Some Children are More Equal than Others: Education in South Africa

32 thoughts on “Some Children are More Equal than Others: Education in South Africa”

  1. So who's creating the school builder job and team?? You need an entity that can operate independent from government but that will receive support. You need Gr 8 and a mason and planning course to be a builder or have run an apprenticeship during or before the project started.. You need some qualified planners and plumbers… You need to find a way to get paid. What can be done to improve mud.. worst case go Amish.. The Amish has the best social network.. 300 bearded people just arrive one weekend and build something impressive, just something out of their way.. Excellent carpenters.

  2. Why can't blacks commit the most murders, rapes and robberies per capita without being discriminated against

  3. We believe that with the proper leaders of this cause, we can close the educational divide and create a model for education in South Africa. The Get Ahead Project Schools are our beacon of hope and an example of our belief that all children regardless of financial resources are born with boundless potential. To view our vision, and thank you for bringing awareness to this issue.

  4. I'm from Motherwell Township in Port Elizabeth and I will make a difference in the South African education system, watch the space

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  6. Hello! I just saw this video and I am quite startled at the severity. Thank you for this amazing video. I would love to chat. We have just started a national initiative that hopes to make a difference in the sector.

  7. something must be done here. it is our duty as the whole country, private, public sector have to assist our poor facility schools. We pleading with you fellow South Africans to do something we have to change this

  8. The colonial administrative powers left us with a master-slave State of central government with dependent subordinate ethnic units providing cheap labor to the main society and now we are paying the price.

  9. What role do teachers play in this? Are there teachers who can facilitate good learning in the "bottom cycle" schools?

  10. Despite the conditions, some student from the so-called "Dysfunctional" schools are achieving amazing results. I have friends who went to township schools and graduated matric with more distinctions than people I went to the "Functional" schools with. Something obviously needs to be done about the learning conditions and teachers do need to be better trained but those who want to excel will do so.

  11. I cried the whole way through, even though I know the severity and have taught in townships. Something needs to be done. Who wants to make a change??? I swear, I am going to start a campaign and somehow make this right. Not only for the children who are currently in school, but for the people who have already left school and may be illiterate. There are so many resources in the world, and so many ways to reach out to many without spending too much. So I will begin this journey. Every child IS equal. And I will make it my life's mission to prove that. I am a teacher and will do my best to get the support of other teachers I know. This is going to be a big year of making change! Thank you Stefan. Please let me know how I can get in touch with you, should you be interested in going further with this. xx

  12. Very well made and some excellent points raised! A narrative that desperately needs to be explored. Especially considering SA's academic status in the world:

  13. The problem isn't that some kids are more equal than others, the problem is that ANY kid is in a situation like that 🙁 Everyone should be getting their panties in a bunch about this, regardless of race, nationality or any other pigeon hole imaginable. 

  14. This is very sad and painful, the level of in equality in our education system is too big… Thanks for sharing the video

  15. Some Children are More Equal than Others I am out of breath, I had to relate to my own upbringing and socio-economic status, schools I attended.
    my community. The gap between the have's and have's not is wide in all the spheres, just because people are being labeled as poor does not mean they do not have a right to life.

  16. Thank you for the documentary. There are a lot of non governmental organisation that try their best in the Grahamstown township, in the Joza Youth Hub. Rhodes University's Community Engagement together with Upstart (Journalism), the Village Scribe Association (Computer Literacy), AMP! (Music), Gadra (education after matric) and others work very hard to fill the gaps. You can help by supporting us in our daily work. Contact us, there are many ways to make a difference.

  17. Sobering and sad.  What do you think it does to a young child to spend day after day, year after year, in a toxic schooling system that makes them feel stupid, anxious and hopeless?  That is what our school system is managing to do with half of the children in our country.  Read Charles Leadbeter: Learning from the Extremes. He has some worthwhile solutions. 

  18. These are the stories that go untold.
    This is a reality to so many South Africans, including myself.
    This needs to be resolved.

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