Social workers change lives. Here's how.

[Applause] that first knock on the door is always hard you never know how the family's going to react people are wary of you they're scared of being judged scared that you won't listen to their side of the story or understand what they've been through social work is all about relationships about building trust and that doesn't come easily but we all need support sometimes someone could guide us through the rough patches someone to help us find the way forward it's the little things that count like knowing that you finally have someone on your side someone who will stand alongside you and help you stand up for yourself of course there are sometimes setbacks lasting change doesn't happen overnight but slowly slowly bit by bit the little changes start to make big differences in these children's lives and help them and their families to thrive children not made and me and me and me and me and me changing lives isn't easy but it can be the most rewarding career in the world if you're willing to take on this challenge then join us you

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