Social Services Worker – Durham College

I find before I even took this program I was
kind of the friend that my friends would come go to say, 'I have this problem or that problem'. They knew I wouldn't judge. I chose this program because of the different
elements, the field placement, the accessibility to two field placements. Usually, you're only entitled to one. In terms of working with these more specialized
populations, effective work can only come if you're really grounded in the fundamentals
in the social service workers. So, things like being a good listener, being
able to work with someone without imposing judgment, strong communications skills, advocacy,
those sorts of things are going to be required. For myself, success is networking with people,
building rapport. Building good relationships with my professors
and people in the agencies and in the communities. All the full-time faculty have had a lot of
experience, field experience, working in different sectors of social services. You learn a lot in class and you're wondering,
'Am I going to use this?' And definitely, you use it and definitely
feel prepared. In our program is a real heavy emphasis on
not only theory, but kind of how we incorporate that theory into practice. It's not just getting marks, it's really learning
how to relate to people, and relate to people really really well. I just wanted to get into a field where I
can help people and feel rewarded by making maybe a small difference in the community,
and within people's lives. It does really require a special skillset. You known, when things go well in treatment,
in counselling, they do get rewards that I think really are the heart and soul of getting
into this profession. I have the confidence to say that I'm a Durham
College graduate and so because of that when they ask that question, 'Why should we hire
you?', I'm proud to say I know because I went to Durham College I can give you what you're
looking for.

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