Social Media & Your Emotional Well Being (Replay of MY CHURCH BY PHONE SERVICE)

that's what I'm talking about so welcome again to the Sunday morning hour of power and our topic for today is how you live in an instant live social media and your emotional well-being so you know social media whether it's Facebook Instagram snapchat I mean there's so many you know has many many benefits right it allows us to stay connected it's a good thing we'll use properly but when we find that we are you know we log on and we feel worse when we log on than we did before we logged on that we gotta ask ourselves the question you know how is my social media habits affecting my my personal well-being affecting my my self-esteem my confidence am I constantly worrying about what other people think do I look at somebody else's post hey boy why why does she have a husband and I don't or why do they go on vacation and you know I can't afford a vacation I don't even like them no more I don't want to see that you know when we find that it's stirring up feelings of envy or resentment or just feelings of insecurity and inadequacy it might be time to just ask the question is it time to go on the social media diet is it time to just step back and take a little break because social media is a good thing it's a good thing when use properly but too much of anything becomes excess so I want to ask you a self-reflective question don't answer it out loud just think about whether or not it applies to you do your Facebook and Instagram posts that I'm speaking to myself as well and your interactions match your real life this is a question worth asking because research has shown that we tailor our online posts and our interactions to high aspects of our personality that we don't like and aspects of our lives that we don't want others to see in other words wreak urate our digital selves to highlight only the best bits but we try to hide or leave out a less-than-stellar moment and this is why it never makes sense to be jealous of somebody because while a person will post the beautiful vacation that they went to or the beautiful cruise and they'll post these lovely pictures what you don't see is the credit card bill that comes after that vacation that think how to pay off or that there and then you don't see that you just see the pretty pictures or they post a picture a beautiful picture of their 10th anniversary of being married but what you don't see all the infidelity the times they want to hit somebody upside the head with a pot they want to hit one another the times they thought about calling it quick nobody posts that so you don't see that and so the reality of life is whenever we find that we are living into the lie or a facebook lie it's going to catch up with us because whenever we try to fit our lives to curate the perfect moment that's stressful that's a lot of emotional weight that's a lot of emotional tax and now I'm not saying to find the most broke bail busted and discuss the picture of yourself with coal in your eye and your hair looking crazy to post that but what I am saying is that when we look at other people's lives and we compare our life against their life and feel that who we are is not enough we just got to kind of like sit back and say you know let me just kind of check myself with respect to you don't my feelings with social media how I'm using this thing and let me ask you another question and you don't have to answer it this is just for you to think about do you ever feel a little envious when you see a post from somebody who you went to high school with or who you grew up with who seems like they have it all and maybe you're still struggling in the area where they seem to be prospering this is real or have you ever been upset with a friend or family member and then you posted a quote to say off-time what you really wanted to say to them personally and everybody who knows you knows you try to get at that person it's like with somebody posts a quote to all you know uh to all my real friends I thank you who's the fake friend people can read between the lines and though you're trying to get at somebody or have you ever stalked your exes Facebook page or their Instagram page to see what the nube looked like be like she ain't that cute cata you don't got it going on like that I don't know why they with them and see that the difference is even with a breakup you know back in the day before social media when you broke up with someone you were able to get over it in a more healthy way because you didn't have to constantly look at such as affair you didn't constantly have them in there in your face but the fact that you can at a fingertip look to see what your ex is up to it makes it harder to move on and so social media is an amazing tool that offers many benefits right if we didn't have social media we wouldn't have the Sunday morning our power church by phone so it has its benefits but at the same time at Facebook Instagram snapchat or ruling your life or making you feel worse than you did before you logged on then it might be time to ask yourself the question is my social media habits affecting my emotional well-being proverbs 25 verse 16 provides a biblical principle for living a well-balanced life and doing everything in moderation and I believe that we can apply this to our social media lives as well because what I love about the Bible is the truth the fundamental truths are timeless are timeless for each generation and how this verse reads is when you find honey eat only as much as you need otherwise you will have too much and vomit that's what the verse reads now it's interesting because honey is something that is beneficial it has medicinal benefits put it in some tea you start feeling better you got a sore throat put a little bit in hot water with some lemon you start feeling better you can put some awesome pancakes so honey is beneficial it's appealing to the appetite but if we eat 20 jars of honey if we eat massive amounts without exercising any self-restraint then eventually we become sick from it and our stomach can't hold on to it we gonna have to spit it out because we've taken in too much more than is necessary needed similarly when we overindulge in social media without any restraint and become a glutton to it we eventually become satiated with images ideas and feelings that may not always be conducive to our well-being when we open those in social media we may find ourselves stuffed stuffed with feelings of insecurity anxiety and the sorrow self-centeredness and the reason we feel physically sick and we vomit when we feed on too much honey as the Bible says is because although honey tastes good our stomachs are not designed to digest excessive amounts of it likewise with too much Facebook Instagram and snapchat our minds can become stuffed with non-stop curated images messages and advertisements that over time can have a detrimental effect on our self-esteem and attentional well-being and cause us to vomit and what vomit in the spirit we start spitting out resentment we start spitting out Envy she ain't back you you know she probably got a nose job or she's only cute because of the makeup we spit now mommy we spitting up his life ain't that great I remember him way back in the day where he used to sell drugs we want to act like he better than everybody else you vomit in judgment and that's not his life today number one is Mellie a business number two if that's not his life today then that's not who he is today while you still judging him I'm speaking for myself so we start spitting out stuff or boy why does it look like everybody else is growing and succeeding them and I'm still in the same place you vomiting you spitting out insecurity and so continuous curated images and posts are a lot for the brain to process that's a lot and just like too much honey can make us physically upset too much social media eventually creates