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this is the story of how cholera changed my village tiny germs of Colorado too small to see spread through the river so small yet so dangerous that realizing women carried cholera home in the water flies carried collar on their feet unwashed hands spread it to the swallows cholera germs in our water on our food and our fingers it happened so fast by morning my father was very sick he had diarrhea that looked like rainwater and poured out all I was so scared and I went for help I never rode the fast one rooted my father and the nearest community was cholera we have to work fire segment we made a special drink to help him first we make the water safe we still turded through clocks and hold it for one unit then we mix half a teaspoon of salt and 2 teaspoons of sugar in 1 liter of the safe water it tasted like tears not too salty I worried my father would die before my eyes but he soon felt a little stronger the nurse explained to me but not everyone swallows cholera pterence get sick like my father but they can still spread the disease now I needed to take safe re to my village and teach them how to protect themselves from cholera I saw a girl carrying water I told her she could make the water safe by adding chlorine drops and waiting half an hour there was a man about to eat with unclean hands I told him to always wash his hands with soap and fake water after going to the toilet unclean hands he tasted I sell furniture spreading cholera into a river I told them we needed to dig latrines far from the river at least 30 meters away this was important to keep our village clean I found the mother return unsafe food I told her first they must wash our hands with state one then we had to wash and clear the food cooking and always get it hot and protect it from flies but I spread the word throughout my village convent find my father I was so happy to see he was better our village became healthy now it will turn all our water to make sure the same we always use that dream and always wash our hands actor he say from size that washed and peeled and cooked and we always wash your hands before facility we made our village safe from cholera spread the word your village can say speak

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