Social Service (A Short Film)

Macon Georgia residents are distraught after a young woman was taken from her apartment cosplay late last night this brings the total number of missing persons to 11 this has been the worst serial affection in the state's history says Jim horse and lead investigator escaped local authorities also urge anyone with any information to please contact 9 thanks sweetie are you ready yeah yeah I'm ready but do you think it's safe with the adoptions and everything yeah we have the alarm system we've got the dog they're gonna be fine that's just glad I have a good time tonight yeah dude hurry up we're dropping this are you sure just in time wrong we'll be gone a couple of hours okay all this Len not you Landy hey Trevor your mom and I are getting ready to take off anything just give us a call okay okay let's stay active a trapper and they'll go outside okay all right you're gone got it all right there isn't here we need to go okay this place is right across the street go get ready all right I'll be a handle for this mission look through that the orders are to secure the hostage that's our right there missing rank alpha this is table lead no none of that messing around y'all do okay all right local police will be there to detain those who are responsible no deadly force authorized on this mission you got that yes sir okay now I want single dead bodies around the game on what hmm are there any other mission relevant question here boys yes sir all right you have your orders Hey Oh Oh what almost forgot I put a scratch on it it's coming at your pay you all right let's see what we got really bored focus okay [Applause] how are we gonna get by them okay I'll cause the distraction I want you to go rescue girl okay hey guys what's up is this where I recently kidnapped girls [Applause] Oh Samson up to see it nah man a right ticket for the wolf hey are you doing here oh hey guys remember me so any chance don't want to make it easy for me and just give up turn yourselves in [Applause] [Applause] what took you so long just had to take care of the boss yeah let's get her home it's not here isn't it here Bobby the young woman who was abducted outside of her home earlier this week was rescued during a joint operation by local and federal enforcement to bring it in to human trafficking operations here in Macon Georgia the victim has distanced Northside Hospital and is being treated for minor injuries six report mission successful casualties know what someone I'm gonna have a bad headache in the morning petit do you have any reservations about this program no ma'am very well then you are authorized for the nationwide activation of social service don't screw this up Roger

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