you have been intimately involved with this
whether it be on the original steering committee or as members of the numerous
groups task force’s committees that we have to move these ideas forward and in
fact that we’re here talking about it tonight you know the resources the hours
of time that you may put into this it just shows an ongoing commitment to
putting student learning at forefront so thank you for that and that’s what we’d
like to thank Dr. Bandlow even though she officially started on
August 1st even before that you’ve asked really deep and thoughtful questions
about the SCP which shows me that you value the work that has been been going
on almost parallel to that you know you have asked a lot of questions about the
context in which it was all developed and I think that both of those are
really integral to figuring out a path forward so that’s just one of the many
reasons as so many of us are excited to begin this next chapter with you at the
helm so thank you doctor so we hope to talk about in the next 15
minutes or so is the genesis of the strategic coherence plan the evolution
of of it over time what it looks like from a curriculum instruction and
assessment perspective and how that work is ongoing into the coming school year
and then we have some ideas about some proposed next steps for the SCP okay so
pre SCP it actually existed there was life before our to teach a coherence
plan and I don’t even tell you this you live in this community you have kids
here this is a really good place to be right like you should feel really good
about the experiences that our students have here so this wasn’t about you know
a deficit model but instead of helping us really evolve with changing times and
help propel our students into into the 21st century so you know Brewster
is a very strong community with proud traditions and values right so we I
think back to we want to start it as a high school social studies teacher here
what are some of those shared values that we have we knew that we weren’t all
about test scores right student in front of us is much more than a score on is on
an assessment or even a set of assessments we could all agree to that
but then it was a matter of okay well what is it that we value and if we ask
10 people what it is that we stood for as a learning organization we would have
gotten different answers so it was with that sort of background that we move
into this next phase where we say okay we want something that we can articulate
together and then we can craft together and articulate to move forward to
something that we can point to and say yep this is what we want for all of our
students k12 every single day as they move through through their journey here
so the original SCP team there were 19 members line of those members are still
with the district’s seven of the nine are in our seventh 19 are in their
original position and you know what that’s it that’s okay this is a good
thing because the FCP is supposed to capture a mission of a learning
organization it’s it’s larger than any single individual or set of individuals
so the fact that this offense is so thriving given that over half of the
people that were on the original planning scheme aren’t there it’s a
really good thing it means that it is it is who we are and it is what we what we
value this quote we took from one of the texts that we eat is when we were first
sort of integrating the ESP of a book called most likely likely to succeed
you may remember if you were on the board at that time you engaged in some a
book talk or two but if you wouldn’t mind taking a moment to just read the
code so the idea with this is is we selected
this one because it really encapsulate the shifts that were asking educators
students parents to to embrace as we push through that the implementation of
his SCP the shift from teacher centered classrooms to students in our classrooms
and from passive learning to Avenue learning and so this was this is
something that really and that should also mention you know we talked about
content I don’t want you to think that what we’re trying to say is content
isn’t important when it said content is a vehicle to these higher order skills
that were asking for in our in our SCP so with all that together but this
really did for us this retreat of coherence plan is it anchoring our
values it’s not just a beach thing because it’s August though but it really
anchored our values and said the point of it said yep this is what we believe
in and we’re not going straight from this and we’re going to help run use it
as a filter that is sort of run our our decisions through but it’s also a circle
lighthouse so a guy from afar a place to aspire to and for us to continue to move
towards as we as we progress so just quickly this is not meant to be
completely comprehensive because it’s from
– too many not all of you up in 1516 deformed our team initially had these
skills identified and in March of 2016 board adopted the plan 1617 was really
about selling it so it was started with the why we use the tax most likely to
succeed to have these book talks and we had over 50% of our educators that
committed to for one hour after school sessions to really talk about why this
shift was was was needed and how it fits into a system that we currently have
which we don’t have control over all the time in terms of state mandates and what
students need to do to be able to to graduate and meet certain benchmarks in
1617 we expanded the SCP team and bought at the same time we’re finding the
skills from eight to five we developed our profile undergraduate and then we
moved into into 17 18 so we took the two teams we had the liaisons meeting we had
an SCP team immersion into one gigantic team that helped to work through this
next step of what do these skills look like in action so we took a learning
walk we were able to gather some examples of what these skills look like
in action in k-12 across content areas and then mist Christian DeJesus
Hernandez as you notice the Middle School assistant principal led a group
of k-12 teachers for a few days over the summer to develop the rubrics that we
use for each of the skills which was a Herculean task which they didn’t
and tasks Java and that’s what we we have been using ever since 1819 just as
the year that just ended we made the SCP a more visible and see
the decals behind you but we also have the roadmap for community members to go
on and to see sort of the progression and the journey of what we are offering
our students Dr. Henning-Piedmont for the administrative learning won’t referred
the administrative visit which is the it’s the New York State language for
administrative evaluations know what she did is every administrator had to choose
to SCP skills and use the rubrics in and conduct and learning walk with a group
of teachers and filter them out as a way again to to make this sort of learning
visible and then of course up eyes so this is where I get really excited
because it transfers into curriculum so we had the in-depth studies like our k12
science or k5 math our k12 digital learning competencies that were saying
okay so that again this is our endocrine this is what we believe in so based on
what we have where it’s sort of weird where the gaps is it is this what we’re
seeing every day in our science classrooms are entering a five math
classroom we had a number of conversations about the need to align
better k12 which absolutely we need to do and just last spring our liaisons
committed to a mapping process which is would be ongoing and Tomales to into
this year and then you know selection of resources these are just some examples
but these are most poignant in my mind when we only came times who collects or
to make a decision about our k5 math particular resource we had collected all
this data we run pilots we had it we sat down and said okay so which of these
resources helps students which which of these resources Foster’s our SCP skills
better than the other than the other it helped us sort of
crystallize that that decision and finally professional learning what we
tried to do was to integrate a model called inquiry strands which was really
responsive to the adult learner so the idea is the SCP is our overarching
umbrella right and so we what we did is we developed topics under that umbrella
to help teachers study in depth over the course of a year
so it integrated some teacher choice into what they were going to be studying
all the while you know moving forward the mission outlined in our in our SUV
I’m not going to go into too much depth with this but please just know from this
the idea is that so all that that really took root in those curricular areas are
now becoming more and more indebted this is a process where we’re moving forward
and really seeing this on on a deeper level so and I should say all this is
also being done through committee work it’s not the top-down sort of thing it’s
a really organic sort of process but we’re saying okay where does the next
step in this progression so an example is in depth study so I talked I spoke a
little bit about k5 math and k12 science well now what we have developed is a
comprehensive curriculum review cycle which is not foreign to our friends in
New Jersey apparently but of an accomplishment for every parent but this
helps us look at curriculum in a way that’s a more systemic and teachers you
