Social Service Summit 2018 Highlights

good morning once again ladies and gentlemen and warmly welcome you to the social service summit 2018 to achieve better social service outcomes we need to look deep to address the causes and not just a symptom something we also need to look beyond the help that each of us provides through our own services and programs and through our own organizations to how we can maximize our collective resources to provide assistance and empowerment in a meaningful holistic and sustainable way and one example of an initiative to improve adoption of IT this high shine cloud this is a collaboration between NCS s and Singapore Pools I shine cloud services will support our vws and social enterprises to digitize your work and increase your efficiency there is a lot of room for us to coordinate better to help our service users access the service that they need more quickly and more seamlessly later this morning we will have to find this wrong paper it will discuss how the 3p sector can come together to help tackle the funding challenges before us so that we can create more sustained social impacts as needs grow we need optimize our existing resources but more than that we also need to explore new ways of doing resources [Applause] about 5 in 10 social service organizations express the desire to improve in their fundraising hence the need for us to talk about these issues and challenges today we are moving into an age where more and more want to see that there is greater impact coming from the investment on the donations put into an organization we all know that Ronnie agencies run in charities it is a huge costs and without the proper running of it ultimately such benefits at impact could be greatly limited as well yeah many ask whether you can tap the capital in expertise and network to provide the platform was the keys so in that sense we created several programs we're not just giving them the money but also cream especially the underprivileged sitamma societies it start with the cost and meaning I think that is the area that will drive quite a bit of alignment and collaboration of her across multiple stakeholders not just between the social service agencies but even if you're in the kitchen together cooking you know what is involved in making a good dish and you know that this organization could really benefit from someone who's really good with the particular skill and then for your willingness to fund that also becomes highly it's a co-creation process we need to fly through as individuals as families who face this pain and suffering and see where we are as touch points and see how we can strengthen our coordination and maximize our resources to make an impact uplifting the lives of each every one of these really wonderful colleagues starting with the incoming president Anika and all of my colleagues who have worked hard alongside for the past six years and especially for those who put this whole summit together wealth and social health are interdependent and all policymakers business owners community partners and citizens could strive to us the common goal of wellbeing for all our citizens [Applause]

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