37 thoughts on “Soft Skills – Leadership Vs Management”

  1. A leader can be a manager but a manager cannot be a leader…A leader influences and a manager administrates…leaders are born…..

  2. Wow madame I do really really enjoys the teaching you have conducted, so may God bless you and you're a good lecturer, hope to hear more

  3. Just some advice you seem to always refer to Leaders or Managers being 'Him', 'He', 'He Will' 'He's Not' everything is Male… Please work to Make your videos Gender Neutral.

  4. I like the presentation. Very thorough and detailed. I would recommend adding some examples in between your descriptions. I strongly urge you to change your attitude towards a leader being "Male" only! All your references to a Leader and Manager are "him or he!!" As you and I know, leadership skills knows no gender boundaries!! You are a perfect example of what I'm saying!

  5. Good Teaching as you have explained very neatly about leadership I rate you 10 out of 10. Kindly post some more videos on leadership roles. Regards Venkatesh. Once again I rate your teaching 10 out 10. Good Keep it up Highly recommended your Teaching Skills I mean Softskills.

  6. Disappointed… How can you describe a manager with so much petiteness! Managers have personalities, take initiatives and quite often have traits of a leader! Last but not least, leader is not a title!

  7. Very beautiful you are, and your speech and vibes and lip movement and your dressing sense, that makes positive vibes and make us focus, nice tutorial.

  8. AbsoluteLy best learner all your words and speech are very clear
    Of course
    All managers can't be a leaders
    But all Leaders can be a managers ❤

  9. That a professional explanation . professor we have different types of managers. You have top managers middle managers. These are people who oversee the different areas in Working places. They manage differents things in working places and they manage different operations for a companie.sound video.

  10. Excellent…I got some thought & inspiration just by watching this…thx a lot…felt very refreshing 😊👍

  11. it is a nice lecture I like it to much .But I want to ask you one question .would you think that are they people who is created for a leader ship ?

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