upset and imbalance in our lives if it's not tempered if we don't realize that everything that is supposed to be virtual reality ain't real just because you see pretty pictures don't mean that that's what that person's life is like 24 hours a day you don't know you may see a woman who's so beautiful but she's broken on the inside we don't know what people struggle with emotionally when their head hits the pillow at night and so today I want to talk to you and myself about our social media life so that you can assess for yourself whether you are in control of your social media habits or whether social media is controlling you and while social media sites once again like Facebook Instagram and snapchat are great for social networking in the virtual space and can foster connections and create supportive spaces if you feel worse about yourself after logging on or if you're offline relationships meaning your spouse is in the same room and you so busy looking at Instagram models that you ain't paying your spouse no mind or you start looking at your spouse comparing them to the Instagram model saying you need to lose weight and look like them it's affecting your your your offline life it might be time to give yourself a little break just to give you some credible context there was a funny published in the Journal of depression and anxiety which found a link between high usage of social media sites including Facebook Instagram and snapchat and increased anxiety and depression so there's a direct link between the two and part of the negative impact of social media stems from the amount of time spent on these sites looking at other people's lives their vacations wedding special family moments and many other images and posts that often arouse feelings of envy and inadequacy and while social media can help us network for our careers our businesses connect with old friends stay in touch with family who live far away and provide a way for people to come together around common interests and goals if you're not mindful and if you're not strongly related particularly for the believers on the phone if you're not strongly rooted in who you are in God and who you are authentically social media can do a Jedi mind trick and make you believe that your life ain't good because you're looking at somebody else's life studies have also found that there's a direct correlation between teen social media usage and bullying and here's the key you know bullying was always around when I was a kid and and before you know since the beginning of time there was bullies so bullying and school was an issue long before the advent of social media sites like snapchat right but there is a difference this is the difference of social media the difference is in the past kids could escape bullying when they got in the privacy of their own homes and they could close the door but not with smartphones enabling people to remain socially connected 24/7 escaping from bullying is not as simple as going home and closing your door because with just one text just one snapchat group message or one video made viral among the teens peer group children can be harassed and bombarded with non-stop negativity anytime day or night many girls are bombarded with their friends posting overly sexualized images of themselves or their following celebrities who do a lot of photoshopping they don't really look like that look at people's real picture and then you know see them in a video and then see the picture and you like how you lost 200 pounds in one day it's photo shopping but for the person who's not cognizant of that they start to say well why can't I look like that and that it sends the message that anything less than plastic perfect is not valuable this puts a lot of pressure a lot of pressure on young girls to grow up faster than what is developmentally appropriate for their age and to engage in behaviors that they're not psychologically prepared to deal with the consequences of this could be hard on their self-esteem and confidence and the same holds true for boys the same holds true for boys in short what I'm saying is social media of course has its pros but too much of anything can take a psychological toll and so I want us to look at seven emotional battles that our social media habits will show us about ourselves and as I go through these seven emotional battles just kind of think about you know any of these battles apply to me and do I need to kind of rethink my usage and how I look at the sites that I'm on so that I'm not becoming depressed I'm not feeling anxious about everything having to be perfect or I just don't start I don't start developing an attitude of and gratitude thinking my life is not good enough because I'm comparing myself to someone else's curated life and so I want to say I want to give you a springboard scripture that's going to be the foundation and then I'm going to take you through the seven emotional battles that's your social media habit will reveal to you so our springboard scripture to tie it all together comes from proverbs chapter 4 verse 23 and it says above all else guard your heart for everything you do flows from it and so when you are on social media nice whatever site you've got to make sure that you are guarding your heart against envy against insecurity against feelings of inadequacy against resentment because sometimes you can look at somebody's life and you're like you know what I don't even like them anymore and you start to feel jealous you got to go out your heart against that because everything you do flows from it there's another variation of the verse that says for the issues of your life flow from it so the issues that we have flow from our heart the heart is the realm of the soul the heart has to do with where we are emotionally within ourselves that's what the heart is where are you emotionally within yourself so let's say that you are going through a breakup and this is someone who did a number on you a number of your self-esteem and you have made a decision that this person is not God's best for you it wouldn't be wise for you to stalk their Facebook page and Instagram and keep going on their page because how can you God you can't guide your heart you can't guide your heart against feelings of jealousy and feelings of not feeling one thing if you were looking at their page especially if they've moved on quickly so if they are on to the next person you you're not going to reinforce yourself the same by looking at that page it would be wise to actually not just confront them but block them not for the place of being nasty but from your place of your own mental well-being because you've taken some time to get your mind right you're taking some time to unchain yourself from a soul time and so to do that you got to guard your heart because if your heart is not guarded and you know that this person is not God's best for you and they come in and out of your life you know they come in and out of your life and they've seen a couple of other people on the side and your heart is not guarded all it says is one phone call hey baby I've been thinking about you you know can I come through and you've worked so hard you work so hard to move on so hard to move on and all it takes is one slip-up and you back and so you gotta guard your heart and so one of the ways that you become in control of your social media life rather than your social media life controlling you is to guard your heart whenever you're looking at other peoples pages pitches and posts you got a guard your heart against living for likes jealousy unfavorable comparisons and feelings of inadequacy and so what does it mean to guard your heart because you got to understand that guarding your heart is essentially guarding your emotional wellness making sure that you have checks and balances to keep yourself in an emotionally balanced place so to give you an analogy of what it would