2 thoughts on “Social welfare Department Documentary Video (12 mins English Version)”

  1. please don't believe this ,,I applie wafo family allowance now going 5 months they ask what documents all I gave already but they asked same paper agin agin agin,, I have to baby 1 son 3 years 1 daughters 5 years,, my wife work but not inoff so small money …I am job less , I take care my 2 baby, , ,,,, so that's why I applied…but they same document asking agin agin ,, I am feels sick,,, I don't know what they want,, tomarro I want call wafo hotline i want say ….please i don't want family allowance i want closed,, , so all friends remember maybe same happens ,,, omg omg omg, (63592249)

  2. I am job less i now 16month me my wife and we have 2 baby 1 baby 3 years 1 baby 5 months..3 years baby no school,, we Hongkong id card people…we going applying but…i think easy ONLY for Chinese people….bcz welfare asking impossible documents…..so.that's why easy ONLY for Chinese…they talking also same like talking with criminal,,, i don't understand …..(ynl)

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