7 thoughts on “Social service Vs God's service – Radheshyam Das”

  1. Hare Krishna prabhuji l liked 'compartment living' story and partial Dog loving people those kill other animals.also relevant Shloka from BHAGWATAM in the connection of the subject.HARI BOL.

  2. I feel Mr Dinesh u ve misunderstood him.pls go through his words carefully.
    I feel his experience is very costly and out of the world.
    he is saying that he is not against social work but spiritual work is on higher platform.
    I feel I'm lucky to hear him.
    thank u sir.

  3. But Prabhuji, what about the people who genuinely need food and money….people who are really straving and in need of shelter…..the Mahamatra will not fill stomachs nor clothe people……chanting is fine but in this material world, not helping your fellow human beings is, I feel, the biggest sin…..I think Srila Prabhupad once said that religion is not for hungry stomachs

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