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children who reported physical and sexual abuse won't listen to or they weren't believed that's the finding of a review of historic allegations against foster carers working for sub Hampton City Council and Hampshire County Council one of them was Rex case who was eventually jailed in 2012 for over 20 years Abbey Richards was five years old when she was sent to live with him she's waived her rights to anonymity and has spoken for the first time on camera about her ordeal James Ingham reports her living in fear every second of every day just in fear and alone Abbey Richards was five when she was abused by a man she should have been able to trust I spent my whole time trying to hide away from him because of everything that he was doing trying to do everything that he wanted and I just wanted someone to save me and there wasn't anyone there Abbie's mum was struggling with personal problems so asked social workers for some help but they removed her children and placed Abbey with a foster carer Rex case who subjected her to serious sexual abuse Abbey was moved when allegations were made by others that case was a pedophile but she never saw her mum unsupervised so she couldn't tell her what happened before the sexual abuse Abbey had faced physical and emotional abuse with other carers every where I was paid something awful happened I was always terrified I was always scared there was always beatings I was eating at a double at one point I was so hungry at one form of punishment they picked glue in your eyes and the thing is there wasn't you're just left there alone there was nowhere to go no one to talk to Abbey was finally placed with yet another person with a history of physical abuse her childhood experiences still affect her today I turn to drugs and some of the relationships I've had and the thing is I was never offered any counseling or anything like that you're just left 12 years after he abused Abbie Rex Cayce was jailed for child sex offenses committed over 35 years three of his victims were foster children in his care seven years after Rex case was jailed a serious case review has now been published that's looked into how and why children were placed in his care this review has found that Rex case wielded considerable power over social workers here who tended to give him the benefit of the doubt when suspicions were raised even when he was suspended from his job at a hostel after a 17 year old girl accused him of sexual harassment social workers still supported him the reports author has made 11 recommendations that require Southampton City Council to ensure their foster care practice focuses more on the needs of the child Southampton City Council and Hampshire County Council that was involved with Rex case until 1997 told us today that the serious case review provides reassurance that significant changes to regulation have been implemented to ensure that children in care are safeguarded listened to and their well-being is prioritized it doesn't tell us one thing we want to know and that is what is the name of the person that signs that piece of paper and knowingly put children at the hands of the pedophile there is a massive part if you missing because you know what happened and you've got to live with it every day and all of these questions going around in your head all the time how was it allowed to happen and it does some it totally dominates you I'll be rich

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  1. Not surprised…. Portsmouth Family Court probably dealt with this case. Hampshire County Council Children's Social Services can not be trusted. The entire Family Court System care industry is a child taking factory to feed the Agency Private Care Fats cats…. and promote careerist dubious social workers. The countries children are not safe once SW's get involved in their lives.

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