hi I'm John Bailey director and business advisor from the local business network Kim was introduced to me by a mutual contact and of known Kim now personally and professionally in it for a while and one thing I really value about Kim and her team at the assist is their ability to really understand what the client needs and what the pain points of their clients are this skill really allows them to work with the clients and tailor packages that are suitable and will add value to their business Kim services are really targeted for small business that helps the business owners get out of their business and get on top of it because many businesses get stuck in the in the daily grind of managing that their back-end administrative functions while they're important they're not often there their space where they're strong I really encourage all small business owners to look at how they're operating and getting in touch with Kim from Vass because she can really add value to your organization from two ways she can help you get on top of your administrative function and allow you to get into you get on top of your business and add value in a far greater way

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