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she was absolutely amazing cuz it's just as if she had dropped everything she had to do to haul me up out of this huge dark abyss that I had dropped right down into and she certainly did and she's done that ever since for me I don't know what I would have done without her I really don't I'd have probably been deeper in that dark hole that I was in we see people at some of their most vulnerable moments some of the most challenging situations when people out in the community their families or community organizations sometimes don't know quite what else to do people come to hospitals and we are part of that response what I appreciate the most about working in a hospital is the team that I work with and when I leave at 4 o'clock my client or patient is in good hands I have worked places where when I leave at 4 o'clock I don't know what is going on with that client or or or patient and am concerned whereas when I leave here I know my patient is in a comfortable bed with nurses and doctors and other members of the team who are caring for that patient who are able to answer family questions who are able to respond to crisis that's very soothing for a social worker when you leave work our social worker is absolutely instrumental with as a functioning member of our team I don't know what we would do without her when I explained to our patients what her role is because a part of when our patients come to us they may not have ever met us before so we sort of do a bit of a little blurb on everybody and I tell them basically the social worker does everything that we don't do social work is is very broad field I mean you can work from anywhere a community agency to a hospital to the government it opens up endless possibilities and but if you're doing social work frontline with patients or with clients expect the unexpected really which is kind of neat at the same time kind of scary but it's it's always keeps you on your toes oh man problem issue lapel if we also do booyah meet with a therapist see the occasional value pose if we will meet of Larry pons see you a certain problem sir karell for my LE to lmao visitant LM on evoke card LF women too shisui to Adele reproduce it Rafi OSC I'm a model of a also Co reform and point away and mixin agave I think you you need to use a lot of common sense you have to be quite practical as it's all sugar and but at the same time your compassion needs to come through and that you're not just screwing people through to say oh ok these are the problems I've got a solution and then when where's the next case coming you know I always want to make sure the person feels that they're the most important person in that room I think the people certainly at the outset need to be caring they need to have compassion they need to have respect for people and people's autonomy their right to have their own independence they need to be prepared to be non-judgmental to step back from a situation and just really learn about it from the person from others in people's lives not to make you know not to rush to judgment I think that the most important trait is to be able to separate someone else's emotional being with your own if you are unable to detach from someone's experience then you're swallowed up by it and you are no longer effective it's also very important to be a good listener to be able to hear what people are actually saying and to to help them help themselves and not do the work for them yes Bhaskar KD Lang come tell us SLC Stepney on the tunnels I pop round circle my committee Rinna to mason-dixon and say turn that to vermin deport really a clip a sermon I can tell my job job a cement yeah the double three-year poverty Alicia Sheila let's both whine like a kilo laughs a song the depression like the example mu K passively enriched them often Social Work is a profession that people don't understand well they perceive us as social workers as being concerned with child welfare issues issues of homelessness and primarily issues of poverty at the Ottawa Hospital we are fortunate because we're supported in our efforts to work with all patients and to improve the psychosocial well-being of all patients so on almost every team at the hospital there is a social worker and they're able to practice to the full scope of their abilities so we do feel very supported we feel energized we feel we can contribute to the overall health of patients and that we can really make a difference at this hospital as CEO I have an opportunity to actually still get involved in patient care so I work in my clinic with social workers and what I see are incredibly respectful professionals who who really deal with the the every aspect of patient care in a very compassionate way and and this is what I think is missing in a lot of healthcare today and it's the social workers that have brought us back to that and ensure that our patients not only have the right tests and treatments but actually feel like they have been cared for and in a very compassionate environment from our perspective we had this level of expectation I need your service I need your help I need your guidance where do I go well he was able to do that in such a way that and in some cases we didn't even have to ask the question here he had it in the package every city's different every level of health care home care is different and the social workers are up to speed on what's available out there and they certainly are there to help you make the right decision they're not there to make the decision for you but rather to at least give you the information so that you can make that informed decision it's it's never basically never giving up when you're a social workers all right well that didn't work out what else what else what else and redefining success I think as part of a social work – I think we all do the best we can with with what we have and I think that sets us apart I think we're not complainers I think we just go ahead and do what needs to be done and I think that's to me being surrounded by people like that is really amazing what other job would you ever have that people would be that positive something happens with a patient where they are so grateful for a little thing that you did and it makes getting up in the morning and coming to work so worthwhile if a patient feels better if a patient who has extreme anxiety suddenly feels good about going home that alone makes it worth a while you live it you live being a social worker day in and day out and with your patients and with your interactions in society because I think we have a different lens we see things we see things differently I think we see things in in the context of a bigger bigger picture you know we talk about the social determinants of health as an example where I guess that's one of the strengths I would say that we bring to the multidisciplinary team I think we help our team members to see people in their larger context Sam ficken ours is a key show that they must be sell the perfect party la Vida Tootsie Jala mames see box thank you many of our fittings for house I will happen it's part of me to be a social worker and I think with a lot of a lot of people it just is them that's who they are they are a social worker and they couldn't see themselves being anything else health care is often accused of working in silos you come to your hospital you get your care you you go to the community you get your care there and I think it's the social workers that really truly integrate to the continuum of care so that our patients not only leave the hospital well but they get into an environment at home that is well suited to – keeping them well and keeping them out of the hospital and to me the social worker is the most important member of the team to ensure that I'm proud to sponsor this educational video which gives an overview of the role of social workers in the hospital and healthcare sector I know firsthand of the important contribution that social workers and the Social Work profession bring to the hospital sector and the healthcare community I do hope this video will help you understand the role of social workers better and help it illuminate the vital importance of their practice work for you their value is in their unique set of skills competence integrity compassion and high ethical standards they bring to you thank you very much you

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