Social Welfare in Sweden

welfare in Sweden this video is made by merely naturally Grisha and Rama from 10g in this video we're gonna talk about the welfare system in Sweden doesn't – point of the situation and the interesting points of the system see renessa Scandinavian country Northern Europe Sweden is a unitary state apparent to many county councils and landed 19 municipalities Sweden is a sovereign richest country in the world in terms of GDP per capita and a high standard of living is experienced by citizens social welfare in Sweden ma'am of several organizations and systems dealing with welfare for welfare benefit since even are mostly funded by taxes and it is mostly executed by the public sector the social welfare in Sweden equals health care elderly care social system labor market and education one of the social welfare in Sweden is health care civilians and our preparation has equal access to the public healthcare surfaces the Swedish health care system is publicly funded and run by the county councils it is financed primarily through taxes Lee Webb become the consul's and municipalities for elderly care the Swedish health system provides retirement homes and home care the Social Security is hidden includes furniture which is the monetary support for children up to 16 Mousavi chip which is housing ovens for anyone however scan over houses other pension and guarantee pension which benefits those who have tried these are some of the many social security system in Sweden in terms of education the Swedish government includes preschool and childcare for school children as well as adult education in terms of labor market first sponsibility is considered to be a part of the welfare system English unemployment benefits and the vision benefits employment services and Lerman programs German Development guarantees starter drugs and the European Social Fund these are some buzz points of Sweden's welfare system Sweden's benefit programs were developed to meet virtually all continuing season include among others pensions support for the unemployed medical benefits to training between me and job creation visibility and sickness benefits health care plan to leave challenges financial assistance for families disabled children and decent housing for all employment is the surest guarantee in Sweden's avoid poverty but back sometimes for his policies continue to play a big role in lifting many out pop or four feet Sweden has been a world leader in providing economic security for its elderly in no small part because of its former pension system now let's move on to the – columns about their benefits in Syria we know that is very strengths our line of inflexible the commitment to public childcare is a Z while equipment of the default public care for elderly asked adjusted the letter changes especially or some since it is happening to the goal of women's equality so central to Sweden centers and it is imposing new burdens on women on the other hand with the aging of the Swedish population is possible the era of their counterbalance to this trend because cutbacks in elder care may have political consequences the interesting points of Sweden's welfare system you may wonder why Sweden is such a success it has been noted that accepting oral agreements as legally binding is if centuries old Scandinavian legal tradition which Franklin's a notion that trustworthiness and honesty have been proud of Scandinavian culture for many generations it is difficult to save the universe from nervousness and eliminations favoring hard court proceedings and honesty eros is an annotation to a harsh climate because of the homogeneous nature of the population impatient because of the Protestant religious each in part because of some refactoring it is all right here the shamans and social institution with the Scandinavia teachers equipment I will fetch fps illustrated in the sewerage traffic system a case study this is one of the case study which discussed the individual placement and support which result in more people with severe mental illness obtaining employment in comparison to traditional vocational rehabilitation the conclusion of our discussion is that sweetness already performing an accent of our system were to be inclusive the high tax to be decreased and to be committed to improve all sectors are not ignoring the others the Swedish government could create a system to us in the text so that the other sectors won't be much isolated

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