look like to guard your heart let's say that you were of taking a trip and you were going on a plane when you go on a plane right you have to go through security and you actually have to walk through the metal detector and you have to put your items through the metal detector and if there is anything that is not supposed to be on the plane in your bag or anything that is even risky even the slightest with the metal detector goes off and it can't get through similarly when you want guarding your heart against feelings of envy feelings of insecurity feelings of resentment you have to be very cognizant and intentional about saying I'm not going to let resentment you know peace get through and the way that I do that is maybe I got to pray for the person or I'm not going to let feelings of insecurity get through my mental space and penetrate my heart and make me feel like I'm a loser and Who I am is not enough so maybe I gotta stop comparing my life or maybe I may need to unfollow someone I don't have to unfriend them but maybe I may need to unfollow them if watching their posts is causing me a lot of angst and I'm not yet in an emotionally strong enough space to be able to look at pictures like that without me feeling inadequate listen you got to do what you gotta do to keep yourself healthy emotionally psychologically and so that's how you begin to guard your heart that is what the practicality of guarding your heart looks like first you got to be honest and admit where you are I'm jealous of my best friend I still love my ex whatever the issue is you got to be honest when we play creating me a clean heart and renew a right spirit of me when you going to clean your closet right you got to see where the dirt is otherwise you can't clean it when you clean in your stove you got to get in there and in the crooks and-and-and-and-and all the nannies just throw the crooks and crevices so similarly you got to get in the crooks and crevices of your heart like this and be in my heart was in my heart let me check this because then I'm not going to show up as my best and brightest self so your emotional heart or your emotional health or where you are in your heart it's another way of looking at it emotional health or where you are in your heart matters because everything we do all of our issues all of our reactions all about responses and choices flow from where we truly are within our heart of hearts that's why you gotta guard your heart because if you an gree is easy to pop off or someone you'd in God your heart I'm speaking to myself as well if you resentful it's going to seep out in sarcasm you're going to say something slick it's going to seep out in your body language when you're resentful of someone if you've ever been around someone who's jealous for you and they were a low-key hater but they trying to play it off like everything is good let there be some success in your life and watch their body language they will roll their eyes as people are celebrating you they will suck their teeth and not even be aware that that's what they're doing now they can they can control their words what comes out of their mouth but it's very hard to control your non-verbal body language watch people's eyes oh my goodness watch people's eyes when you get blessed you will see the resentment in their eyes and so if people pick up on that energy from you of course it's a repellant and this is why we got to guard our hearts against emotions that keep us in a toxic and unhealthy space and so how do you know if social media is pulling your heart in the direction of toxicity in the direction of a place that's just not really allowing you to live your best and brightest life well the help guide which is a mental health and wellness website describes emotionally healthy people as possessing these eight characteristics number one a sense of contentment you feel a sense of contentment about your life you're not constantly comparing your life to other people somebody could have more money than you a bigger house than you a nicer car than you but you are good with your life you are good with your life you're not hating on them because you're so focused on your goals your dreams and just enjoy your life second characteristic of zest for life a passion for life you know that you don't spend the majority of your days feeling depressed you know we all have time that we go through seasons of the we go to those seasons but if there's not a zest for life you're going to have to work on your emotional health whether you do that with the therapist or whether you you know however you do that but you got to work on that if that's an issue the ability to deal number three with stress and obstacles life is not stress-free the Bible is clear it rains on the just and the unjust you could check every cross every T dot every eye is still going to rain on you it just rained on me a couple of days ago it is going to rain that's life so with the ability to get your umbrella when it rains your umbrella is the Bible so that you get yourself in a good headspace to figure out what's my next step to deal with this because sometimes the strength ain't going to go away it's a matter of pressing through it for a sense of meaning and purpose in life life can't just be about paying bills and going to work it a sense of meeting a purpose that's important to be emotionally healthy because if you don't have purpose and meaning in your life it's easy to get distracted the fifth thing of emotionally healthy person is the flexibility to adapt you got to learn to adapt you got to learn to adapt change is going to happen there are people that were married today and their spouse lessen you going to have to adapt life don't stop moving you know because you're in a bad place so you got to adapt to your circumstance until you get to the next season you got to learn to advance human czar adaptable six the ability to balance work and leisure so your workaholic and you do nothing that's fun nothing it's hard to have joy in your life so they have to be a balance the seventh characteristic the capacity to create and maintain healthy relationships this is big so we've used if you battle with envy it's going to be hard to maintain successful relationships because you want hate on all your friends or you want drive your spouse crazy because you're competing with them rather than complimenting them and then the final characteristic number eight of an emotionally healthy person is healthy levels of self confidence and self esteem and see this is the thing with social media if you're not mindful if you're living for likes and you're like boy I put a post up the other day and I only got two likes and I write of my friend who I went to high school with get 108 likes that's a self-esteem issue you can't live for likes you got to be good whether you get one leg or 100 likes you got to be good with you and so with Facebook and Instagram I mega be negatively affecting one or more of these eight qualities of emotional health then once again it might be time to go on a little diet whether you do a week a month that's up to you you got a you got to figure that out for yourself of how long you might need to take but sometimes you just need to take a break from it or just not post as frequently if it's negatively affecting you now if it's not negative negatively affecting you and you're rooted in who you are then this is not an issue for you but this is a lot of this is often an issue for kids so if you have teenagers you want to make sure that they hear this message is messages being recorded you want to make sure they hear this because so many teenagers live for likes they're teenagers committing suicide because they didn't get enough likes and so this is a real issue there were people that asked you know Minister max why are you are doing a prayer call why are you doing Church by phone on the topic of social media because