South Park Life Lessons – (Tooned Up S2 E37)

Irreverent controversial and always hilarious South Park's near two decades on the Air have left a legacy of Animated antics that fans continue to obsess over from Mecha streisand to a singing holiday poo and beyond the series has given us a multitude Of pop culture benchmarks and references that continue to delight and appall viewers an equal measure a no-holds-barred commentary on the ever-evolving zeitgeist South Park has always been utilized by creators trey parker and Matt stone to Critique criticize and make fun of current events and the World at large often the show skews into zany Wildly inappropriate territory And that's the reason it's endured so long never one to shy away from bathroom humor or crude jokes the residents of South Park have Been served up every manner of Indignity known to man all so we can get a good laugh though for a show that's not afraid to go there with the nuttiness South Park is also a series with lessons to teach through every Madcap adventure the creators always install a kernel of truth about the human condition
And often serve reminders that the best way to not become a parody of yourself is to be a good person although it seems that South Park isn't the Most likely place to turn for philosophical rumination It has time and again proven to provide some wonderful gems for living a better life so put on your snow caps because today we're going to be taking a look at some important life lessons that can be learned from Cartman and the Gang let's go ( Up- Beat 8- bit music.) everything in moderation including moderation if the creators of South park have a strong opinion then it's that strong opinions tend to do more harm than good South Park bombasts group after group by creating the logical Extreme of said group I'm willing to bet that just about everyone myself included has been insulted by South park and all of its victims are taken down by a handful of grade schoolers and not the best or brightest grade schoolers either and if you don't like South park because it's so mean that's Okay after all Hating everything is extreme choosing to always live in the middle is extreme as well parker and stone seem intent to showcase that extremism No matter the actual angle is not a healthy way to live one's life Have your beliefs celebrate the beliefs of others challenge your beliefs and strive to be better good friends help each other great friends commit crimes for each other one of the core values of the show is the importance of friendship And few moments provided us with more insight about what it means to be a friend in the episode where Stan wanted to give Kyle A kidney upon learning that kyle would need a kidney transplant to live Stan offers to give up one of his own only to discover That he's not a match Depressed over the looming and inevitable loss of his friend stan resolves to do anything in his power to help Kyle no matter the cost When he discovers that Cartmen can provide the match needed Stan hatches a plan that could only be conceived in South Park bloody beds midnight home invasions and falsified Medical Records lead to stay in helping Kyle get the organ he needs and their friendship is ensured to see another day while we don't condone Breaking the law or tricking anyone into giving up one of their vital organs Stan's commitment to Kyle shows us a lot about selflessness and putting the needs of a loved one before our own few things hold more power than imagination or more dangerous in one of the series most celebrated arcs the boys following a hunt to prove whether leprechauns exist find themselves in the midst of a war of Imaginary creations instigated by a bet between Kyle and Cartmen over the complete impossibility That an imaginary character could exist in the real world the escalating situation reveals that just because something is imaginary doesn't mean it's not real utilizing the storyline to Lampoon many popular characters from other entertainment properties in Pop culture the heart of the Imagination land story was about the importance of dreaming the boys learn that just because something may be imaginary It doesn't mean it doesn't have significance to the person who believes in it as such the characters and ideas we hold dear become very real and help shape who we Are and how we see the world so if you can imagine it then in some ways it's real and will take strawberry shortcake Hostage when Satan Learned that it's okay to be alone sometimes it seems unlikely that we learn anything of Moral or personal value from the Devil himself But then again parent groups the world over would tell me that South park has no lessons to teach Satan has a potential to provide us with a good life lesson Longtime viewers of the show and it's feature film Spin-off are well aware that Satan had a long and complicated Romantic relationship with one-time Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein a complicated relationship that led to at least one instance of near Nuclear war satan's Association with Saddam is the definition of unhealthy which when it's a love affair between the devil and one of history's most wicked tyrants we can't imagine it would be anything other than problematic Utilizing the fractured relationship to showcase a very real issue of people who feel trapped in toxic Situations because they can't separate their feelings from the very dangerous reality South Park's creators used a rather funny pairing to shine a spotlight on a very real situation that many people have struggled through Satan pulls himself up by the bootstraps and Kicks Saddam to the curb finding a sense of peace and completion and being himself and that moment Satan realizes It's better to be alone than to be with someone who doesn't make you want to strive to be the best version of you They say the devil's in the details and in this case of self-empowerment We couldn't agree more that censorship isn't a replacement for talking to your kids Censorship and complaints over content are no strangers to the creative team behind South park from the beginning parent groups often said that the bathroom humor And foul language has a big negative for younger viewers and would demand comedy Central pull the show from the air so when