Social Work Services

Did you know that the Department of
Human Services has a social work service. Our social workers are available to help
you if you are going through a difficult time. All our social workers are
qualified and hold a social work degree. You can talk with the social worker
about family and domestic violence any mental health concerns you might have
such as feeling depressed or anxious or having thoughts of self-harm or suicide.
A personal or family crisis you might have experienced such as the breakdown
of a relationship or the death of someone close to you or any concerns you
might have about your safety and well-being. Social workers can help by
providing short-term support and counseling information about payments
and services and referrals to other services in the community. If you are
experiencing family and domestic violence a social worker can help you
access; family and domestic violence services, emergency accommodation and
housing support, financial help, counselling, health services and legal
services. Priority is also given to people with complex needs particularly
young people in need of support. To access this free service you can ask a
staff member or call the Centrelink employment services line on 132 850
and ask to speak to a social worker. To help direct you to the most appropriate
support the staff member might ask you to provide some additional information.
There might be a social worker available on-site in the office you're at or you
may be offered an opportunity to speak to one over the phone.
If you want you can have a family member or friend with you when speaking to one
of our helpful social workers. If you need an interpreter tell us and we'll
arrange one for you. Or you can also phone our multilingual phone service on
131 202 and ask for a social worker there

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