it's an issue and we talk about real issues here and if the issue is so much of an issue that social workers and psychologists have come up with a term called a fear of missing out fear of missing out and there are actually people who struggle with fear of missing out that they are afraid if they don't check their smartphone if they don't check their social of a media timeline that they're going to miss something important but they're missing out on life they're missing out on a sunrise on seeing a butterfly on seeing a flower they're missing out on real life and so I want us to now look at seven emotional battles that our social media habits will reveal to us and if one or more apply to you it's not for you to get mad and it's none of my business because I don't kill you the way I don't live with you and I'm not saying that to be cold but what I'm saying is that's between you and God so with one of the emotional battles are a struggle for you then it's about taking some time with God and say you know God help me in this area that's all created me a clean heart and renew a right spirit of me meaning show me me clean out the aspects of me that are hindering my highest good and that are undermining my success in progress that's the created me a clean heart and then the renew a right spirit that were right is not behavior that would right mean – steadfast it has nothing to do with your behavior it means a steadfast spirit the ability to persevere and go on no matter what so let's look at these seven emotional battles that our social media habits reveal to us the first emotional battle that I want to talk about is our social media habits will reveal whether or not we are battling with approval seeking and people-pleasing our social media habits will reveal that and that's the bet that's really a battle for validation and so my question for you rhetorically is do you battle with living for likes somebody don't like your posts you get upset somebody doesn't comment on your post but they comment on someone else's post you're having a conversation why they always comment on their post but they never say anything on mine somebody don't like your picture you take it personally and when you see them in real life you want to roll your eyes and get mad why that's crazy why and so when we are battling with seeking approval from man and people-pleasing then we can't be authentically ourselves and do everything that God has called us to do because the fear of man the Bible says the fear of man is a snare the fear of man is a snare a snare as a trap so whenever you fear man whether it is fearing what people will think of you fearing that people won't accept you fearing that people won't think that you're a great person you're creating a trap where there is a people-pleasing trap or a low self-esteem trap but you set yourself your foots go and get caught it's like an animal that gets caught in the trap you will be like how did I get here how did I get to the place where I'm having this nasty argument with someone because they didn't like my picture there was a movie I think the movie would call unfriended if anyone see is a good movie because I think it puts it in perspective and this person was so upset in the movie or unfriended that I believe that I don't want to be a spoiler but I'm just going to say it didn't end well so the person who unfriended them that's that's that's extreme that's extreme but this is happening in real life this is not made-up stuff these stories are the news where people have differences of opinions or conflicts or disagreements on social media and if they live in the same neighborhood then it becomes a real life a real life of difficulty it becomes a real life argument and sometimes they take it to the streets over something that started online and so when we play so much why did you want friend me so what they did you a favor somebody don't want to be your friend have a party have a party have a party they don't want to be your friend they did you a favor you know why they did you a favor because now you know where you stand and you don't have to guess see I love truth I love truth even when it hurts because if they don't find you you now know where you stand and you ain't got to guess you ain't got to dance around the issue and you don't have to pretend you can say this is what it is have a party this is a truth-telling party thank God I now know the truth the second emotional battle that our social media habits will reveal to us is whether or not we battle with the fear of missing out fear of missing out is actually the acronym is fo mo if you've ever seen som oh that means fear of missing out which is really the Battle of being easily distracted that's what that battle is it's a two-fold battle it's the Battle of being easily distracted and it is the Battle of not being included it is the fear of not being included where if you peel the onion more which is a fear of not being accepted and so there are layers to this there are layers to this but let's just touch on the battle of being easily distracted do you battle with staying focused on your primary priorities and purpose meaning every time the phone rings or you get a notification for one of the social media sites that you got to look at it no matter where you might be having dinner with your family or you might be on a date and you're looking at your notifications resident paying attention to the real-life people in front of you that's battling with distraction or maybe you're on your job and you have a task that needs to be completed by a certain time you were given the task at 9:00 your boss wants it by 12:00 and if you are distracted with social media you are taking up necessary sinking space that you're not your mind needs to be able to strategize plan problem-solve so that you can focus on the task at hand and then you may wonder why you're not as effective on your job it's interesting because when we look at Samson Samson battled with being easily distracted he was easily distracted by a pretty face and it costs him his vision any time you distracted is going to cost you your vision that's the lesson we take from Samson in the book of Judges were introduced to Samson and he was dedicated to God at Birth by his parents he was dedicated to God and Samson was the strongest man that ever lived he was handsome and he had long beautiful locks and when we're introduced to this man he has coming out of the house of a prostitute it's coming out of the house of a prostitue so you like the ladies you know he was distracted easily easily and on coming out of the house of the process he means another pretty face Delilah and the Lila cost him his vision cost him his vision he lost his strength and the Philistines gouged out his eyes anytime we're distracted it costs you your vision and so my question for you is is Facebook and Instagram costing you your vision maybe you have a vision of your ministry or a vision of your business or writing a book and you so caught up in the facebook drama that when you look up you're like where did they go I started my day at nine o'clock you know it's now seven o'clock and I really didn't get a lot done because I was so busy playing candy crush in all the games and social media that revision you're not fulfilling your vision because you're busy playing candy crush now no one is saying you can't have fun let's be clear do you have fun but know how to separate fun from what you got to do to bring your vision into fruition Samson was easily distracted Samson liked the ladies every pretty pretty face that walked by he had to hit that and it cost him his vision the third emotional battle that our social media habits will reveal to us is whether or not we battle with Envy which is really a battle of covetousness all Envy starts with covetousness it starts with coveting it starts with coveting because there's nothing wrong with