Sonic Adventure 2 – "Live and Learn" Feat. Jonathan Young | FamilyJules

46 thoughts on “Sonic Adventure 2 – "Live and Learn" Feat. Jonathan Young | FamilyJules”

  1. Dude, I can't believe this! SA2 was one of my favorite games growing up. Not only that, but my birthday is 5/30! Thx so much! This sounds amazing!

  2. I wanna see a blooper from the filming of this where a car comes down the road and they have to just stop and move off the road to let them through and the person in the car is just hella confused.

  3. Holy crap you work with Jonathan Young also?! How have I not discovered you before? Thank goodness for YouTube algorithms and that ridiculous doorbell video. 😛

  4. Eh… the song feels too, rushed to me. Like the lyrics aren't matching the tone of the original, which makes it feel really… off

  5. "Sonic, can you here me, the colony will impact the planet in 4 minutes. It cannot contain the awesomeness of this cover"

  6. You're both clearly great musicians, but I feel the guitarist took too much artistic liberty for my taste.I'm really biased and a huge Jun Senoue fan're both great musicians and your audio recording was on point and well put together.

  7. The key you transpose your songs into are actually perfect for my voice range which made my high school life so easy. Thanks for giving me the chance to cover all my favourite songs because they were originally too high for my baritone

  8. sonic adventure 2 was a HUGE part of my childhood, it's really awesome to see a cover so well done!! great job!!

  9. The ENERGY! I am absolutely in love. I know it's a cover but damn! Makes me wanting to dig up the game play it all over again! Thanks for the nostalgia

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