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  1. I want to know the stats on this family and their name. I follow thousands of cases. Do they have their children back? , millions going through this. It's disgusting. So sorry . Gag orders are illegal!

  2. Doctor's, nurses, social workers should be locked up, for what they are openly and willing doing to are children and grandchildren and families, they are a disgrace, we need more surport to stop them…

  3. We have to involve God in this situation. Satan is pushing this evil agenda, its crazy that this is even legal.

  4. Heavenly Father in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, I pray that you would completely expose this demonic deception that Vaccines are safe and harmless, when the truth is they are filled with horrible ingredients, including DNA of aborted babies and animal DNA. I pray Lord that You will protect the rights of the parents who see the truth and are refusing vaccines. Defend us Lord, by the power of Your Holy Spirit. If you agree with this prayer please type AMEN. In Jesus' mighty name.

  5. Another area where freedom of speech gets you whaled on. Look at how many drugs were taken in this country before pharmaceutical companies began to advertise on tv in the 80's I believe. Look at where we are now ! Craziness ! I don't throw out all drugs as un-necessary. But I'll tell you as a school nurse, the two kids left who'd never been vaccinated, going to the school I worked in where very healthy and clearly sharp minded. There has never been a more important time for us to demand to know EXACTLY what's in drugs of every kind.

  6. This channel is literally causing children to DIE because their parents are stupid enough to listen to it. Herd immunity is an amazing thing people! If you're kid isn't vaccinated, then I'm sorry for your loss.

    Vaccines DONT cause autism
    Vaccines DONT cause ANY negative reaction

    Here are my sources




    These are the sources now anti vaxxers show your own sources

  8. This has been done to the poor and "health nuts" for very long. Stealing children has always been profitable for the state and it's shills. The "foster care" programs, administered by the CPS, Nazi Kidnapping Corps of the US, are a continuation of the policies of stealing native american children. Knowing the history is crucial.

  9. True modern-day heroes, the both of you! It's people like you that have lost everything to stand up for all of our God-given rights & freedoms, that are increasingly being ripped away from us! We must all stand along with you in this battle so that real change can be made. It's an absolute travesty what is happening & it must be screamed from tye rooftops until these babies are returned to their parents and our rights as parents are restored!

  10. Disgusting how they treat people , We live in a Government money making scam , kids , vacc's and cancer are all part of it , look at cancer, in 1939 they made it illegal for anyone to say that they have found a cure for cancer , So who goes to jail if someone like Cancer Research , one of the richest companies in the world with their billions of pounds find a cure ? because they won't be able to say it , so where does that money really go?

  11. to the parents, dr suzan Humphries did a video on early cord clamping as a possible cause to heart defects ( I believe it to be the cause of my Childs heart murmur and hole that was in her heart, fixed by surgery )

  12. No one has died from the measles, unless they first had scurvy.

    No nurse can override a medical directive that says "you are allergic to vaccines."
    Nurses are not lawyers or judges.

    Get a bracelet that says "I am allergic to vaccines."
    Any nurse that vaccinates any patient with a medical directive & bracelet can be sued for battery.

    I support Choice.

    A woman’s body belongs to her.
    No state can deny her an abortion & force her to carry an unwanted baby.

    The same goes for her Right to protect her baby.

    Parental Choice.

    No state can force vaccinate her baby & force her to care for a “vegetable / zombie” for life.

    America is the land of Freedom from state medical mandates.

    Facts prove aluminum in vaccines causes autism in 1 of 45 kids.

    Flash: UC Davis MRI study proves kids with excess fluid on the brain become autistic 100% of the time.
    Parents can get an MRI test of their child at age 6 months, before they get any shots.

    No child should be vaccinated until they understand the dangers, after age 18.

    Big Pharma owns the media.

    Every parent needs to sue the nurse who gave the vaccination. Yes, you can sue the doctors, even tho they will say you can't.

    Youtube: paul8kangas & “Vaxxed TV”.

    Paul Kangas for President.
    Protest voting 2020.

    Protest voting.
    Every parent of a vaccine injured child needs to vote for Paul Kangas in 2020, as a way to stand up against Big Pharma, fascist doctors & nurses.

    None of the vaccines have ever been tested by the CDC.
    So they all are unsafe.

    Protest voting helps build our movement against Big Pharma, who owns the social media, censoring parents of vaccine injured babies.

  13. Pinterest just removed my Vaxxed Board again.  This was the message they emailed to me:

    “We recently removed your "Vaxxed" board because it included many Pins that went against our policies on medical

    People come to Pinterest to find ideas in a safe, useful and positive space. Because of this, we don’t allow advice that may have immediate and detrimental effects on health or public safety. This includes promotion of false cures for terminal or chronic illnesses, and anti-vaccination advice.

    We understand this policy may not be consistent with your views, though we hope you will continue to use Pinterest.
    The Pinterest Team”

  14. Just heard an elderly patient..very bright went to nursing home for an injury ..came out not quite right..do not know if he had the flu shot ..he shot himself recently. ..I am so [email protected]#@

  15. In a nutshell: Let's listen to uneducated people crying and gossiping around. They know better than professionals who are all illuminati out to kill babies. X is proven to cure cancer. I know it is true because some random guy with a stolen phone said so on Facebook. Welcome.

  16. It’s all part of the new world order agenda 21/2030 and this is proof nobody is free. They treat you like straw man corporation all goes back to maritime law ruled by Rome and they claim to own everyone’s soul.

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