8 thoughts on “Social services removed a child from innocent family but the appeal court served justice.”

  1. I eventually won as well, I got a barring order lifted at the court of appeal and went on to get my son home after 6 years of abuse first with his dad dumping into foster care after 3 months of the courts putting him into his care, then in foster care. He was held up a wall by his neck He has been home with me a year now. This system is wicked and ignores abuse and places children with abusers.. whether that be men or women it isn't gender specific. There are great dads out there and great mums and there are equally terrible dads and terrible mothers who should never have had children.

  2. WOW! The lady nails the family court system and social work practice. The system protect the system. Portsmouth Court is one the worst in the country apparently.

  3. Children's services bring SHAME upon my country. I would like to apologise to every foreigner who comes here and thinks that their children are safe only to have them snatched. Most British people are against this practice and we suffer it too. 2 3rds of British parents are afraid to bring their children into a&e over an accidental injury.

  4. Not all of us had £60,000. However I am pleased for this mother. Miscarriage of justice needs seriously investigating but challenge a null or void Adoption Order, you'll get told no jurisdiction.

    I know, because this happened to me x

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