know that we’re committed to this and that we’re going to make sure that we
study this in that in a really concentrated way another
great example is when I spoke about the administrative learning walks but some
teachers through community work at the k2 level have said you know it’d be
really powerful if these were teacher led learning walks great that’s a that’s
an awesome professional learning experience for teachers to to engage in
again using the rubrics and talking about best practices so again this is
ongoing work from a curriculum instruction and assessment perspective
that has grown organically through the the work of the SCP dr. Roger can you go
back to my selection I spent quite a bit of time articulating over the transition
coming here I have to say the district did an outstanding job with the SCP plan
coming up at the process and you know we honor the past and everything that has
gone into this prep this plan and we’ve been spending a little bit of time
talking about where we need to go over here and we really feel that we really
need to start working and focusing on student outcomes and that goes right
into what dr. cautious that’s sharing with you regarding the curricular review
cycle they they do a tremendous amount of work and they do all the right things
by you know any other you psycho curriculum mapping and make
sure that they were able to whatever the students are learning in the classroom
it clearly matches the curriculum and the district and throughout the state so
the review cycle is critical it’s usually a five year cycle and it’s the
same thing here in American New Jersey is the same thing and they can’t review
the curriculum as you know every the same you know dip different topics every
single year so to do it in the cycle so that’s perfect we’re going to continue
to do that the teacher that learning walks is an excellent thing for teachers
shows the success of the administrative learning walks I thought was fantastic
the k-12 twelve align it is critical as we move forward with with the curriculum
with whether we’re talking about state tests or benchmark assessments in the
district all of that is critical for students piece to make sure that all of
our kids are successful successful consistent district expanded selections
have been be talking about and additional opportunities for skills in
action so we have spoken it’s the other so so one of the areas
that we really both and the team kind of feel strongly about is getting a and
forgive me if I say it the wrong way and the steering committee for that we
talked about getting a steering committee together to start to take the
SCP to the more student outcome level so that was the first thing we feel very
strongly about this piece is something that the leadership team we really feel
strongly that I’m gonna let dr. gosh you know talk about it first I want to say a
few things sure so if we’ve spoken about this as we
were hiring the new administrators this this cycle through but of the 14
administrators that are not housed in this building 11 of them have joined us
in the last three years some of those are internal candidates so they know you
know that our culture but they’re still a learning curve that’s attached to that
and of course six of them which you’ve been involved with the hiring are brand
new to their goal this year so we want to make sure that we do what we can to
support them right smoking and we’ve a great leadership team I’m really first
of all I’m very very excited to be working here I’m very very excited to be
working with this team leadership teams great got out to see the teachers but
one of the things we really feel that we want to focus on also is building
leadership capacity and supporting that and bringing the team together and
helping us all move together not only k12 articulation for our kids of the
curriculum mckay 212 vertical articulation across the entire district
so we’re starting that at our administrator retreat this week a little
bit with jobs and leadership building police but this is one of the things
that we we feel it’s very very important for
especially for new folks as some of our the folks that have anywhere that would
look to come together yes and some of what we what we also spoken extensively
about is expanding that out to new educators so I meet monthly with new
educators but I feel like I could give a better job when I meet with them to make
it the time more meaningful you want to make sure we keep those sort of touch
points so that they feel like this is an accessible place like they can reach out
for our assistance and have questions answered but we want to really make sure
that we create a more I create a more comprehensive process in order to to
support them and this goes back to what we talked about on the process outcomes
were fantastic that job the district is a great job with creating the SCP
process everything went beautifully so now we feel that we really have to do
the steering committee digging a little bit deeper on the learning outcomes for
kids what is happening in the classrooms how can we know that there’s great
things happening in the classrooms but how can we support that work and
continue a tradition forward so an example what this might look like
the process output for example and when we when we say that we mean a process
from an outcome from the process of the s UK by playing that really important
foundation which we know need it to happen but then right this next step so
so process outcome for example could be the rubrics the rubrics are great they
need to happen now what right so now what is this new learning outcome so
maybe it’s k-12 educators sitting together looking at the student work
with the critical thinking we’re saying okay what are you seeing here what are
some patterns are seeing K 2 3 5 6 8 9 12 K 12 and what and using
to inform our our next steps and our hope is to create working on the stereo
committee because we know they’re any great things going on in the classes we
are we’re a button and we’re subtly shared that with me and I’ve sat at many
meetings already but we want really really create a plan moving forward and
it’s not going to happen in one year it’s not going to happen in two year to
make real change in education it takes about three to five years to start to
seize really deep deep entrenched improvements academically the district
is fantastic I can typically what we want to just continue move things
forward for us so then to exit out what that would look like an ear for an ear 5
would be reinstating the steering committee as dr. Bauman mentioned if you
notice in the group that we had initially which was in one of the first
few slides we had we had parents we had administrators we had teachers we had a
community member and how many students so we had talked about making sure that
we include students in this next sort of iteration of the plan and using that
steering committee you know part of the strength of the SDP when it was
initially created was that it was a group of people in a room talking about
what it was that we valued right so we want to make sure that we get back to
that get back to to the strength of the of this plan which was the shared vision
that we created so we can recalibrate sort of say where are we there’s some
goals that line and that SCP but we also have some ideas about what some other
essential questions are that we could we can really tackle and use that in order
to just seven focus so in the one last piece that we also spoke about is making
sure that connection between the district and the
community and we came up with a few ideas out of people share tonight as we
talk to make that connection because we’re doing all this great work not
everybody can come to these committee needs how do we make sure what’s going
on here is articulated to the community and we’re creating that awareness and
bringing everybody together so we talked a little bit more about it but that was
one of the other things we want to really focus on so thank you dr. box I
really appreciate you coming in – sure your example see if you have any
questions or anything before we okay so I think that kind of by clapping
so first the steering committee so we had it the SCP what it was called at the
last three there’s a task force herb was that the steering committee or no so the
steering committee is a smaller group so this what I consider a steering
committee would be the original similar to the original group that we we had
together where we had parents teachers administrators and students – a
community member at some points when we had the larger group together it was
about 40 or 45 people in the room and it was great you know there’s no capacity
but that’s not where we are right in my opinion where we are right now like we
need to get back to that poor representative group to have really
meaningful conversations about what now we have these process outcomes with the
SCP great now how does that translate to a typical student in typical classroom
on an average day right so we have identify those student learning outcomes
and then we collect data on on those outcomes right inside here for
it’s really good questions yeah it’s you know the steering committee is exactly
what dr. Gough is explaining but they then they steer the direction but that
but then they come together and they report out to the board and report out