the series was given a big screen adaptation in the form of South park bigger Longer & Uncut the film's Story line about the censoring of a subversive television program had an air of familiarity Attacking the notion of Censorship head-on the film shows Kyle's mom bringing about a nuclear Armageddon in an effort to take a television show she deems reprehensible off the air in one of the movies more prescient moments, Mrs. Broflovski points out that It's easier to blame the television than take the blame as parents for not doing their job time and again when incidents occur within communities fingers get pointed at video games cartoons and film content as the blame for violent attitudes and behavior taking this argument into consideration parker and stone use a movie to turn the finger back around at the accuser pointing out that it's not so much the content of The art but the dialogue that surrounds it in the home one can see a violent movie and know that violence is reprehensible it's more about talking things out not hiding away from them and pretending they don't exist with the South park movie the creators show us That censoring never leads to solutions it just Creates more problems without means to Express them don't get too focused on a single goal one of the most infamous Episodes of the Show's first decade was one titled make love not Warcraft which saw our favuorite bus stop ]gang gets sucked into the all too addicting world of online role-playing games as the boys descended further And further down the rabbit hole of gameplay they started to eschew real life in social situations becoming incapable of living Beyond What was happening on the screen Furthermore Beyond inspiring online Competition the game led to real-life contention among the friends as well as a few extra pounds on Cartmen's part as much as we being Citizens of the internet and all hate to admit it the boys learned that it's good to unplug and step away from our lives online and take a minute to appreciate the world and people around us the boys lost themselves to fantasy in another episode where they got a little too into Lord of the rings leading to some very Enlightening moments for butters as we mentioned earlier the show encourages flights of fantasy and using your imagination to take you to new heights but keeping in line with park and stones ever-present warning of not taking things to extremes they like to remind viewers that it's okay to appreciate the real world and strive to make that better too Confidence is a key component of success despite the limitations of living in a small snowed-in town in Colorado the gang from South Park never let the world get in the way of their dreams in fact for all their Failings one thing you can say about the residents of the Icy little village is that they have no problem going after their dreams which Has led to international fame for the characters on the show on more than one occasion take for example the fact that the boys once created their own teen pop band or that randy was revealed to be the pop singer Lorde all this was achieved because they believed in themselves South Park shows the importance of setting a goal and working to achieve it few characters Exemplify this more than Eric cartmen whose schemes are often heinous in Nature remember that one time he made a kid eat his own parents? because we're still sure having dreams about that, but almost always executed in his favor This is because Cartmen who refuses to acknowledge or see the failings of his plans never doubts that they can be achieved Thanks to his convictions Cartmen has been the spokesperson for cheesy poofs spot a theme park and time and again one-upped Kyle and otherwise nonsense bits all of these successes and occasional successful failures Poster child for Nambla episode can be attributed to cartman's belief in himself whether it's becoming a pop star or a world leader South Park continues to show the audience that the key to achieving your dreams is confidence in your abilities to make them happen though for the Sake of us all try and make sure your goals are a little more noble than Cartmen's We want to be able to sleep at night adults Don't always have the answers One thing consistent fans of South Park can tell you there's not a single character on the show that gets out unscathed Structured to mock after-school specials of yesteryear the series format follows the adventures of Kyle Stan Cartmen and Kenny and the rest of the elementary set as they discover the world and learn lessons in similar shows when things get dire for the children They know they can always turn to their parents for advice and insight however South Park being well South Park the adults are often as clueless if not more so than the kids Often this leads to their own series of adventures whether it's Kyle's mom leading a war against Canada or Randy Marsh attempting to Impress Stan with his guitar the adults of South Park often add to the general Chaos of the series by Often revealing that they don't know what the hell is going on most of the time not only does this add to the humour of The show but it also humanizes adults in a way that most shows centered around children Do not truth is no one ever feels like they've grown up even grown-ups by making the parents as irreverent as a kid South Park reminds us that sometimes Adults don't have all the answers or just trying to get by just like everybody else even if this does mean Randy gets into fistfights With other people's dads often you can find humor in anything And you should perhaps the ultimate Lesson that can be learned from South Park is the most obvious one take nothing too seriously just as parker and stone were able to use the movie to laugh at their own issues with Censorship the show reminds us that overall it's important to take the time and laugh at yourself on occasion Nothing is too serious that it doesn't deserve a good humorous roast from time to time because often in humor we also find essential truths Life is short. Just ask Kenny. So we might as well. Have a good laugh Have you learned a valuable lesson from South park? Maybe you're just here to tell us how much you love butters? Well, we do to either way leave a comment below and don't forget to subscribe

