South Carolina Submits State ESSA Plan to US Department of Education

Hello, I’m Molly Spearman, State Superintendent of
Education in South Carolina. I’m excited to share that the South
Carolina Consolidated State as a plan, has been submitted to the U.S.
Department of Education. This process has taken place
over the first year and a half, beginning with the bill
signing in December, 2015. Our plan has included stakeholder feedback
from thousands of South Carolina teachers, administrators, parents, legislators,
business leaders and the general public. Our plan ensures that every student will
have an opportunity to a high quality education regardless of zip code through
three initiatives- personalized and competency based learning,
expanded learning and school improvement. Our personalized and competency based
learning initiative supports all students as they seek to achieve the knowledge,
skills and characteristics identified by
the South Carolina graduate. By restructuring learning Around
the quality of competence, developing the learner profiles and
learning pathways, and by adopting flexible
learning environments. The expanded learning initiative
ensures that all students, not just those in high income,
high capacity school districts, all have access to career and
technical education. Virtual options, world languages, the
arts, advanced credit in middle school, advanced placement, International
Baccalaureate and dual credit course work. This initiative will increase the number
of students achieving industry credentials and increase the number of students
earning a silver certificate or higher on the National Career Readiness Certificate
It establishes partnerships with schools to supply needed virtual programming and
commits to kindergarten readiness. Lastly it builds community partnerships
especially with our faith base community. Our school improvement system
offers a tiered support system for high needs schools. It provides direct support and guidance based on a portfolio of
evidence-based school turnaround strategies through the support of
transformational school coaches. It takes management of longterm
failing schools Identified for top tier of invention with the goal
of building local success and the capacity for
sustainable long term positive change. And finally, it engages local education
agencies in systems review and moves towards accreditation. Acer encourages high
challenging state standards. And South Carolina through its home grown
colleging career reading standards and multiple measure
accountability system has. Met that challenge. Our goal is that by 2035,
90% of our students will graduate college, career, and citizenship ready as outlined
in the profile of the South Carolina On a graduate, We also have the goal that
beginning with a graduating class of 2020, the state, each district and each high school in South Carolina
will increase annually by 5% the percentage of students who graduate
ready to enter post secondary education. Pursing a degree or national industry
credential Without the need for remediation in math or English. As we implement this plan,
we’ll be observing and reviewing all of those strategies
to ensure that we provide continuous improvement for
every South Carolina school. I hope that you will visit
our website at and read the details of our plan. Thank you for being interested and supporting public education
in South Carolina.

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