admiring someone but coveting is when not only do you admire but you now have ill-will and ill intent because you don't feel that they deserve what it is that you used to admire in the movie single white female the movie starts out with a butch Bridget Fonda is the main character and I believe the other character is Jennifer Jason Leigh if I'm not mistaken and Jennifer Jason Leigh becomes roommates with a Bridget Fonda she admires her and it starts with her getting the same hairstyle she cuts the hair she has brown hair she the hair dye the red like uh like bridget fonda the same exact haircut then she goes in a closet and starts wearing her clothes then she dresses like her talks like her I said then you know where that went then she went after her man and so it went from her admiring Bridget Fonda character to wanting to be Bridget Fonda and wanting to destroy everything that was near and dear to Bridget Fonda and we will have you doing that we see in the Bible that came full battle with envy everything was gravy right when David was under the leadership of King Saul and King Saul you know was the Big Kahuna so to speak you know everybody was celebrating him praising him so to speak giving him his props everything was beautiful when King went on David fought Goliath at the time when he was a young man he fought Goliath you know King Saul was good like all right you itis you know I'm going to put you in charge of the military and then when David started coming back for battle from battle and they started screaming his name louder than they started screaming King Saul's name and they started cheering for David more than they started cheering for uh for King Saul all King Saul had an issue because David light began to shine so brightly anytime you outpaced somebody who's not good with themselves and who struggles with envy you better trust and believe you just inherited a silent enemy a silent enemy some of y'all got bosses that are silent enemies you was good when you were helping the team move forward on a project but then when his boss took notice of you or her boss it became a problem now you need to you need to tone it down a bit but you weren't being asked to tone it down when you were making him look good and so if you battle with envy right your social media habits are going to show you that because you'll see somebody's posts particularly somebody because we tend to envy what we tend to covet what we see and it felt interesting that when the Bible puts coveting into perspective you know we shouldn't cover our neighbor our neighbors our neighbors wife husband oxen and so forth it's interesting that it uses the word neighbor not just people because you covet what you see every day this is my best friends fall out this is my family members full out this is why a lot of times when someone sleeps with someone's spouse it's not a stranger it's somebody you know it's somebody that you was talking to how good your man is to you how well he treats you you know how I'm he's just such a blessing to you and somebody else's to say it I wish I had somebody like that and that's okay so wish you had a good man that's beautiful but where it gets dangerous is when it goes from I wish I had a good man who I wish I had her man to i'ma take her man cuz she don't deserve them that's real we cover what we see and so when you're guarding your heart you got to guard your heart against that you got to guard your heart against that and you got to be real with yourself a lot of times as Christians we're so heavily bound that we're no earthly good and we don't keep it real so if you are in a situation where you're around a friend and and or someone you know and you find that you're having feelings of attraction for their significant other why would you lie to yourself and say well you know I am so godly that could never happen to me you will live from the pit of hell that could happen at any one of us and so the key is not to lie about it but the key is to yourself and God you ain't got to tell nobody else because it's not their business to say I don't want to have these feelings but because I do I'm going to pull back see because faith without works is dead so you can't just pray God remove the attraction that I have for this person that I have no business being around if it doesn't work like that that's the faith part but face the the the the the equation is faith plus works that's what allows you to activate it's faith plus works equals activation and so the faith part is the prayer you know God helped me in this area and God is like okay I'm going to give you an increase I'm going to give you a double portion of strength I'm going to give you a double portion of discernment you got to disarm it so now that you know that this is what it is then what are you going to do you might have to pull back you can't go over to the house are you going to have to put some checks and balances in place to guard your heart against that this is real this is real we we say okay I'm just going to pray about it but you got to pray but then you got to put in a strategy an application the Bible gives us a chuck full amount of application so that we have everything we need for successful living Kings fall in the end hated David and we're bout to kill him but he started out loving David somebody could love you in the beginning and then hate you when you start to shine too brightly so ask yourself you know what when I react to someone's posts on social media does it dredge up nvme and then pray in that area that's between you and God that ain't none of my business this is for you today for me it's for me too in terms of my own work but not what you struggle with with each one of us struggles with is our own individual work in terms of us individually working out our own sanctification that's what I mean let me be clear the fourth emotional battle that our social media habits will reveal to us is whether or not we battle with this contentment which is really a battle of ingratitude do you battle with never being satisfied like nothing in your life is never enough a lot of us got that battle well I got an apartment but it's not a house that was me because I live in a very small apartment I was battling with ingratitude and I'm like well you know what there's people in other places that would love to be where I am and I'm in a great neighborhood and yes they're small but am I dealing with the elements do I got heat and gas then I'm good see I was battling with discontentment that's real because really I wasn't grateful I couldn't see my blessings and so if you battle with not being satisfied and nothing in your life is going to be enough and it starts out small so we got a guard our heart against that this why we want to thank all for the small things Thank You lawful food clothing and shelter help me to never take these things for granted it's interesting because when you look at David Sun epsilon he battled with ingratitude Absalom was the son of King David and he battled with ingratitude Absalom was the son of a powerful King so think about it if you defended a king you're blessed you got money you got an inheritance you got a whole kingdom at your disposal but that wasn't enough Absalom one of his Father's throne and plotted against him to try to usurp it and the story ends in 2nd Samuel with Absalom riding into the forest trying to plot against his dad and his head got caught up in a tree and when it had got caught in the tree he was on a mule the mule kept on riding and his head was severed and so his body and head was separated leaving his head suspended in the tree isn't it funny how ingratitude will make you lose your head in gratitude will make you lose your head and you will do the dumbest stuff in the world when you're not grateful ingratitude will have you in a marriage where you got a good person a good person oh he's so boring he's so boring where he's