to other stakeholders and constantly are giving updates on where are we heading
and they’re also listening to some of the you know to the board to the
community so the steering committee really starts
to dig in and then steer the ship and you have enough representation on that
committee from every single one of our stakeholders we have that’s very very
important to make sure that every week everybody has a say at the table and
that the steering committee is going in the direction that the entire group
feels is reflective of the work being done from the past so that sounds good
and effective which therefore that SDP group that was meeting for a big movie
last year years before doesn’t mean to me anymore gets scaled down so that
would just get scaled down to now the steering committee yes yes okay it’s
nice through other ongoing work that we have with the curriculum review cycle
with the alignment work that’s taking place k12 for everybody next year
there’s going to be enough of the work that’s making you move forward and
enough of input from from different constituents but from from teachers to
make sure that they’re making it operationalize and
their own content once and what’s the spot your psychos out as you can plant
in your visually original plan once 2021 hit serve then that whole group correct
me if I’m wrong because I was not here we come back together again and revisit
the five-year plan and say what have we accomplished where do we need to take it
from here okay so then how good with the steering committee with the people that
you anticipate the temperature you’ve outlined who you think that the
stakeholders would be on it what’s the plan for that in terms of getting it out
and complete starting and or is that kind of next steps I think
once we get that hopefully as the and I know needs to be done in the public
session once we get any old district goals some validation and direction from
the board and permission from the board and I think we want to roll it out right
away all right guys so so findings inform the next five years so you had
talked about the real academic change can take every five years so we started
this three years ago you know and you may have been big
expectations right but then once you get in it you have to get there sometimes it
just may take longer so my question is the thought was we’re gonna finish out
five years and like you said come up with another plan but in talking about
like this year looking at this k-12 student outcome all that stuff it almost
seems like I’m not sure if it’s we’re almost creating a new kind of five-year
plan already or are we looking to have some student outcomes already achieved
like this year and next year finishing up to five because it’s like seems like
there might be like another rollout happening at the same time so I’m not
sure if I’m quite understanding exactly right you know
yes only because I’m still in the learning curve no no that’s great new
book awards so fun the way that this has worked is when we were sort of kicking
this work off the spoke to a number of other districts mursalin right next door
being one and so the core mission didn’t change right they still had the same
skills that they focused on but because of where they were as a district and how
they had repressed their goals would change so to see it as a real cyclical
process but not really an endpoint but a point where we’re continually improving
and continually assessing where we are and then setting new goals to achieve
that is it’s more of how I know we have to sort of approach it in the past like
it wouldn’t be okay five years check that off we’re done but instead okay
where are we now continually taking stock but what we’re where we are and
where we want to be and then and then figuring out different ways to meet
those goals that make sense it does so then kind of wondering if so we come the
current SCP with that which has this end data between a 2021 but and I kind of
wonder if I guess you can do it to everybody can just look at where we are
now and build on that and get there or perhaps even now because I hate just
like wait till two more years from now and then figure out okay let’s have
another goal for five years where’s number ten years out from reaching a
goal that maybe if we start now who knows would take three years or so so
they are kind of overlapped outcomes I think and that’s me
yeah that’s what we have to do doesn’t that steering committee would come up
with the student outcomes student goals okay and something that you know no pun
intended but there is a lot of adaptability built into the plan right
and I’ve just seen that just over the last few years and how it sort of has
evolved and how people at seeking ownership of it in ways that I would
never think I would never think that it would come to fruition so by sort of
recalibrating getting this core group together and saying okay three years
later we’re here what is it that we want to achieve and we have you know we
talked about our tiered of objective tiered goals right to take a similar
process in that way one of the things I shared is in my previous experience many
of my administrators we do tiered goals so if you want to make some really
significant changes academically you’re creating SMART goals based upon from
that all that you have it’s gotta be tearing its it will not happen that
depending upon what that goal is it might not happen that first year
so what’s lipstick what’s gonna happen that first year then I want to know
what’s going to happen the second year what’s going to happen in third so the
goals will build upon each other so that’s the approach we want to take with
the steering committee apparently but you’ve got have your first goal that you
build on the second and the third depending upon what our needs are so you
never really need to sit down deep into it be a little bit of data that was one
of the things you mentioned strong was really digging into the data and
looking students out so what is the you mentioned the student data you know you
mentioned people teacher sitting down and maybe in sixth grade and saying
let’s look at their work and so your sampling you know you couldn’t possibly
look at every every single sixth graders okay you know ela work and decide are we
seeing the the SCP values and you know are we seeing in their work that their
understanding in and perform in that way so what is the the data that you’re
going so the biggest thing in a district in our district or any district is you
have to do we have to really look at what are the major academic needs
district-wide kh1 so let’s say we look at K to 12 and find out that you know
there’s three major academic areas that we have to work on and those are the
three areas that could become part of a district all or super-technical moving
forward and there could also be specific goals academic goals to the high school
to the middle school for the elementary school so we all have to be working
together and the K to 12 articulation is not just for the students is for us as
leaders we start to dig in and we start to see
what you know one of the district needs k-12 weather specific high school needs
middle innings then those goals whatever the district decides and whatever the
district the board decides through the superintendent goals should then be
shared with the building principals and the vice principals and then it should
be you know if the teachers will have their durables but it should be across
the district so that we are all working in unison
so that’s kind of what that’s what we’re trying to get to here I guess you know
hopefully we’re we’re it’s kind of it’s the bigger picture of everything and so
this week in fact we have our administrative retreat we’re gonna be
talking to the administrators about that once the district and the board decide
that the goals that they want for the disturbance super intuitive we will be
sharing those with our principals with our leaders and then they will be
meeting with their teachers or something about goals and that is the only way to
make really true change is through everybody working together creating
goals putting things in our annual annual review but also you know
professional development plans so that everybody’s moving together in the same
direction and we are building their capacity and
program in the district so all of this is internal internal goals setting
internal rubrics and outcomes not to make this political at all look you talk
a little bit about sort of how this fits in the framework because we also have to
answer to the state and the federal government and things like that can you
just kind of give us an idea of sort of and those things change and they can
come on a certain time so how does that sort of all dovetail together so are you
talking the framework of them does it I mean just yeah I mean obviously with
this plan would be good but you know as far as whatever you’re most comfortable
talking about with either in a general sense or in a specific sense sort of how
we kind of line up the requirements that we have to meet from state and federal
along with what we can do and what we have jurisdiction over internal from the structural standpoint from
these variants so something I don’t know if this is right clay inches your
questions so because but something that’s on our mind is high school
