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good morning and welcome to the NPTEL course on soft skills dear friends just by the title you might be thinking what the course will be all about let us try to give you some inkling about the course the term soft skills anyway represent many skills though in general people have the impression that soft skills are communication skills and communication skills basically refer to the four language skills but then when you talk about soft skills they are somewhere more than these linguistic skills they actually focus not only on the various aspect of soft skills namely communication skills being one ingredient we will be talking about personality development positive thinking listening skills interview skills group discussion skills oral presentation skills adaptation skills work ethics and then various writing skills namely writing and drafting documents short reports memos conducting business meetings conducting interviews also taking interviews and in various situations where you feel the need is not only to act react respond correspond and finally prove that edge an individual you are armed with all these skills soft skills are actually people skills they are termed in the one umbrella term but then there extension is in various fills you will find on various occasions when you appear at an interview and at the end of the interview you have a feeling that everything was not right it was actually because you are not prepared with the nuances of interview skills so is the case when you are going to have a deal with other organizations you find that had you acted in this manner or had you used some other words perhaps the deal would have been successful all these are because of a lack in of a personality to understand the Nativity of the situation and act according to the exigency of the situation soft skills in aware behavior skills which actually allows an individual to keep into consideration not only his communication skills but also the environment also the culture also the language also the identity and in a way the overall personality of the person the course has been planned and prepared in such a manner that you will find that all these skills can be learned once one is registered with this course the course will not only have interactive lectures but will also include assignments where you will be provided with the assignments and also you'll be evaluated and then your evaluation you will help you to understand and to rate yourself as to how far you have learnt I hope once you are in the course you will have all the opportunities to learn a lot and see that the course was worth doing thank you very much and I look forward to you joining the course and making it a meaningful exercise Thanks [Applause] [Applause] you

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