28 thoughts on “Social Welfare Big Trouble Forus | తెలుగు రాష్ట్రాలకి సంక్షమ సంక్షోభం స్టార్ట్”

  1. Exxellent సబ్జెక్ట్ తీసుకున్నారు సాయి గారు ఇది అందరూ గమనించి ప్రజలు పతకాలు కాదు మాకు మంచి జీవనం1కావాలి అని గ్రహించాలి

  2. This ysr family is lije that giving free everything…pillalni school ki pampiste dabbulu estadanta, 45yrs ki pension…what r these schemes?

  3. Not agree with you abt Manrega scheme.. workers were exploited previously… wages shld be increased at the same time quality of work shld be increased…

  4. Same thing happening in Chennai. Due to Amma canteen no one is interested to do physical labor. The automotive industry is employing more than 70% from WB OD and north east states…

  5. okka roju Mee videos chudakundane undaleka potunnamu alantidi YSR start chesina schemes poison la ap prajalaki yekkincharu ippudu vatini tisiveste rajakeya parties Ni champivestaru sir

  6. Raja shekar teddy started for vote banking.anyway at that time Hyderabad ni CBN 95-2004develope chesi kuppa poste panchipetti alavatu chesadu

  7. Panikimalina politicians dabbulu panchuthoo valla dabbulu panchinatle feel avutharu louda gallu. Ee panchudu kaakunda infra ki pette devudu lanti politician eppudu vastharoo ee dayyalu eppudu pothayoo.

  8. Rcc ఇంటికి కనీసం 10లక్షలు అవుతుంది గ్రామంలో

  9. nen Engineering apudu date back to 2007 ma village lo oka venaka badina varagam frnd unde vadu same college anukunam but nak donation adigaru so I joined in different college but na frnd ki with fee reimbursement lo college plus books ki money kuda vachai..in 2011 I came out of college and got job but vadu 2013 came out and doing nothing after 2 years he joined in some govt office with nominal salary. Now after 7yrs I was struggling to settle but my frnd got house govt given got married govt given expenses got monthly additional income govt given got handsome amount of money with low interest govt given now kids fee govt estha antundi .. asal edaridi mistake pravesha petina YSR Da continue chesin CBN da inka vigorous ga esthanantunna Jagan daa?? Ye manishi kina avasaram unanatha evakudad konchem esthe konchem own efforts undali .. if you are giving things free you make them lazy..

  10. jagan మడమతిప్పడు మడమతిప్పడుకావలంటె రిజైన్ చేస్తడు

  11. Eppudu thelisinda mee paniki malina YSR palana. Goppaga cheppu kuntaru rajannarajyam ani. Vedava palanalo andaru somaripothulu aipothunnaru. YSR chesindi nuvvu 30 thinu nenu 70 thintanu ani danni edo goppa palana antaru. Avineethi palana chesadu.

  12. Chandra babu vochhina tharvathe ee daridram . Amaantham bhumu laku rates penchesi real estate business ani raastraanni chinna bhinnam chesaadu. Migathaa raastra laku kuda ee virus antukundhi. Parama neechudu. Desaaniki pattina daridram ee neechudu.

  13. Let's remove arogyasri… What will happen… Think of it….dont think andhrapradesh is company.. Ap is people… Age old pension is very much helpful to elders… Government is constructing irrigation projects and trying for special status.. Once water is available to farmers… Irrigation is festival in Ap… Don't think of negative always…

  14. When people have nothing to do and most things are free and highly subsidized some of them will be addicted to bad habits and to feed these addictions they turn to crime.Unfortunately many,many thousands of young semi literates/college dropouts are unemployable.I met many young engineer graduates and their basic knowledge of sciences is lower or on par with 10th grade.The biggest problem with these youngsters is they want high paying jobs only preferably government.Already most of them have two wheelers,expensive clothes and top class electronics including an expensive cell phones.With great difficulty their parents are feeding these youngsters.I don’t live in India but once a year when I visit India I try to meet,talk to them.Honestly I am terribly worried like any other parent.These freebies are a big vicious circle.

  15. Ee janam schemes valla oo kudabettukunedi yemi undadayya ,,ap state people ki vade mottam oka pedda bada babu bank ki egotte amount kanna takkuve mastaru

  16. This freebies are worse than drugs.These freebies are pulling down the economy as a whole.This will kill the future generations.More and more people will end up lazy.

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