graduation rate right we know that there are certain factors that go into that
that are a little bit out of our control right and we’ve already taken some steps
this summer to try and try to head that off but that to me is something where we
look at the long term goal so the SCP is overarching this is where
we want this is what we want students to experience on a daily basis through a
freaking instruction assessment I mean inland and learning farm so a
subsection of that might be improving that the graduation rate it’s really
boiling down as to what give me control and what we can so we know that students
have to pass those those five riedel’s exams in one or two in order to get
their their high school diploma so there’s that that we deal with but then
what are the other pieces something that is again sort of stored out there is how
to make improve the climate something more more difficult to measure but still
something that we have heard is is something that we should be focusing on
yes yeah this one – yes so maybe we look at things like participation in clubs
or student perception surveys or staff perception surveys so but to be able to
get people in a room to talk about that that you know and have that that
steering committee say this is a a goal or direction we want to move in and then
having Nikki and her team come back and say this is how we think we can maybe
take steps towards that might be an example of how overarching this is what
we want and this is how visitor this is the sort of curricular program that we
have and these are some you know pedagogical practices that we’re putting
into place but we are operating within the structures that we need kids that’s
inspired regions exams and and is that really what is holding students back
from graduating owners of these other factors and to be able to you know put
action steps into place and a tiered wedding in order to address that what’s the number of maybe one
representative from each note asking about the we have the tri-state suppose
that come in about the SUV if any of your kids believe that we don’t so a
brother really needs perseverance if I can just comment like one of the things
I think we’ve always say is wouldn’t be great to get to a place where we’re just
ahead of whatever the state or whatever anyone comes down doesn’t matter because
we’re already there have been like right so we’re just trending a head of it
so about it if they don’t affect I think our system it’s just more like okay will
appease the state with this manager this way because you know but we’re we’re
already ahead of it and so my hope you know like I think we’re still on the
track without EBE because we were talking about that I
mean that’s something that should really one day I mean went down the future but
if we even go to a break if that would be something that just is a standard
that would be above everything else so we’re still an ID candidate school and
as a multi-year process or that and we you know he went through the ice and the
feasibility study and heard a report an application and were accepted to be a
candidate school so we met again as a steering committee and we talked about
understeering but this one an IV one and we talked about how we can sort of take
what we’ve learned and spread it out to the rest of the high school staff and we
have that 20:23 group that that meets that we we talk about our next steps as
an IB steering committee being to address the 2023 and start to talk about
some of the misconceptions that that’s how much I pee again just go through the
process is a wonderful wonderful thing but that is a and I think October until
it’s out to Russia Twitter conversations so we know there’s a conversation that
we need to have the professionals in your district
are we talking about but originally it was this that it went a-courtin it went
smoothly that next year could be a first to hear to implement some stuff it would
be with the incoming freshman class that would be the first group but the courses
don’t start until 11th grade doesn’t I be ruled in to come in class be able to
keep them financially that would be the earliest I look like that the students are going
to be included in a second I think that matter so much I want to tell you
particularly so I know you need to head on to something else so thank you for
joining great thank you
so these same district goals for 2020 20 so now have based on I guess the
presentation from that digit out like a couple things from here for which is
still up there so building on today so I did talk to our leadership team and very similar to
what I mentioned already was the first thing is that we love and I’d have to
slash up the goal more for you minute up for students we’ve done the public by
together around smartphone based upon getting the taking FTP to more moving
towards do more student outcomes and getting that steering committee going
starting to create some multi tier goals making sure that we have some benchmarks
for this year so that would be the first thing that I’d like you to think about
and consider is taking that CP knowing that there’s been a lot of great work
we’ve done on it already that the process is in place that it’s been very
successful it’s happening in a lot of classrooms but we want to dig deeper
into it and start to look at more as student outcomes and it would be much
more detailed than that but that would be something that I’d really like to
focus on with with the staff and if you have any questions just stop me at any
time as a because I roll through but then we’re talking about student
outcomes as more of a determined piece or this awkward wire things to eat that
agenda the academic piece because I think everyone around this table from
what I’m listening I’m learning I’m learning about the district but I think
we want to move the district forward if you want to see more academic
achievement and there’s a lot of great things happening here already but we
have to look drill into the data and we have to book as I said district-wide
school-wide in the classrooms how can we continue to make progress there’s always another level you might
get soon that’s type two video Alpine or whatever that system we have which track
all of data with this would be something new that will be developed or what we’re
talking about I have to check because just coming on I think it’s tied to
Alpine but it’s something that I still need to learn just click on point that would be the first thing that you’d like
to consider that I’d like to consider the second would be building new
leadership capacity with our newest with our new administrator to be a belonging
to administrators we have several administrators that will have been there
for a few years I’m hearing that it’s we need to come together more as a team we
need to build our capacity as leaders and make sure that we’re steering the
ship together in unison so what that would look like I laid that out clearly
in a and a goal to review prior to a board meeting in public but that would
be something that I’d like to also long and then I think one of the other things
that I’ve been hearing on in a district and honoring the past but really working
on closing creating more communication with the community and I’ve got several
ideas for that one of the things that I would love to throw out there is a key
communicator committee and what is that a key communicator is where I meet with
a group of key leaders in this in the outside community that you would let me
know do you think would be good for example in my past experiences we have
the president of the Chamber of Commerce we had some some very high political
folks within the community we had some CEOs from physicists and we or we had
you know people from all different walks of life that were only two communicator
okay and I met with them three to four times a year and gave them updates on
all the great things that are happening in the district but we also did I’ve
been thrown on the table where they would ask questions and give me input so
that would be one way that I would that would be one thing I’d put into that
goal of closing the gap between home and school and and creating more of a unison
communication with the district and in the community other things on with
public relations and we have a new book at BOCES we have something to do public
relations we also have the district website and learning they have Donna
Alvin that does a great job so I think the theme of telling great stories so
what are the stories what are the great things that are happening throughout the
district and he’s you’re getting those out there so people here so really
working on the PR part of it too that’s something that I could focus on one of
the other things on I’ve been meeting with key stakeholders and getting some
really really great ideas on some restructuring of some meetings in the
district that I’ll talk to you more about when I put the goal together but
making sure that there’s communication I’ll give an example one of the things
that we’re looking at and just I’m just waiting to get the the I’ve gotten some
pretty good a okay’s that I just want to make sure everybody’s good with it is
creating a faculty Advisory Council where did you have this would you speak
more strictly academic and I would continue of course to meet some of the
