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bye my overall been healthy start is to assist expectant mothers with overcoming their life challenges such as psychosocial stressors lack of finances housing issues transportation issues a typical day for me and healthy start begins with me coming in and looking over my schedule calling in making appointments usually I see about three to five clients a day so initially when I meet with my expectant mothers we sit down to develop a plan of service in terms of what we're going to do then there though there are the follow-up visits during those follow-up visits we I am monitoring them in terms of what we discussed that the initial visit one of the main topics that I work with my expectant mothers own is learning skills and techniques to manage some of the stressors that they exhibit such as lack of finances they have housing issues transportation is a big issue and as I said before some of them present with depressive symptoms I work with them a lot on relaxation teaching them ways to help them relax we talk about diet we talk about exercising things to help them cope with their current situation so that things don't spiral out of control I work with my mom's also on parenting skills we really focus on making sure that the baby's gaining weight making sure that the baby is getting enough to eat things so that nature infant care primarily is one of the things that I work on with them is will at the end of my day when I get back to the office I sit down at my computer and I'm typing everything that I have done with my clients that day so I was at our work are on Monday through Friday typically 825 there are rare days where I may have to be in the office earlier than eight o'clock and stay late past five those are special circumstances depending on the client's needs the stress level with this type of job ares sometimes stress can be really high sometimes it can be low just depending on what is going on stress can also in my day-to-day job can be difficult for for me oftentimes I tend to take what is going on with my mom's home with me I have I have worked very hard to learn how to leave some stuff in the office and not carry it into my personal life but that is extremely difficult sometimes their situations are traumatic and it increases my stress level so I also try to practice relaxation techniques myself so that I don't get burned out in this type of job but when I know that I have made a difference in the lives of one person no matter how many clients I serve in a day it is a rewarding feeling and that feeling also decreases my stress if you're interested in this type of work I recommend that you get a bachelor's degree in psychology and definitely further your education by obtaining a master's degree in counseling psychology or you could get a masters degree in social work or any social science field will be great a licensed in mental health counseling once you complete your master's degree or a license and social work will also be great also a certification that I recommend is obtaining a certification as an addiction specialist as often times we have mothers that presents with a history of drug use they continue to use drugs through their pregnancy and they also continue to use after the pregnancy so that is very important and I do recommend that that additions especially certification the best part of my job is having the rewarding feeling that I could go in there and make a difference in the lives of somebody that thought that they didn't have a chance at doing anything or at being a good mother or obtaining a job the feeling to to leave a home knowing that I've given this mom some advice some tips some strategies to help her overcome one at least one of her life challenges it's a rewarding feeling the worst part of my job is going into the homes and realizing that I may not have a great deal of success with them walking into some of the homes going into the unknown is also a difficult part because I don't always know what to expect when I get there there may be times when I have to call in a report to the department of children and families as I may see a child that is being abused or neglected and the parent cannot give me a reason as to why this thing is happening this type of thing is happening and so I in turn have to make a phone call to the abuse hotline for the safety of that child also one of the the worst parts of my job could be dealing with a mother in a domestic violence situation not knowing who is in the home if she's discussing her situation and then having to leave not knowing what's going to happen when I'm not there if you are considering this field as a career some of the things that you may want to consider is learning how to interact with diverse populations learning how to engage with diverse populations you really need to be empathetic towards the needs of other people and have compassion because you're going to need that in dealing with this career field I encourage you to volunteer in your community such as with a crisis line or at a local mental health agency or even at the hospitals in terms of learning how to interact with you know different diverse populations

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