2 thoughts on “Social Work Ethical Dilemmas”

  1. I will now mention moments where in the second video,  entitled “Social Work Ethical Dilemmas” (2012), poor decision making was shown, and by whom in that second while offering my insight as to how the lessons given in first video’s entitled “Ethical Decision Making“ (2012), which is about following the levels, the hierarchy, of ethical decision making, would have helped solve the series of dilemmas, the situation, by breaking it down into 20 easy steps that we learn from Editor and Chief, CultureMap Austin & Kneeland Trainer Kevin Benz ,who gives a lesson and advice on ethical decision making, within the first video:          Step 1. Benz in the first video, speaks of “…Sensation "something”: that we see or listen to, a video or song, perhaps a picture for examples, …”, but in the case of the second video I will say the treatment of therapist “John”, by his boss “David” and his boss’s wife “Diana”, of Hamilton Services Inc., not only in the hiring without discussing with the others first, and with the double than normal starting pay, which causes mistrust and rises suspicion among his co-workers “Brian”, another therapist at the firm, as well as “Becky”, who works in payroll, but trying to convince him that he should break the rules of engagement of therapy by telling what he should break the confidentiality between himself as the therapist and the daughter “Julie”,
    as patient, as well. This happens as Diana showing a lack in Integrity and ethics.

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