other union leaders throughout the district cuz that’s important that I eat
whether the faculty advisory council is when you have your central office
administrators you have your leaders of your teacher Association you have a
building representatives from each Association you have your leaders of
your Administrative Council and you all and you have some of their their their
leaders and we all come to the table and we talk and we talk about these are the
things that we have a very clear agenda that’s put together but how do we make
work together to make things even better how do we move everything forward in
unison and you’re you’re making sure that you’re communicating
so that would be bridging the gap not only I guess it’s really more not even
just outside community is inside community so that would be the other
thing I’d love to focus on and put that together for you I think three goals
would be would be ambitious for me if that’s um alright with the board I’m
used to working with three goals and is there any questions at all at this
point any of these committees for counsel are
there any public meeting law providers not for this not with internal I have to
check it’s a good question it’s not I’ve had that for the key communicator yeah
no so yeah not for internal ones if they’re board created task forces or
committees and those need to be able to the public and that kind of thing but if
you like teachers meeting but working math without that initiative right the
one I would need to find out about would be like key communicator committee when
it rains have that I’m not sure because that’s new yes you have to find out I’m
gonna have to just check the me great idea I think but just in terms of a gap
but just because it’s an internal if we ignore I guess committee but because it
involves community members right and their migration keys to that so which
would be fine it would just be noticed and perhaps there could be a core group
at least observed like even you know white people we have our committee but
people can come in and then kind of a question or thought so I mean I some of
these things you’ve already done I know have had success with but interestingly
enough like I think some of us had ideas of having gone through well that didn’t
work or you know just for Brewster yes and there have been other ideas thrown
out there and I don’t know if did you be open to just hearing this hustle Lucy
was me just before example like ID I’ve even know when some I think it came
up with you during the discussions around
budget and try to we had who took the budget one or two
eternities informative things to actually having more interactive
meetings in the community and stuff like that so if you get to continue with
those but you know people don’t come though they don’t I don’t know so one of
the things we were thinking we talked about like since her in the newsletter
you know we’d like yes people everyone’s our electronic these days and they’re on
the social media all night but there’s still a huge portion of the community
here that they look at what comes in the mail so I know there’s a cost to it I
mean that would be something they don’t have to consider but if we did the
newsletter we sent out this year the budget newsletter that was had extra
pages it wasn’t just numbers I actually really appreciated it I don’t know if
you got to see her interview choice yeah I mean we had it wasn’t just here’s the
budget here are the numbers you know what do you think they really went into
they put a great presentation together for people to have at home and talked
about the successes of the students and where summer kids are some of our kids
have gone off to but their conscience have been like what what we do and what
it does and how it gets back to the community so the investment isn’t just
money growing into schools it actually comes back and it I thought it did a
great job and so I was kind of thinking if they don’t come up somewhere he’s
don’t remember that we could maybe have to so it’s not just the one they get at
budget time which has to go out by law we have to send it out and it goes to
every you know registered mailbox in the town maybe six months prior there could
be something which would be I guess but just something that could also be
informative at another time of the year could be a way to reach a good portion
of you know the residents that just they don’t have technology they’re older and
are still with our motors and and live on fixed incomes and they would be good
to keep in touch with them as well as our just brought up somewhere I know so
one of the things I just want to say to the board because I gave you the three
big goals and I thought those would be goals that I put into my evaluation that
you would look at but that doesn’t mean that those are the only ones so
something like that absolutely there’s gonna be many things I want to hear from
you that’s what I want to I want to hear what is it that you really yeah so I I
think that I mean you’re student focused we have you know kind of employee
district specific focus and then we have community focus and I think those three
areas of our just our community in district
should focus on and they’re specific for the year I’m okay
we have no particular assembly and they stopped me if I’m going to four leaves
we provided a couple of different instruments that could measure the
superintendent’s evaluation one is from New York State School Board Association
the other one is from the New York state school superintendents Association and I
use the model is very very similar to the New York State School Board
Association super evaluation so I’m I’m leaning toward that I’d love for you to
take a look at it but you will decide we’ll decide together which instruments
use but the beauty of this is that throughout the year I need to be
providing artifacts and documentation of what am i doing to meet these goals so
it’s not just a snapshot in time it’s a full-color video of what your
superintendent is doing and it’s important I think also to come back to
you in mid-year not evaluative but for me to report to you big year or I can do
anymore if you want on you know so howhow are you doing that the Rambler
with these goals and we need you to come out and report so that that would be
something I would love for you to consider and then by certain timeline
he has the time leading her that September 10th my goals need to be
solidified done as soon as we’re done here I’ll work on them and get them to
free review but then by the end of the end of the year you know I need to make
sure I have all that information within the system for you so I’ve had something
training thank you very much for helping me set up with that and I know that it’s
pretty it’s that’s actually pretty user friendly when you go the computer and
you probably get into it as far as getting in and actually evaluating so I
just wanted to put that out there something to consider is using this the
New York State School Board Association yes No thank you for bringing that up
and how the goals tie into your evaluation as a reflection of the
district and what you know you’re put to task to by us so what we can do is
actually we do have our retreat following we can get a little more
specific and personal with how that would look for you in that portion
perfect okay thank you okay so okay great so then when when you get like you
said we bring it down Laurel to be able to figure out what which business
meeting the community the very specific outline
of what my girls are like great thank you so thank you for that we will now
move on to our core goals for the 2019 20 school year and so I brought with me
the board survey that we put out some months ago and we we capped it briefly
at a board meeting and I brought it back together because it was it was
interesting to go through there were a lot of perspectives people you know one
of the things that stood out for me was some of the things that people brought
up were kind of outdated you know they were bringing up issues from 200 years
ago and so once something seemed like once something angered some water
frustrated someone or an experience happened that they lived in that so that
to me even though that wasn’t specifically stated that way for me that
was telling because I thought well we’ve failed somewhere and in things that
happen and updating people so I think you know working on the communication
and connecting with the community it’s really important and one of the things
was that the board doesn’t communicate enough also that was kind of a recurring
theme and you know so for us to figure out because so much comes from the
superintendent all’s information comes out of the district but there’s still
some expectation from the community to have communication
from the board and we need to discuss what would that look like for me that
would be you know kind of one of the four modulus there are more specific
things that I can recap for us because I was kind of thinking that we really
should show the community and that could be a communication we sent out in a
letter you know after viewing working ended
public meeting at work session we went through and here are the top three to
five things that were the recurring theme that came up but putting out some
sort of I mean I think it could be in the backpack or however like either a a