paying them bills he's coming home every day he's so boring mm-hmm you need a Doug because then you got a bunch a boring man back you need it though with no job that's living on for you today doing nothing you will run to get the boring man back you won't run see I had to learn the hard way my first husband was a good husband but I like dogs not now but that was when I was back event and I couldn't appreciate him I couldn't appreciate him he was saved I wasn't we were unequally oak and I couldn't appreciate him and he did everything I didn't even have to cash my check that's real and I was young just out of college living a life where I liked fast guys fast cars and fast money and I could not appreciate him and so there will be time we're ingratitude ingratitude will make you lose which you couldn't appreciate which you would make you lose that it will make you lose that you will cut off your nose you will be so dumb and I'm speaking to myself that you will cut off your nose to spite your face and I thank God now that I have somebody wonderful in my life but when we're young or just immature immature a lot of times we are not grateful we are not grateful and we can't appreciate I know someone now she's my coaching client and she has two children and she is separated from her husband good guy pays the bills and she's dating this manly guy that he's excited the husband loved her but she feels he's boring and I'm like you gonna have to get your heart broken a few times you have to lose your head for you to learn you're gonna have to have your head severed in the spirit you're going to have to lose the very thing that's important he's the father of your children taking care of these kids doing right by you but he's boring he's boring what the sex isn't exciting enough well then teach him tell him what you like come on now the marriage bed is under fire y'all can do backflips and so when we are not grateful we will lose our head don't let ingratitude make you lose your head the fifth emotional battle that our social media habits will reveal for us is whether or not we battle with loneliness which is about feeling isolated and cut off from community do you battle with feeling isolated and cut off from community now this is going to be real harsh so if you're not ready hang up this is going to be harsh I want to warn you a lot of people confuse loneliness with being alone you can be around lots of people you can have a big family and be lonely being alone this is the difference between being alone and loneliness being alone is the absence of people the absence of people loneliness take a deep breath is the absence of purpose if you are lonely you are not walking in purpose for the new season of your life so maybe you lost your spouse your spouse went on to be with the Lord and you feel very lonely then that is a divine indication that God is ready to give you a new assignment who is it that needs you who is it that needs you there is somebody that needs you there is a sector of people that need you that need your smile that needs you a wisdom that need to hear your life experiences there's people that need you you are not unnecessary that's a lie that's a lie you are needed if you are alive if you're not dead that's proof you needed that's it if you were in a wheelchair you are needed your disability and your physical lack of being able to be as mobile as you are does not disqualify you if you are alive this purpose whose life do you need to be pouring into you got a home attendant coming are you pouring into them are you only complaining you get to live your life how you want you can live miserably or you can look joyously we got a whole kingdom and the kingdom is within loneliness is the absence of purpose so it means that you have got to begin to with God and say what is the purpose for this season in my life that season is over my spouses went on to be with the Lord and and God I pray that you send me someone else who's wonderful but until that happens what is my purpose who do I need to be impacting what gifts do I need to be using where I need to be volunteering so that I can make a difference the six emotional battle that our social media habits will reveal to us is whether or not we battle with pride which is really a battle of a substance lated ego do you battle with pride so a lot of times you know we don't realize it but it could be that you look at somebody else's post on Instagram or Facebook and you're like how she got him I'm prettier than her you battling with pride you glorifying your looks or how did she get a husband she's a stripper I'm a godly woman you battling with judgment which is the food of pride are you battling with pride do you think you're better than people because you've never you know you've never picked up the bottle you don't have you know their sins of the flesh and in their sense of the Spirit and sins of the flesh are the things that we can see you can see if a person struggles with drug addiction or alcohol you can see you know certain things but if you struggle with resentment and pride which are sins of the flesh a person can see that about you so what's easy to think that you're better than other people because your struggles are not apparent we see this with the two brothers in the story of the prodigal son a lot of people have an issue with the prodigal son because he struggled with sins of the flesh but I had a problem with the other son who struggled with sensitive spirit because he thought he was better than the other son he thought he was better than the other son and it was apparent like father why you celebrate in his return not realizing that anytime somebody returns to the house of their father we going to take this to the to the spiritual realm it's a reason to celebrate and it's some people that would look at your lifestyle I had that with me and won't celebrate can't celebrate the fat that you found God because they want to keep you and the place you used to be because it made them comfortable because they could look down on you like they was better than you maybe you was a version or your life and the only person you ever been with which was your husband and somebody else can't even keep track of the amount of man they've been with you're still not better than them and so when we struggle with pride it'll come out in our social media life in our thoughts we'll think things like why her and not me why him and not me well you'll debate with somebody on their page over their beliefs that's another form of pride Jesus did not beat people over the head he did things with love so you know when you're at somebody's job and let's say you're a Christian and you're like well you need to go to church you got to burn in hell you're not being an effective witness for Christ Christ and I thought the people like that when he spoke to the woman at the well he didn't come off and say boy you got so many men you really are a whore you need to get your life right he can say that ah that's not how he spoke to her he asked her for a cup of water and basically broke it down that he was the living water see he met people where they were at we learned that in social work the number one thing that you learn as Social Work and psychology is meet the client where the client is at because if you don't meet people where they are at you will be ineffective you can't speak over my head and you definitely can't talk down to me and so if you beaten up somebody you know if you're talking to women who are strippers and you're saying if you don't get off the pole today you're going to burn in hell you think they won't listen to you you might have one or two you got to be wise to win souls but if you're just talking and being like you know I just want to let you know some good things that have happened in my life and you know you might find this interesting and I want you to know that God loves you and