Social Service Work at Sheridan College

I will see the sort of like to hire that first steps on it before therapist I almost see this like ever I compete with Iran I'm sorry if I disrespected I don't know I feel like there's many different kind of social yes so there's a different aspect that's your opinion and Nick on it so I appreciate your time yeah you know your thoughts end what a social worker I should look into themselves and situations I guess um I guess I know most of them involve my children and families safe environment to something that and to allow children the ability to be an environment that's nothing for them there there's someone setting or shipped a little work with special needs whether it's down syndrome or anything like that it's stepping in in situations of families that are many abusive novation have kids being really sorry you this is not gonna last forever it's a time where you must hold on and I won't let you surrender and I'll heal you if you're broken finished no a long time I love to skate especially when I so what I want to do is inspire youth to utilize your talents and hobbies instead of leaving it in the shadow I want to work with Emily on the other hand music can be a great influence of these kinds of people with disability like dementia and Alzheimer's besides me a social service worker I love singing I think singing just takes me to a whole new place that it's only me in the music and I really want to take that and inspire other people to sing and to just make themselves feel happier because I find me as it just makes me feel so happy social service worker I also love photography just like they're two sides to every photo there are two sides to every mental health patient mental health patients are often stigmatized and as a social service worker I feel like it is my role to help stop the link as a social service worker I would like to help women who have been abused and scarred using my makeup skills will help them and inspire them to make them feel better about themselves and make them feel beautiful inside and out this is what I use to make women feel beautiful about themselves you Jessica smile can change your perspective you you know you wanna be a social worker come and join us enjoy you I saw you as our current pots ago I visit if you did I saw you hit I want to record as a social service worker as a social worker I also love photography you're gonna put that fire out right what playing right now we're gonna walk away 50 mile that means you too Vicki lolly dag now this is watching okay this is just weird I'm talking to a camera and there's people watching me what make you turn on no now there's a can change up I'm gonna see how so we hope you enjoyed our video you know the rest of our group inside here I'm just gonna say this right now if you want to make a difference come join us at sheridan college for our social service worker program and fall 2014 hope to see you

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