48 thoughts on “South Park Life Lessons – (Tooned Up S2 E37)”

  1. Behold the Greatest life lesson south park has given us yet.

    I love life. Butters: Well yeah, and I'm sad, but at the same time I'm really happy that something could make me feel that sad. … And the only way I could feel this sad now is if I felt somethin' really good before. So I have to take the bad with the good, so I guess what I'm feelin' is like a, beautiful sadness.

  2. i never get offended watching South Park because you have to realize that south park is all about making fun of people and offensive content. i love the show it cracks me up!

  3. i literally cannot survive without watching youtube videos so that lesson was the worst to all computer geeks!

  4. cool video. I used to think South park was based on promoting Atheism, but it's not so bad in some ways I guess. More of your videos and I wont have to waste time watching the older videos.
    I just hope everyone knows that all these lessons still have exceptions since anything can have exceptions..
    I think south park also challenges the way some people think, which is fine. The problem is that proving how wrong people are requires creating complex answers because anything simple can be seen as incorrect in different situations

  5. Expect for Chef he was the only common sense person in South Park that why the boys always ask he question before his death.

  6. I don't get offended so that's why I decided to start watching South Park. I am glad I did. It's helping me cope with my depression, and it pure genius with it's jokes!

  7. cartmans caracter can also make you better at life but dont follow all of them they can help get what you want

  8. Should you be watching South Park: Season 20?

  9. South park taught me that the people who are good and pray to god may go through a bad time while the evil people might get everything from god and the evil person loses everything and the good person goes back to normal, the episode : Cartmanland thought me that life lesson.

  10. the only lesson I disagree is the last. there are things that are not meant to be made fun of. and while brutality and diversity aren't those things because it's funny how pointless, unnecessary, time wasting, elaborate, and nonsensical these type of things are, the lost of your loved one is an absolute exception, meaning it's not one of those things. the lost of family that loved you, and you loved, will destroy you internally, and humor will make it worse as it's disrespect. plus there are many other forms of find truth about life rather than humor, which can just lead to nothing, like discovery and creativity.

  11. the only lesson I disagree is the last. there are things that are not meant to be made fun of. and while brutality and diversity aren't those things because it's funny how pointless, unnecessary, time wasting, elaborate, and nonsensical these type of things are, the lost of your loved one is an absolute exception, meaning it's not one of those things. the lost of family that loved you, and you loved, will destroy you internally, and humor will make it worse as it's disrespect. plus there are many other forms of find truth about life rather than humor, which can just lead to nothing, like discovery and creativity.

  12. It's a man's obligation to insert his boneration in a woman's separation this sort of penetration will increase the population of the younger generation

  13. south park taught me to never underestimate the power of angry ginger jew from Jersey.

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