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Our topic for today is Soil Formation. Soil is formed by the combination of physical, chemical and biological processes in which huge rocks are broken down into smaller particles over a long period of time. Rocks undergo a process of expansion and contraction in which they expand during the day and contract during the night due to the constant rise and fall in temperature. However, not all parts of a rock undergo expansion and contraction at the same rate, resulting in the formation of cracks. Gradually, these cracks cause the rocks to
break down into smaller pieces. With time, these smaller pieces convert into particles and form soil. Water plays an important role in soil formation. Water that gets collected in the cracks of
rocks sometimes freezes, which helps in widening the cracks. Also, flowing river water helps in the wearing down of rocks over time, which results in the formation of soil. Strong blowing winds also rub against rocks and help in wearing them down. Lastly, some living organisms like lichens,
that grow on rock surfaces release certain substances that cause rock surfaces to powder down and form a thin layer of soil.

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  1. This help me a lot thanks now i am prepared for school and any thing that pops up like this on my homework thak you

  2. My son enjoyed this, but I think you missed a key part of soil which is organic matter and organisms that live in the soil. You described just one part of soil.

  3. Very clear and innovative way of presenting information in all videos .Thanks for putting this information here.Great Work.

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  5. soil is formed by the combination of physical, chemical, and biological process in which huge rocks are broken down into smaller particles over a long period of time.this video is very informative .it gives all the information of soil formation.

  6. for what age range, I teach 7 year olds and I can't imagine them knowing 'the formation of the rock blah blah…. just wondering on the target age range

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    was very intrusted

  10. Fun to watch and easy to understand. Thanks for the idea. I had also this kind of video. See to watch for better understanding.

  11. Please explain:
    Mechanical weathering mainly occur because-
    Temperature, frost, Crystal growth, release of pressure, water…….. please it's my test tomorrow

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