Social Studies Education Major at John Brown University

Social Studies education is a
program that will train individuals to become secondary social studies teachers.
It’s not just history but it’s let’s look at the psychological
approach to history, let’s look at how geography effects history. It’s all these
different aspects into one major. At JBU it’s a very hands-on approach. I
often talk about social studies education as a
double major. Maybe not as heavy or as big, but it’s like they have this
education part and this social studies part. The very first class that all of
our education students take is education seminar. Students spend an hour a week in
the schools shadowing a teacher and it allows them the opportunity to really
see is this where I want to be is this where the Lord really calling me. This
concept of like being in the classroom early is so helpful because we get to
see the practicality of it. We get to learn more on the job because
we’re in the classroom from the very beginning. We have a lot of
field experience that allows them to be confident that very first day of
teaching. Finally, the fall semester of our senior year we do our
internship and that is student teaching We have two placements, one in a middle
school one in high school. Typically they’ve been very successful in getting
jobs as far as public schools in the United States, but also we
have others that go overseas as well.

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