50 thoughts on “SonicFox – Learning Skarlet Vs Deoxys 【Mortal Kombat 11】”

  1. One of the most cool characters was put in the trash by the design team at NRS. She was one of the most voted to be in the game, and NRS bring us one of the most boring characters.
    Her moves are awful as well. Look her kicks.. So unnatural!!!!

    Her combos in MK9 are one of the most beautiful, using daggers and neutral jumps. And in this game, she have a dagger and dont use it at all, unless in the Fatal Blow.
    No Teleport that is iconic from her in MK9 and absolutely no combos in the ground.

    Why NRS, you have changed something that was right (MK9 style) ??? Just improve based on her design. There was no need to change her so much.

    They people were asking for bring Skarlet from MK9, but no asking for this.

  2. :Edits the video green when characters draw blood
    :Skarlet literally controls blood with 90% of her moves

  3. Is this old gameplay footage? 😂 I know it isn't, but didn't Sonic use Skarlet in the beta? So what does "sonic tries Skarlet" mean? Lmmfao

  4. I started playing with recently. Her combos are limited but she is a balanced character. She is good as a Zoner and plays well as a Rushdown character.

  5. sonic makes any character look swag…but id say he's not playing her correctly…no blood port and forcing so much footsie/neutral moves and very little zoning. also, not using any blood spells to regain hp…

  6. People are saying that NinjaKilla was sent by The Almighty to teach peeps how to play Fighting Games

    Sonicfox> I don't remember sending anybody

  7. Using the green color seems a little pointless when the character uses blood as attacks but i dont know what youtube thinks or not lol

  8. He can fight well with any character, I can just make one where I can remember the moves halfway. Lol

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