Soft Skills in the Workplace – Preview Clip

you have you ever treated a broken bone replaced a transmission umpired a baseball game installed an air conditioner we all have job specific skills skills that may have taken years of education and training to acquire but they aren't the only ones that make us successful look at it another way have you ever not been hired for a job even though you had all of the required skills have you ever been laid off even though you have the same experience as others who kept their jobs more often than not our personalities and our ability to work well with others are what set us apart in fact when it comes to making hiring decisions employers emphasize soft skills over technical training and know-how most employers would rather have a worker who is dependable honest and a team player than someone with an advanced degree but no people skills your soft skills such as your ability to manage conflict communicate well and solve problems are your keys to being successful on the job in this video we'll address the top soft skills that impact on the job success as you watch the video think about which soft skills will be most beneficial in your line of work while you may already possess most of these important attributes there are probably one or two you can improve having effective soft skills will benefit you no matter what direction your career takes we all know you never get a second chance to make a good first impression what we sometimes forget is that we have to continue making a positive impression every day each time you show up for work you make an impression on your supervisor coworkers customers and clients are you the kind of person who can be counted on to show up every day do you act professionally at all times do you manage your time well these are questions of professionalism doing your job in a timely manner with respect to those around you and they're the kinds of questions employers consider when deciding who to hire most employers will value a positive attitude and a strong work ethic over experience in fact nine out of ten employers consider professionalism to be one of the most important traits they look for in employees what does it mean to be professional for starters it means dressing appropriately not everyone wears a suit to work but we still have to pay attention to our appearance in some cases that may simply mean complying with a company dress code in others it may mean wearing a uniform in all cases it means understanding your company's culture and expectations and working to meet them being professional is about more than just looking the part like most soft skills professionalism comes across in your actions attitudes and behaviors being courteous for example using please and thank you showing up on time offering a firm handshake when you introduce yourself responding quickly to emails and phone calls and avoiding personal business on company time these are just some examples of how professionals in any business handle themselves just so you know I have another meeting at noon so I hope this doesn't take too long I understand I'm so sorry for the delay unfortunately my business partner has all the presentation materials I'm sorry do you mind if I just call for one second I'm so sorry Oh 15 minutes late all right hey how you done Kali is it um no it's pronounced Kaley right all right so we're we're sorry supporting one second hey now you get free about time what's up okay give a message yeah it's tonight courtside yeah courts 13 all right buddy all right you don't buy sorry about that so where were we we were waiting on you what did Michael do wrong perhaps the better question is what if anything did he do right the impression he made not only reflects poorly on him but also on his coworker and the company he works for regardless of what job you do know that there are people counting on you to do it right

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