summary of sort of the most important things that were done at the last five
meetings depending on how often we remember this out and it’s harder to say
going forward but we typically have some idea as to you know what some things are
mandated these are the bigger issues that will be addressed coming forward so
you can give people a heads up heads up with the highlights that’s exactly and
reposting or or a summary of things we’ve done that are you know maybe a
hair about and looking ahead these are the things that are
so they give people so we can have yeah little report yeah basically supported
in my legs you know news summary and are you suggesting like monthly or not I
would I would think monthly is maybe too frequent because we do go through
periods where weathers there’s not that many highlights you know but maybe
quarterly and then through just all our social media outlets and back with your
backpack stuff like that just you know we send out my managers put it on the
districts so please we never know right so if we the single is it just would get
costly to send that out but if we did a newsletter right that’s got the district
piece the board page that I mean you know whatever it is the student page so
the update would be kind of all together in one newsletter but let’s just like
the board can have its respective every right that would be can then put yeah yeah so that could be let’s say
twice easier because you know we get we get comments on both sides of the things
that people want that paper and paper across the money we’re going to get that
criticism but unfortunately we are missing a piece of the public that means
that paper so I mean one day eventually we will you know generationally we will
be all technology rights but we’re not on the local you know the free
newspapers because I actually think a lot of people pick them up I wonder if
they would print you know if if our highlights and summary could be turned
into an article that would be submitted and maybe
be willing to print it in those as well I mean great stuff about the districts
all the time I think we couldn’t actually do that doesn’t have to be a
giant a full-page but I’m sure they’re looking for food
yet for content quarterly perhaps right because I still think that that not a
really households never look at that paper so I think maybe that quarterly
piece we can look into see so it would be the same thing that we’re doing
quarterly Facebook website a backpack these newspapers to buy in to do it
there because you aren’t I do think I mean I pick it up and I’m obviously you
know internet savvy but I think a lot of people do pick them up and probably a
lot of those people are some of the groups that we’re not reaching otherwise
yeah and then keep opponent areas that makes people want to call backers yeah
grocery store that’s right yeah that’s fine laundromats places were you know
different types the population would circulate they’ve got something to see
it if you’ve noticed have on the site if you’re interested in receiving an update
from us you know sign onto our page in case so you did people are trying to
create they requested besides the other stock but do that it’s gonna be a cost
but if we could make it most part of a newspaper there’s a cost we’re not
printing anything it is my and I think it’s a great idea
and I would like to do that I still think though we would need to include a
board up day or some kind in a try see your mailing you know one
that’s not the budget information because that papers picked up by
everybody not everyone who lives in Brewster necessarily or every people on
the other side of town whatever they might I don’t have a precise roll out of
truth and I very much mister I’m going to you like so I think getting every
getting something temperance mailbox printed twice a year so I’m going to be
controlled no the biggest thing I always hear this
the high glossy high gloss Tommy are that people forget it’s very expensive
and it probably is more difficult reduce is there a way to produce something at a
lower cost simpler production and of course you still get it out for me I’d
rather go to the side where we got too much information out to many people than
here well this whole section of our population did it and I’d rather get two
mailings out than one on glossy paper you know our school newspaper is on it’s
not glossy but it’s on colored paper it’s that looks fine
you know you know you know keeping this for posterity you need
nice oh maybe that’s where it could work out in terms of cost but you tie it to
work sessions a work session worked on the road you pick one or two big topics
that are in the community at this time and say hey the city or volunteer my
time in this but on this day we’re coming in half an hour early to discuss
this topic if there’s anybody than the interest and that we can get more things
out there and you specify it and I think in a work session there’s more
conversation than in a regular business there’s more time for interaction
obviously going to be getting the answers but it’s more of fighting out
what’s going on then we can respond to it in a regular list yes I agree so so
that could be like enough number two so one I put down a goal summary and
highlights and communication breaks to for us too for more communication you come out from
the port specifically I mean it’s it’s interesting because everything we the
district communicates we’ve had our hands on you know we’ve had the
discussions we’ve had the warnings about it but eat but with it just looks like
we sound for a silent right because it’s not coming from us right so you know we
can just even if we’ll be camping the work that’s been done and so that one
too which did come up Scott in in the survey as well was what we just started
to bring up which is getting out being invisible and if you talked about it at
a board meeting or a couple times probably I reached out to other
districts to see you know what it is it what do they do and it’s all kinds of
stuff some have they had all kinds of things for it coffee chats dumper they
have a name of a restaurant or coffee shop or something in town and then named
it after that and that’s what they said once a month I think they were doing
then they had Saturday stuff where they would just be in the district somewhere
there’s all kinds of things we can do and we just you know could do something
like that where or benefits before you know often before board means we have
executive stuff you throw over but we could think of but what are we willing
to commit to because it would it would require us to and they do in other
districts that do this they do it they rotate through board members so for
example if we did a Saturday morning 10 a.m. or 10 to 11 that one hour every
Saturday no matter what you have someone sitting at Bob’s done here let’s just
say I don’t know you know somewhere you pick in the community that’s not
essential or perhaps you’d rotate I’m not sure but and then we’re just there
and you know there has to be very strict guidelines about it
because we can’t we can’t make any decisions we can’t disclose information
but we can be there to listen or I’m getting the pulse correct we can listen
I’ll take this back yes you know and if there is information that we can share
of course it would like you know where is happening or this is a group can
conquer how you can handle things so districts that have struggled with
what we’re struggling with that’s how they’ve solved that problem and it has
worked and there’s well sometimes like no one columns so they just look at
spring work and sit there and catch up with other stuff but so yeah that would
be a commitment that you have to agree to and figure out where and how we would
do that putting ourselves physically on the community and I mean there it could
be that live so example for example we enter into budget season and we get out
into the community we can be present also you know it’s like I know Victor
would go out and you know we could also be there so that we can help and that
could maybe replace that that weeks or coffee shop
to check or whatever we just like this booster has their Fall Festival coming
up and I think one season first Sunday our second Sunday of September to short
notice but something like that it’s already a community event you get a
table if you have to like they need to be home of you to be the book but you
know there’s there and accessibility looks like a lot of the big thanks that
Paul Fussell it’s coming off a lot of the community groups are there yeah the
Chamber of Commerce my church has a everybody’s there is
there’s entertainment activities so it’s not even like uses a tiny piece of it
and also you’re out there you’re being seen and you’ve seen them you sort of
know what’s going on so what do we all what does everyone else think about
putting ourselves physically out into the community
be there like if you want to hit between but their concerns are but this could
have bad so I just think it’s all about the sacrifice if you’re willing to as a
team sacrifice Saturday why not
and it doesn’t it won’t always be a Saturday maybe we should do it on that
will lead to a good Thursday night sometimes we should have sex like the
third you know so perhaps maybe we ever eat a month before we would say let’s
just do four so there’s a think we just falls off but let’s just say the first
