Social Service Sunday FINAL Web Broadband

hey I'm Kate a while back I did of course working with the so-called other side of Christchurch we worked with some groups that get involved with the homeless and marginalized such as the city mission pathways in dragon when I first got involved it was because I really wanted to help I felt rich in so many ways and I wanted to help those less fortunate but that was a central part of the Christian story pretty soon I realized that helping was so much more complicated than I thought poverty wasn't just about the money I mean did I really think I could help a dragon age by giving them a few bucks and what about that woman who sued that she hopes to go to prison because at least it was warm like we can I began to help here sometimes we'd rock up at the night shelter and a guy would call out hey you kill me Christians you know sometimes the problems were overwhelming and other times it seemed like help wasn't even wanted I felt like I was wasting my time some of the people and me at low were absolutely astounding they were Stacey if it was facing a daily better with alcohol and she talked to me about God's faithfulness Green Team really didn't know if she was going to wake up tomorrow and then he was robbed who owned only bike and yet spent his time fossicking around for old clothes to put into options so they could raise money for cancer research meeting those people made me realize that their understanding of God and generosity was something that I didn't have I'd been naive to think that they're helping was just going to go one way or even at solving their problems for them was the goal these are not some faceless poor people leaving help they were just people my own understanding of God and of generosity needed the end to help shape it there's no qualitative one person isn't chains there no one is free and it's true that we're not going to have a good society while some parts of the suffering it's also true that living a life of concern for others is the only way we can learn fully as God intended those who helped get so much out of it the helping isn't just one way

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