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  1. wow, can I just thank you for being so transparent with us about your social work experiences so far? I found this video extreeeemely helpful considering I just switched my major to Intended Social Work. My school actually has a 5-year BSW/MSW program that I am currently looking into. Your advice and stories definitely inspired me to do more research about the field I'm interested in and to gain experience asap!! I hope that all is well with your business, and, again, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to film this!

  2. Hey,
    Thank you for making this video! I am a BS sociology major and i plan on getting my MSW after I graduate.
    I belive It really helps to see someone TALKING about this field because I've felt that the SW community is very under-appreciated and misunderstood. It also helps to see someone be real about it, because a lot of my schooling, in my own opinion, is very theoretical, so it's cool to see someone's inside-perspective on the profession. Thank you and your gorgeous self! XD

  3. I believe that kids should be taken away from family who abuse them, my grand kids were taken away from my daughter and the social worker is a racist against spanish people, you should not take them away with out any cause. The city of Lancaster, CA. they have a habit of taken them away, there was a girl who was kill from one of the foster parent who was drunk. I need your help on knowing what to do in this situation. Please help.

  4. I would like to have some advises as well. I am willing to start my master in social worker but I am not that much confortable with the fact that I would have to go in someone's home and having to take his child out. This is not what I am looking for is there any others duties that I can fulfill as social worker that will get me away from the process of withdrawal a child? Thank you.

  5. I think my roomate is somewhat delusional, I mean he is a smart guy. He has a dark line growing on his face, he says it is skin cancer. What do I do, he refused to seek medical care. This guy he is not allowed to die not on my watch. Seriously, he will not go seek any medical treatment, until he becomes a millionair and lives in Japan.

  6. I want to be a social worker but my texas history teacher said that they don't get paid a lot…so I'm torn…any advice??

  7. Read The Will of a Wildflower . It needs to be a required reading for social work students and CPS Workers.

  8. Social workers don't cure social problems. They prolong them because that's their bread and butter.  Rid yourself of social work, get a job. Stop wanting free things. It's called being human and you're not doing it. Start. No more social workers. They keep things fucked up. End of story.

  9. I‘m a social worker from Austria and this is so interesting to watch and see how it is in other countries 🤗

  10. AS a lecturer at the community college of Barbados , i find the videos to the point and very useful to students, good job–Jonathan sealy

  11. What area in va are you from that pays low ? because I live in the northern va/ dmv area and believe it or not social workers get paid very well …

  12. Awesome video! Social workers also work from home.I just posted LCSW/ social work jobs hiring now. My mom is a social worker so of course I think social workers rock!!

  13. Have you ever cried while someone told you their problems ? What can i and can not do when the other person is crying? Also what can i do to not carry all those negative situations and problems home and to my personal life? I mean i dont want it to affect me and make me unhappy. Im in my first year of college studying social worker in Argentina

  14. I know I am SUPER late but I just wanted to say that I love your social work videos! I just graduated in May and just got into the field and felt lost. Your videos and others helped me so much! I recently started a support networking group for black women that are in or pursuing Social Work because of the things I struggled with post grad. The group is called Black Girls in Social Work and we’re on Facebook and Instagram if anyone wants to join or check it out!

  15. How the hell do you apply for scholarships officially? I'd need a step by step tutorial because I dont understand how that works at all

  16. I'm 23 just changed my degree to social work from a psychology degree. And I'm not sure if I should do so. So many people have told me so many negative things about that career choice and its making it very hard to decide what to do

  17. I am currently an outpatient therapist and I totally understand about being solution focused and getting rebuttals when you do give options. I was taught to not give so many options and let the clients come up with their own solutions. Of course ask questions like “what else could be done in that situation” or “what else have you tried” I think we would all get discouraged if we just gave them the answer and expected them to do it, but if they come up with solutions on their own then they are more prone to stick to it and all you have to do is hold them accountable by explaining how little solutions ties in to their overall goal of “not being so depressed” or “being a better parent” or “building social support” whatever they goal might be. A lot of time it is just easier to say this is what you need to do but that is why people like Iyanla don’t work for everyone because you have to build a real strong trusting relationship with someone before you can tell them what they need to do. I believe counseling can work with or without the rapport when done correctly. Don’t get me wrong I love Iyanla and would trust her with every aspect of my life but some people that have been through traumatic situations do not have that kind of trust, so then we have to have the skills to ask the right questions that lead to self awareness oppose to telling them what we see.

  18. Social work salaries depends on the specialization. Coming out of MSW school the novel start is about 40-42K and that is general practice. Human services which are administrators but do the same functions as social workers are about 54k. Medical social workers are 60k or far far less like 30's. LCSWs can make more because you can provide therapy. If you can not get into a social work program you can elect to get into the masters human services you do the same thing but you cannot take the NASWB exam. Those who take HS courses you will be an LPC, LMFT, or LCDC or all of the above.

  19. I really want to deal with children but still trying to decide whether to be a psychologist or a social worker

  20. I'm wanting to get my bachelor's in social work and become a social worker. Is it necessary to get a master's? What's the difference between having a bachelor's and master's besides making more?

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