week of the month the first Saturday of the month we’re here at the second week
work create every week maybe too much maybe it’s twice to see if it works well
I think it’s gonna take time with everything else real to get what was
doing over there twice a month yeah well there’s seven of us twice a meaning
there’s twelve months you know so you’re 24
that’s not much really okay so twice a month so but we’re okay with this is cuz
vehicle we can cash out the how I don’t on yeah that’s fine okay let me just look through you know
there’s again pages and pages a lot of good stuff that came I think you touched
on her came up but I think not only a communication to the community but I
think we maybe should consider also making sure that we have a greater
presence in the schools this year because I know when I first started on
the school board and Valerie was setting up you know lost in the schools
I remember thinking in my head they must have heat that the teachers must hate
you know us coming in or the administrators must hate it but then we
did it and I don’t get the sense that they hate it I think that they wanted I
think they want you know show off right I was gonna say
in a positive way and also you know you can’t we should be there the whole time
not barging in it should be planned it should be you know organized but I would
think that the teachers and the kids and administrators want to know that we’re
not just here on Tuesday nights you know doing the things we need to do and that
were really paying attention to what’s coming up that was something yeah you
know in our manual that we’re supposed to look a phone spring type of
walkthrough of some kind and there was a lot going on last year and I knew
absolutely we did not do as much as we should have
so I agree I think I think I’d like to figure out how to add on to that goal
because that’s almost like we should be doing it doesn’t need to necessarily be
a goal but I think I thought it just you know know it’s something that’s
important it was commented on in the survey as well so it’s almost you know
unfortunate that we have to like outline it we already need to to hold us more
accountable to that so what if we can because I think it’s important just as
the district now has you know we’ll have goals for the community the students in
the district so I think we should also model you know we have a community let’s
focus on this and I think it’s okay to have that there
so maybe we can figure out not just the fall and spring kind of thing but what
else can we do that is more meaningful so that we’re
not just having a bowl of would be more present which we should be present
regardless how can we create a bowl that builds on that is actually the district
knows that were if I may add something in the Friday met memo that I sent out
to you it’s all of your different events coming up at night I’d like to really
continue and I know you can’t make it all the time too many of the different
things for example we sent an invitation out support to the word members who were
available because work gets in the way who here likes to new teachers would
love to see if you can come to that meeting so whenever there’s anything
going on like that I would be sure to send out the invitation to you fully
understanding all of us understanding that there’s times when you can make it
in there’s times that you can’t but as Kari had mentioned and some units at
that as well they’d love to see you and if it’s structured and and it’s planned
in many in many cases they love for you to see what’s happening and to be a part
of it so that would be great so it that I can certainly be sure to make sure I
send out you know what’s happening because I
think we carry an idea to walk one of them we saw range of grades range of
classrooms in the high school but I think one of the things that really kind
of stuff to me was we went into a classroom and they were kind of they
worked on a project and they were presenting and so I don’t know how big
of an asked this is but if teachers know that they’re having some sort of like
it’s a big day this is going to be you know after a month’s worth of work we’re
going to finally put something on this way we couldn’t know about that and
there will undoubtedly be dozens upon dozens of these if this is something
that teachers are interested in doing and then hopefully we can maybe pop in
and I mean it’s you know not a half day not a full day but even just come in for
half an hour or 45 minutes and sort of see what’s going on and you know let the
teachers have the opportunity to really show what the kids are working on and
the successes that they’re having so then I think it would be important to
play basketball like I mean we should kind of goal not to say that they think
to be more than that yeah they’re a little holds accountable because it’s
all about her as a to make sure we’re all and I think one of the comments from
a teacher in the survey was board members and I’m not suggesting
that it should actually happen but I think this supports this idea is that
board members should attend faculty meetings sometimes I think it’s just
that teachers way and maybe other teachers way of saying come and see what
we do come and see what our challenges are you know and and you know I just I
remember I don’t know how many teachers responded but I think and they’re
identified just as a teacher trying but I all of them were a lot of the teacher
comments were along that well it ended my recollection so I just think that
supports the idea that they’d like to see us
I just add one mark they thought I think it’s wise and between affected our
buildings also this way we commit the community and you know ourselves see
what’s going on in each building so I think it’s just important to get in
there and you know that way parent/teacher can prepare when they
know when that needs to be held in their building they can present those projects
or the things that they’re doing always or even in the area that we’re having
our meeting at so I think so maybe like to Eric’s point if there was something
because you’re saying like during the day if they’re presenting or the
students are doing their thing that would come in but a way that we could
also then showcase it to the community if let’s say something big that happened
to the high school three tolerance meters Sunday we that so we you could
still show up for the day but then that night would be a way to even have
students write that come to a meeting and then if whoever won Wars because
what we’ve done is you have them come here like what you know or actually know
we did have the the robot favorite movie whereas inkwells but we probably should
have been at the high school right because
I mean but that would be a kind of thing we can do so we could maybe build it
depending on the year sometimes agendas are just not right
we’ll be here but I think we can combine those two points where something that is
happening in that that school there’s some whatever accomplishment and we can
tie it in so that we could then because I don’t know that parents were wandering
around building a casino right but I think that we could bring it into the
meeting at the school right into the white rhino wherever right so that could
be another way and then leave those principles to integral certain times a
year that are more beneficial for them to have their buildings cats cheering
they can be like an organized effort that works for building to showcase and
then to have because that was one of the things that you know I would like to see
is his students and I know we would something big happens we’ll have them
come into a meeting but I think there’s a lot more we can still do with that and
have the kids present themselves and be part of the presentation that would be way to make that more okay
yeah we had a budget advisory committee meeting here on the same night of
science but afterwards we just walked over to the school and then to the
science room rather than just doing it there assuming that we can use the water
truck music to use whatever else okay so another when they came up was and I know
it’s been talked about a little bit was live streaming meetings I know that Jim
Tamar has walked it up a couple times and someone have to tell me why that
would be a great thing to do because if it’s live just means they’re watching
this it’s happening Joe they can’t comment but they can’t going but we
can’t no access to the lady I mean you could probably see what they’re typing
or something yeah or questioning Bernie whatever maybe we could address some of
the bunch of meetings we did that and he had the thing with this other people
responded he could be sweetie I know the biggest numbers listen you people please
speak up guys I was watching that I’ve seen everybody but they warm a couple of
questions actually came across from people on there and said well what about
this and they could respond to the question it was a little bit lag on it
but Jim was there he was controlling that responder well unless it’s
specifically in the and I guess let me just go check with Miko I mean I don’t
know because you know as they come up they address the board they state their
names someone would have to I have to relieve their they would have to keep
they just can’t the profession I got to read the thing right so instead of take a workshop and a