leave it right there plaintiff C be a seed planner don't be a seed scatterer be a seed play Annagh Wow is she gonna go home and think about that God loves me you planted the seed that's your job let it be you ain't got you don't have to beat it over her head because you need to be working out your own sanctification that's why I don't be over the Bible over nobody's head I share descriptions and it's up to you what you do with them because I got enough of my own mess that I gotta count for I am far from perfect I am far from perfect so don't look at me as the example do not because I will fall short don't put me on no pedestal because I'm not staying there for you don't put me on there that's for Jesus you look to the Bible you look to a word the seventh and final emotional battle that our social media habits will reveal to us is whether or not we battle with unforgiveness which is really a battle with resentment now this is when you're looking at your family's posts and you think back to stuff that you and your family fell out about and you see a post that says family is everything and you think to yourself how can family be everything and they haven't picked up the phone to call me in a month you battling with resentment and I'm going to say something to you this will be harsh what you're saying may be true it may be that they're being fake and phony I'm not saying that that's not the truth but you can't work out fake sanctification you can only be responsible for your own see when we don't say create a clean heart and everybody else and renew a right spirit and everybody else we say create a clean heart in me it's personal yeah you phony and I see the posters phony and you don't live with you would you post us feet at family is everything which you can't pick up the phone to see if I'm alive I see that but see I got to work out my own sanctification I can't work out yours in mine that's a job for Jesus I got to just be like God show me me show me where I'm needed show me how I need to be using my gifts and that it that's my job I can't be worried about Lisa and Valley and Sue because it's distracting me from my purpose and so we're going to have the initial sort right you might have the initial thought I don't want to talk about family is everything and they they so fake and phony you might have the initial thought we're human but it's in we it's when we stay in that emotional place that it becomes an issue and so the question is when you find yourself battling in any of these areas that we just touched on the seven emotional battles that your social media habits will reveal to you then you have to ask yourself the question is it time for me to log off for a while or God what is it that you're showing me about myself through social media so you may think that you're a person who forgives easily and so you read a post about somebody's success who did you dirty and you wish you throw you wish they go play in traffic and so God is showing you you're not as far along as you thought you were I had that happen to me I told you about that that I saw somebody who was spreading rumors and talking a whole lot of mess about me and I thought I was further along I was like okay I'm good except when I saw them in my mind I was like a CAD need to let them know to keep my name out of their mouth and God was like no you don't grow up I see what they're doing but you see I'm blessing you don't worry about them and then my second response is okay well if I can't tell them off that I'm at least makes my point and I'm a walk so they could see me and I'm a just roll my eyes and God was like no you're not gonna do that either you gonna say hello and keep it moving you will keep it pushing that's got me a guy look you will say hello and you won't keep it pushing and you're going to grow up Cassandra grow up grow up and I'm like why they don't got to grow up because I'm speaking to you I gave you a mission in the ministry and you got to grow up I said okay so our social media you know our social media lies will always where we are within our own emotional development and the thing is right God wants us to prosper emotionally there's a verse in the Bible that says I wish that you would be in good health and prosper even as your soul prospers and your soul is your mind your will and your emotions so we have supposed to prosper which means grow we are supposed to grow mentally emotionally and within the will will means your choices we are supposed to make better choices than align with the outcomes that align with God's will that's your will that's the choices that's the will part and so if you find that you're struggling in these emotional areas just ask God to show you show you the things that you struggle with so that you can move you can move from them so if you find that Facebook Instagram snapchat are reversely affecting your self-esteem I want to give you a couple of things you could do especially for those of you to have kids one strive for balance social media is not all or nothing thing it doesn't mean that your gosh I got to go delete my Instagram and socially that's that extremist thinking we don't have to do that it's just about exercising balance its checks and balances so you want to make sure that you're also engaging in in life offline and that you make time for activities that bring you joy and help you grow as a person so it's not an all-or-nothing thing just kind of make sure that it's not controlling you Russell a second thing you could do was turn off some of the notifications now you know the thing with apps developers they're getting more and more aggressive with notifications in order to lure users to interrupt whatever they're doing to constantly engage with their phones and so if you're at dinner with your family you don't got to go see every notification if you can't even go to the toilet I know people to take the phone to the toilet that is extreme when I am in the bathroom I do not take my phone when I'm taking about showering I have to call you back I am NOT taking the phone in there when I'm talking with my son is he's telling me about his day in school I'm not answering the phone you will have to get over it I'm not answering the phone that's my sometime and so you want to turn off notifications during the times that you just want to focus on the activity that you're doing so if you're overwhelmed with social media you can do that or only allow the notifications that you truly want it's about balances if that's not an issue for you then don't do it but if it is an issue for you you have a solution three if you find that you're feeling more anxious and depressed after logging on to a particular social media site or seeing somebody's page unfollow them you don't have to understand that's extreme but you can add follow so that you don't see it you can do that you could log off and give yourself a break but that's not enough because you also have to say why is it that are more anxious in the press and then that's the work of you and God whether God points you in the direction of you know getting some help but that's what you have to look at for things don't care your dirty laundry on Facebook and Instagram even even subliminally by posting a quote that you know it's trying to get ask somebody you know when you're trying to do that come on now and other personal the other person knows you ever see two people arguing on Facebook and they trying to act like they not arguing but you know because you know them both one person makes a post specially in a breakup the other person makes another post one person makes the post men are liars and then the man makes the post women are cheaters and then and it goes back and forth you like okay that's the two of them with a foolishness right now acting like we not going we're not gonna sleep through this we're not gonna see through these shenanigans so you want to be mindful of that