Social Work Practice Course Intro

Welcome to Social Work Practice. My name is Doctor Jennifer Putney, and I'm
an associate professor of practice at the Simmons School of Social Work. I have been a social worker for about 20 years. And I love social work. One of the reasons I love social work is because
it is such a complex field. We get an opportunity to help people. We get an opportunity to collaborate with
people to improve their lives. And we have an opportunity to work against
social injustice. No day of your social work practice is going
to be the same. In fact, no hour of your social work life
is going to be the same. And that is exciting, and that is challenging,
and it is rewarding. So welcome. Here's the way this course is going to go. The way that I think about teaching is, it
follows a pattern of hear something, see something, and do something. So you are going to hear me talk a lot about
some concepts, you're going to see some discussion about it, then you're going to see it in action. And then, you're going to have an opportunity
to do it, to apply the skills. So that's the philosophy that I teach. Here, see, do. So in this course, you're going to be exposed
to all kinds of things. The first few weeks we're going to be just
talking about the definition of social work practice. Basic frameworks for how we think about what
we do. We're going to be talking about values and
multicultural sensitivity. We're then going to talk about the five phases
of the work; engagement, assessment, intervention, evaluation, and termination. In addition to that, we're going to be talking
about ethics in social work practice and the legal context of social work practice. So welcome to the course. And let's get started.

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