Social Work Role Play (Sample Interview Only): Part 1

hi hi Sara my name is Liz Dale and I'm from I'm social worker here at Hillcrest secondary school and um is this your first time seeking professional help yeah well I'm really glad you came in today and I can understand that it can be a nervous time for some people and I would just like to state now that anything shared in this room is completely confidential and yeah it'll stay with me but if there is any talking about self harm or harm to anyone else I will have to pass along that information just to provide yourself safety and other people as well but I'm hoping that this confidentiality will help you feel calm and safe in being honest and open with me today and discussing whatever's wrong in your life is this okay with you yeah okay well we can begin now then what can I help you with today well first of all I just don't even know where to start what to do I sort of maybe have been doing a little bit lately just for fun I met I made some new friends at school like and they party a lot and so neither parties and I totally have to go or anything because I want to be popular too and I think it's really fun they're really fun people and they party a lot and they kind of gave me some drugs so I've been starting to do some drugs lately and I really like it it's really fun I like getting high is it being popular or something that you strive to be right now kind of I I want to be cool like I want to be part of the cool because my best friend is we've been friends for a long time like five years but I think I kind of make her like I think I like her more than like a friend so I'm really scared and terrified of what people will think of me especially my parents so I was thinking maybe if I'm popular and cool it will make it better if I tell her okay so what I'm hearing is you may think that you are a lesbian yeah sort of I mean I think so I like her so maybe I am but I don't really know but I like her I don't know what to do what should I do have you talked to her about these feelings no I'm scared I don't know if she will think I'm weird or like creepy and maybe she won't want to be whereas I like her so much like I can't even imagine like her not being my friend so I'm just really scared right now Wow oh I can only I can't even imagine how this would make you feel what have you been doing besides the drug used to cold do you have does your family support you in this no I cannot tell my family my parents are so strict I'm pretty sure they'd disown me I'm gay well well that could put you definitely into a corner in me yeah I feel totally backed up in the corner and alone because this is actually my first time ever talking about it with anyone so I mean I'm Sarah I would like to thank you for sharing all these things I can feel and sense that you are very nervous about telling me and I just want to say that I judge you in no way and we we as a team will work together to solve these issues even though they do seem like they just pile up on each other throughout a series of sessions I would love to dig deeper with this I know a very good place to talk about these issues more especially specifically drawing towards the LGBT kind of realm and yeah I can definitely give you some more information on that at the end of this and I feel that would be a good outlet to start with any questions regarding gay issues lesbian issues and even I'm not saying that you would feel like you would be ready to come out we don't even know anything yet but just those topics and just a nice safe comforting environment and yeah I'll definitely lend you a card for that yeah how's your great spin like what do you what is your take on school just with the stress of everything else and let's face it as I go out every weekend a party with my new friends I am like hungover or two days after so the last place I want to be at school so I kind of skip Cox's sometimes and they drained the week sometimes they'll say like going over and then like we'll just like watch my bees and smoke weed so I'll like skip my classes so my grades are kind of really bad and but you can't tell my parents please don't tell my parents because I think they would kill me I would never want any negative things to happen by saying anything whatever's is staying in this room and thank you for sharing and being honest how does this make you feel is do find that school is just on the back burner or do you feel that you can't really keep up with the lifestyle that you have like or the drugs taking any negative impact on you I mean just kind of like my school but anyways I'd rather party and have fun while yachting I mean gosh now is the time like to be popular and I live my life so I wouldn't say like if there's problems just like my school but maybe I can like start you some more and maybe bring my grades up okay we can definitely work towards some short and long term goals throughout our next session and for sure is there anything else that you'd like to share sometimes I wonder like what would happen if my best friend like if she would freak out if I were to tell her like I think I would really feel alone like I think maybe I really do a lot of drugs because I'm Beast oh is that so I don't know maybe I shouldn't tell her so I sense that you fear that if you tell your best friend that you like her that her reaction would be bad and they would turn to drugs yeah totally yeah I think so okay and what if your friend reacted in a completely different way I don't even know I haven't thought of that I don't think it's a possibility yeah I don't even know what I would do I don't know if she would I mean I don't think she's gay I kind of feel like a weirdo I wouldn't put myself down if I were you I wouldn't put myself by you telling me these things makes me feel sad and you shouldn't beat yourself up about these confusions and it's completely normal and thank you for sharing some people can't even get through that part where they can even be honest with themselves and that shows great strength and I understand that it's a very confusing time for you right now

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