Social Work Practice Education Home Visit/Review of assessment Example

you you oh yeah how you doing today was increased so today I come just to go over it to go over everything yes okay you okay can you hear me yeah yeah okay that's great now it's okay if I make a few notes yes yes we're talking just that when I get back to the office I can do the reviews yeah right okay now I did send you a copy of your last review okay okay so basically what I want to do today is look at last time I came it was on the schedule review and we increased okay so basically today what I want to do is to go over why we increased it yeah hey and also to see how it's working for you today do you want time to read that are you okay are you familiar with that well if it makes it better the terror see does it make it better right shall we just maybe go over and say last time last year came and we did it on schedule review should we just go over yep why I came anyway because I'm okay but David you gave me a call you know saying that things have changed what happened was happily sure that attractions so then I was on my hip oh no I mean quite frankly to start with they sent ya as soon as I had two coaches officer yeah but you clearly knew there was something wrong – you did you know that much pain you can't move I have to say you back out on the stretcher full of em you know something's very wrong he's only had to take her back again right – I think so yeah about a week later so he had you stay there stay there for a week yes and was that when they discovered that okay so when you return home clearly you eat a lot of pain I was yes wash me wash my hair or some bad back pain typical Mike Harris okay because previously you had a yet two carriers and now I think the problem was there was two problems one in the morning you needed you needed personal care because you're clear stoma care yeah I believe think effectiveness yeah soiled and so that was a real problem for you and I know previously that you used to do a little bit of your own personal care the morning because internally couldn't start to later okay but it's Howard okay but the morning visit was becoming quite problematic for you because you before they came you and you a bit concerned about you know it become reinfected yeah at that point so you felt you needed something to help you with the personal care first thing in the morning now that was the issue wasn't saying it was okay David used to have a lot you can't stop us okay on that and you know we need to also mentioned a with that you know you you have your own health issues and you will find it very challenging yes to help Dori and with all that personal care in the morning and I know you can't lift can you know there are people got spondylosis that but the extra I was late wasn't there you know – so what we had agreed to was and what you are it was and what you wanted at the time was an extra five hours throughout the week yeah and that's was for somebody to comb in the morning very early in the morning and help you now your current PA because one of them had childcare shoes soon she was do it okay that she's been helping out occasionally in the morning okay now so when she started coming in the mall and helping you what what time was she coming oh if I wasn't feeling that well she's throw me so what time you want me and they say sometimes man and that's the beauty of direct payment citizens make that flexibility and yeah being in bed 12 your own candy yes I have yeah and it just means that you can you know you can choose who you have please come in and it's usually people you're familiar with well okay so now that she's been coming in she's been coming in now for three months tell me how you help me because I don't know I was finally made difficult to wash my my supper or my braids and then also just three improvements those arms about three months before I broke my leg yes I broken both wrists and I found it much much better when she was here and Adele as well she was a little different okay and David how does that help Shukra know at the time when she didn't have the additional fine nose it was put a bit of pressure on you I know you said you do you're only on health and the door thing you have a lot of groups you know the care about need to be here yeah it's as you said it's made things a lot I'm not easy particularly first thing doesn't it you know any morning but that's when she needed that you know that extra cups of water to get her to get me a lot of things so yes it's been a great help you know and also the fact that she's quite rapidly very you know now I know okay so is there well that's good but as I said I know when it first happened it was having real impact on well physical emotional well-being wasn't it yeah I know when I came to see you you could barely sit in my position for maybe yes position the absolutely but very difficult times he wasn't like you know it take you get no old on these things take a long time instead you know what you still got another problem Shasta so finish after how do you feel how's it been done take a paint away and a half it was gonna cause me trouble in my eyes I so how justly easy option said yeah I really did yeah man so I think do you feel it's getting better then very very slowly so if it's up looking like the care you get now is that anything that you would change your net fan no I think you know as I said the the edge of my browser made not a difference particularly morning introduced net but no expires maybe it was all make it so it's the most important things is the flexibility you know and even when Doris direct payments were audited about just over 12 months ago it came up because I I went with the Pattinson and did the audit and they the person consumer that was about to declare a the and the law being clean explained you know that is being built in that he was the concern you know yeah so yeah you never were quite happy with that so you get some more time now to do the things that's what I'm involved with the organization cares you play I'm involved with carers leaves and are going to the school after these university to the sort of odd part that I talk to when students about cows issue and I am brought to nursing students at million at the university I've got my powers Dave go and enjoy some peace away friendly well which I think does him good it does yeah definitely means that doesn't it against you know David when I first met you David you said you cared for over 20 years yeah yeah and it was a challenging job so it's glad that you're able to do something for yourself now and then I know when she was but you did have an accident and their hips and she got the fall you've before the five hours were put in place up with a guilty leave yeah one of it the other good things about it is that this is also a change of companion Janelle Timmy's got somebody I have females come yeah companies or something you know apart from just being a you keep your receipt if I want do it and give you receipts no she's only suit only and the books on sale and good pursue 10 years now if I still got a family see what her dog I am the first method as dose was to 3 and 9 to 15 and we used to put wheelchair in the back of the car and take the sauce of grandmas and they used to sit there so soon finish the second fastest yes because doing it had a vehicle for three years the obvious in her name yes although she doesn't drive it but the vehicle is still in her name on the Motability scheme and she both her carers drive but in case we wanted to use it any other time say for other people to drive it this is when we applied for the open policy so I think yeah because you I don't have to change it last month look I'll tell you about it she had to change her car in February because it had done three years so we needed they won't carry the paperwork forward hence me and have so many – what they really wanted to know a that that there's a social worker involved and during was on direct payment and a.m.c that used other other care you know to drive vehicle so this is why I she she would if you got the on policy again which of course is much easier for those because hey if so how long are there somebody else which could easily happen you know claiming to cover they're able to drive just the same so so that's why I we and we asked a lot take a look again it's purely capable yeah yeah good to go back on me just it just started again anyone that italic can only work in the afternoons and Sue always but does it usually works happy with you being yes when I say because I only write I mean I could if that was an issue that falls I found the back the last week it's a way I went to their first straight and and how did you have to – to get something with somebody with you I meant about I'm Jane is a bad and there's only one crap oh yeah yeah but you stuck to the Fuhrer but if you enjoyed the bath yes very care what it would be well worth it so it's back to showers but you've got you've got a wet cloth yes for now get that back in the shower Oh miss thing hopefully that the altie so because that's clearly it's working very well it's making all you care needs in italy an object it wasn't it and so that's brilliant now the thing is your next review now won't be at any point and time can call me and contact me if your care needs changing anyway everybody needs to change in any way and you need to just just needs to give me a call and come out and do what the call it will schedule with you okay so just just because you view your reviews not going to be fall of the year it's it doesn't matter do my assessment yeah so you know but is anything else you want to ask me do nothing else about you know I think that was and that was everything was intestine ent to talk about okay well it's been a pleasure seeing you both again and hopefully we'll cook up and see you soon okay yeah thank you Dave I get the rain whisper leave me again nice to show you how being so – you've got my number okay bye-bye bye-bye you

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