Solar System for Kids | Learn the Planets plus Pluto (New Horizons)

Brain Candy TV Hey Brainiacs, do you know the names of all of the planets in our solar system? There are 8 planets in our solar system. All of the planets orbit around the sun, including our planet Earth. Let’s join Lizzy on the Planets Train to learn a bit about each planet. The closest planet to the Sun is Mercury. It’s very small and mostly made of rock. Daytime on Mercury is really hot but the nights are super cold, giving Mercury the biggest temperature range of all of the planets. The second planet from the sun is Venus. Unlike Mercury, it’s covered in a thick layer of clouds and it’s the hottest planet in our
solar system. The surface of Venus is so hot that it could cook a whole pizza in only 3-7 seconds! The third planet from the sun is Earth, the one we call home. It’s the only planet we know of that contains life but scientists are constantly looking for signs of life on other planets and even
some moons. The next planet is Mars. It’s about half the size of the Earth and the next place we’re likely to send astronauts to visit. Scientists are hoping to send people to Mars in about 20 years. Next up is the gas giant, Jupiter! It’s the biggest planet in our solar system and it’s so big, you could fit around 1300 Earths inside of it! Saturn is the second largest gas giant planet and it has a beautiful ring system around it. These rings are made up of millions of chunks of rock and ice. The seventh planet is Uranus and it has a smaller ring system. Scientists think it may have been hit by an Earth-sized planet a long time ago which might be why it’s the only planet tilted on its side. The eighth and farthest planet from the sun is Neptune. It’s the coldest planet because it’s so far from the sun. It’s also the windiest planet with winds up to 1300 miles per hour, which is almost 10 times as strong as the most powerful hurricanes on Earth! And those are the 8 planets of our solar system, but there is one more object that we need to talk about. Pluto used to be the 9th planet but now it’s called a dwarf planet because it’s so small (even smaller than Earth’s moon). We just got our first high quality photos of Pluto in the summer of 2015 when we sent a space craft to fly close by. And we’ll be learning a lot more about it over the next year as we get more data from the New Horizons probe. There is a big difference in the sizes of the planets! Let’s take a look at all 8 planets, plus Pluto, in their actual scales next to each other. There’s tiny Mercury Hot and cloudy Venus Earth and its Moon Dusty Mars Woah! And there’s gigantic Jupiter! Saturn with all of its rings Uranus and Neptune And there’s little bitty dwarf planet Pluto. But of course, all of these planets are tiny when compared to the size of the sun! We’ve learned a lot about the planets over the last 100 years but we’re learning more every day and there’s still a lot left to explore. Who knows, maybe one of you will get to visit
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  1. Wow – I love it.  Nice to be reminded of the planets which we learned in school but that was many moons ago.  Thanks for the update – it was so refreshing.  Keep up the great work!!!

  2. "Solar System for Kids | Learn the Planets plus Pluto (New Horizons)" – Outstanding work, very cool and beautiful educational video for kids about our Solar system!  Just awesome, and must see for everyone, especially for children!

  3. So how did you spend your Monday, TuTiTu Fans? We spent it by learning about the solar system around us! ;D A great learning experience by @Brain Candy TV!

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  5. +Donna Chiofolo I wanted to keep it simple for the kids and just do the 8 main planets but I had to include Pluto because of all the press it was getting during the New Horizons flyby. Maybe I'll make another video later on for older kids and talk about the other dwarf planets plus the interesting moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Thanks for watching and for your feedback.

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  10. Let my teach you something.

    Mercury is the closest planet to The Sun.
    Its temper, Goes to 800 Degrees ) ¬¬

    Venus is the hottest,
    It has a thick layer of clouds.
    Its Temper goes up to 900 degrees! Hot.
    Venus is made out of Carbon Dioxide.
    Same Size as Earth, but spins the other way.

    Earth is the only planet that has life.
    It is life, Plants give us air.

    Mars is the Red Planet,
    Red Star of the Solar System!

    Jupiter is the largest Planet,
    Its a gas planet wich means that it has no ground to stand on.
    It can fill up like 1,000 Earths in side,
    It has a Giant Red Spot.
    It a a regian storm. Its bigger than the Earth.
    If it was 80x more massive it would've become a star,.
    Because it has the same Elements as the Sun.

    Saturn's Rin'gs or super nice!
    The are made up of Ice rock, and other things,
    Its cool!

    Urans is the only Planet that is
    lying on its side

    Neptune is the coldest,
    You will be freezing!

  11. My son will be 3 in November and we have loved and rewatched your videos so much. You guys do such a good job! So glad we found your videos. 😀

  12. our family adores your channel and we really love the space stuff! are you planning on making more of these? and in general more new ones? since we discovered you a few months ago, we’ve definitely watched them all by now. we love lizzy! and we’d love more vids!! 😉

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