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  1. Hi Ani ,Your Vedio's are good and keep going .I need some information about Social work,I want to move to Canada for MSW( mater in social work).I like to service to poor people ,old people and blind people…..like ,how to know about MSW course in Canada,is any university for MSW in Toronto area.please tell me about this.I need urgent .

  2. My major is sociology but Im up in the air with social work but Im thinking hard as long as I can work in substance abuse

  3. Where/what uni you go to am in grade 10 and I want to study social work and need to know more about it and the good uni for this path ❤️😓

  4. Looking for someone who is willing to mentor me because lately I think I want a career change and I'm gravitating to this… Love ur content

  5. i am also a student of sociology and social work.. 2 in one . but i love social work subject.. honours final year.
    i wanna be a social worker to help the poor people….
    by the way happy to see ur vlog…. Thanks.
    so much love from Bangladesh.
    and want more vlog … please !…

  6. That's my major. I have to do a presentation about how I see myself in the future (career wise) & I present Saturday (12/02/2017)
    I have do more research of this career. This worth my whole grade, so wish me luck! If you'd like to add information about what classes you took & what does this career choice offer you? Please do respond lol in trying to get some more insight.
    Thanks! Btw great video!

  7. I'm also a university Social Work student, and I've just been looking for my kind… lol thanks for sharing

  8. Вау, дуже подобається твій Vlog! Будь ласка, знімай ще відео на тему "Соціальна робота".

  9. New subscriber (: I'm so happy you're vlogging your life as a Social work student. I will be starting the BSW this upcoming fall and watching this video makes me excited!

  10. I'm a social work student too! And I love it so far. That's pretty cool that you vlog about it. ^_^ I was thinking of vlogging about it too, but I wasn't sure if anyone was going to watch it. I love your video though! I'm going to be a junior next semester. I actually changed my major to social work last semester and it was the best decision ever! 🙂 Good luck with your studies! And good job on your youtube channel! 🙂

  11. hi there im about to start my internship in a week for my BSW!! Nice to see more people going into these field.

  12. Анечка, замечательно!.Достаточно хорошая работа. Продолжай. Буду ждать следушие видео.

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