meeting yes different interaction right yeah
well I think sometimes the complaints about people not coming to meetings is
that they’re too early I commute I’m not home yet kids at dinner sports whatever
the heck it is so then you would think watching it on video later is really
more they think maybe the point is but they’re going to suck it all right so
but if I’m home and I’m cooking I can type in I’m listening and watching about
him I think as long as it’s the people at home were abiding by the same rules
of the people who are sitting here oh yeah that could be good please try right they do we can look into that yeah we
can if you just so we all do you know this if you are stuck somewhere else for
some reason and you want to participate in our coordinating weekend but it has
to be noticed so how we notice that the meeting right now August 2 19 fly
we may need to notice that correct and your face has to be if they have to be
able to see you yes I think Scott day can actually get it and we had a we had
a like scoot over excuse back here and then you can hear it am I talking from –
what was your yeah I don’t need something like that so yeah
see you it your face can see you we hear you and then your you participates out
it but just as long as it’s notice the public that that’s having attending in
advance okay so that’s that the other thing so for us again with what’s within
our control and our there were a lot of comments that were made you know that I
think I would like to share with you who I mean if you want to review the survey
as well because there were other guests district type of comments that are out
of our hands what we can definitely give you what’s something that we can I mean
I know this is work but I think we should have something that tasks us with
improving ourselves perhaps put that in a way but I mean we do do we
you know we have the convention we have trainings the West putt for trainings
does anyone think that there’s a goal come up with that just holds us
accountable to our over growth as a board and how we can do our job better
they have an in the district you know they have books they reuse committees
all this stuff that they do but you know what else can we do you know other than
you can always have more retreats which are opportunities for us to just address
ourselves I think we’re going to consider later you know our own self
evaluation and how we can do better at that I mean maybe it’s just do we want
to do another survey that the community you know maybe the beginning of the year
end of the year or mid year end a year because you want to give people an
opportunity to like voice concerns and then C we need listen we read me
just any other thoughts of what else we can have as a pork bone we have three
there’s two community ones we have like again figuring out working on the
communication aspect is separating highlights type of thinking how we can
prevent it all over the place it’s with Eric for now that says it’s title won’t
be that it will the external piece learn more in the district is there anything
else things that I’m curious I would go back to the
surface every semester love your father yeah little mini here pretty sure maybe some
concerns do you wanna make me wait so maybe like again January because I think
with flasher you have all these things maybe not though so definitely do it
again I think we should do it again whether it’s a specific yeah goal or
fits within something okay just something to bring out that was
commented on about our meetings that we look unhappy and disinterested at times
this should be more efficient and more about the kids so your idea of doing the
buildings perhaps to give us a way to work with each building to be more kid
focused or maybe we can come up with something I’m going to be from your end
up with me you know how the monthly kids something
where every building gets to present you know here so what we can have like some
some sort of quarterly buildings form or whatever we can figure out a way to be
in each building but then maybe monthly you have some kind of kids thing where
every building guest that was first I’m not knowing the
system that love at first blush of just thinking maybe we can put together and
very short short because I know I’ve looked through late means we don’t have
to because I’m one of you thinking well be productive having maybe a short clip
from each of the schools or maybe each of you just have a very brief look
here’s what’s happening and it could even even if the kids keep as what they
can see home they belong back to be sure a corner you do a video and it’s showing
it to do it this video we’re gonna highlight CD star here’s what’s
happening at sea start not really long will keep a little bit – it could be
five minutes but at least we’re all seeing like here’s some of the great
things and the public seems something great because I know different kids yes
but thank you for bringing up stay in the school so early in the year and even
I think the last two years they I’m not sure you can talk to the Michelle look
at the last year’s agendas as well it was organized up too much as packed
until night and it definitely could have been broken up into two meetings I think
people definitely look at it I think it’s from since that meeting we were we
got better we were you know focused on making sure
but you know some things have to be done in certain mean yes period so it’s a
long meeting it’s a long meeting and especially you know it Awards yeah I
mean there are just certain things that have to be done at certain times but
we’ve also learned that if it doesn’t have to be done you already have
you know lengthy things that that things can be moved because meetings should not
be going you know to 11:30 and that’s it’s not necessary it’s not efficient okay so I think that we have some goals
for us as well all right so we can all save as you all
know get more specific I will figure out what board meeting will present good
anyone else want to add anything to any of this stuff we’ll leave these a little
while tired but it and I put back to Laura but saying without honor any
communication out there and then how in highlighting you know what we’ve been
working on and you know other people are working on when we do create those
newsletters maybe that’s something like high school then you have a school
project eventually where we have a group of kids like that school newspaper
something puts those facts together for us and so we you know we have a group of
kids that can actually take on that responsibility and I think I’m trying to
think back because I feel like I raised that idea and someone said to me so I
have to go back to is that it would look like because I said why can we have like
a board section over at the board and this is this person or comment updates
and something that and that’s even thing to send out when they make them in
because we’re elected it was there some political issue with it like it’s kids
paper and we’re putting our looks like we’re camping you can’t make yeah there
was some issues so even if the newsletter is separate from their paper
like if we just have the same me because they just do rest where there’s a
sunroof ah it’s not to be not have to be part of right yeah are pretentious for
us so they get experience producing something yeah okay now yeah I got part
of their newspaper but Jesus efforts yeah we could be can expect at the club
you have seen otherwise we’ve been having roses kind of check our language
and stuff through which may be due dates could silk jacket after picking up that
would be okay something so we can look at do see a hood we just want a little
the galleries are just to make sure and it has to be something I mean it has to
be something that the kids are getting something out of it I mean this is I’m
coming from the board and now we have kids doing it to the kids whether it’s
writing assignment I don’t know Chris just I would like we talked about like
those little snippet you know maybe a three four five minute video before each
I would love to see a high school club that says you know we will produce an
edit and you know we’ll go once a month into JFK and you know get twenty minutes
of video that we chopped up and edit into a four minute thing at the
beginning ahead I think he’d be great honestly my dream is like the k-12
newspaper that the high school does but they can kids can you know they they
heard that they high school of coming into the lower grades and written with
that and they can’t you know do a little article these each thing we have clubs
the original now made this to be one of them that they were going to their piece
they’re gonna submit to the paper that goes out from the high school in each
k12 everybody can do it really the adventurous and have podcasts that’s the
thing now right he’s doing the kids themselves we’re doing podcasts that we
awesome you don’t have Eric you know doing them
anywhere it normal to watch them but if kids were doing them that’s something
that would be huge so I think there’s potential in that that might be better
because they’re getting experience and learning rather than just you know RM
news but definitely do your asses so thank you we’re going to close the
public work session it’s 8:05 exactly and I just need a motion to close again

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