you know there are some people who will encourage that because they get a rise out of watching your drama it's not really that they're there for you and here's the other thing if you have something to say to somebody particularly a family member or a friend you know don't get out of a social media get on your grown man and grown woman game and have a conversation you know don't be a social media Punk I know I know I'm harsh I can't help it if you got something that you got to say say what you say what you got to say say what you mean and if God is saying don't say anything then tell Doug to help you temper your tongue and get over it so those are your choices either address it or get over it but don't don't keep it going on social media that's amateur 5 double stalk your ex on social media especially if you know that you are trying to get over them and they have moved on most of us are guilty of this whether or not we choose to admit it it's hard not to obsess over somebody that you're constantly seeing what's going on in their lives and I can't even begin to tell you how many people I know school to scroll through the same person's profile over and over again and just spend the day looking at their profile and as you're doing that you're not reaching your goals and doing the things for yourself because you're busy on Facebook and I'm not saying you can't use it I use it for Cassandra Mac ministries I use it to share certain things but I also know when to step away from it 6 if you are a parent of a tween or a teen talk to them about mindful use of social media let them hear this message particularly you know for those of you who will believe is let them hear this message so that they know the 7 struggles that social media will will love reveal to them and don't just let them hear the message and walk out the room if they say mom dad you know after listening to this message I think that I struggle with envy that's the opportunity for you and your teen or tween it really sit down and talk about it and then you build up your teen and you say well why do you feel envious well you know lisa is the star cheerleader well let me tell you the gifts about you that's an opportunity for you to build up your child so you want to encourage teenagers to be honest with themselves about how their time spent our social media makes them feel and disengage and help them disengage from interactions you know that increased stress or unhappiness if your team comments on something let's say somebody is saying boy with ugly picture and your team puts up an emoji like a smile that's bullying but your team may not see it that way so you can have a conversation say you know that's not really nice how would you like it if somebody did X Y & Z to you really you are engaging in bullying because you know you putting a mean picture on there or a mean emoji as fuel for the fire and the person seeing that is going to see a hundred people said something negative about their picture don't do that babe that's not nice and then you know you can build a conversation from there that's your starting point to begin really having a dialogue about how social media might be affecting your teens behavior their self-esteem and their mental well-being so in closing when social media becomes an idol because anything we put before God is an idol anything we put before God is an idol when social media becomes an idol so if you find you check Facebook before you say your more than prayer to get yourself on a day are you getting into idolatry you might not look at it that way but it's become an idol when social media becomes an idol or an outlet for approval seeking people pleasing your validation or it makes you feel like who you are is not enough or you're using it to try to get at an X on the low then it's time to step back it's time to step back and just give yourself a little break and pray about how to use it more intentionally Romans 14 verse 19 is a verse that I try to keep in the back of my mind with respect to my social media usage Romans 14:19 I try to keep that verse in the back of my mind with respect to my social media usage and here's how it reads it says therefore let us pursue the things which make for peace and for mutual opening and for mutual up building let me read that again therefore let us pursue the things which make for peace and for mutual up building so we're 5:5 write that I want to cite and whatever I'm looking at is causing me angst in that piece than what I'm pursuing is not bringing me peace and I need to step back if I find that someone says something and like someone trolls and then I feel the need to check the troll and you get into like a back-and-forth thing not pursuing mutual upbuilding and so that's kind of like my check and balances do I always get it right of course not because I fall short of the glory like every other human being on the planet and I'm not perfect but that's the check and balance and so that might be a helpful scripture to try to try to help you keep your social media in perspective maybe just make sure that I'm pursuing things which make for peace and the mutual upbringing if so in closing in closing we're going to close with the same verse we started with which is proverbs 25 verse 16 and that's the biblical principle for living a well-balanced life and doing everything in moderation and it reads when you find honey eat only as much as you need otherwise you will have too much environment and so when you find your sweet spot on social media the thing that you know is like honey it's appealing it's good you're having fun on social media you're networking you're doing the things that you need to do for your business your ministry you're using it to connect with people that's a good thing but only eat as much as you need don't over indulge in it otherwise you will have too much you'll be over inundated with social media and your vomit will start vomiting out Envy insecurity in adequacy people-pleasing so that's kind of like the checks and balances to make sure that you're not living against the line I'm speaking to myself as well and that you're guarding your heart and keeping yourself in a well-balanced space with respect to social media so there were two quick announcements amen amen and amen again there are two quick announcements I want to share with you and then I'm going to open up the phone lines for your prayer requests or if you want to share something that resonates with you about today's topic so the first resource that I think is a great resource specifically for those of you who want to go on a social media diet is the Soul fast workbook and that is a 40 day spiritual detox to really help you get in a space where you begin to detox from thoughts beliefs attitudes emotions that are eating away at your piece of find your joy and that are undermining your success and your progress and the book is available at you just go to type and Cassandra Mac all of my books will come up but for this particular topic I am recommending the social of the Soul fast work book and if you've already done the soul fast it is well worth it to do it again as it results as it relates to social media so you can take the aspect of the book that deals with the mind and just say you know let me let me think about where my head is with respect to you know my social media usage and you'll find the book very helpful second announcement I have an upcoming event it's happening in the last Saturday in September I'm going to be announcing it on every call it's the last Saturday in September and it is my annual grab a girlfriend and take time for yourself walk this is an amazing event it is a one-mile walk it happens in New York City last Saturday in September where women from all walks of life come together in faith fun and fellowship to relax relate and release and this walk is all about your self-care you know with women we spend almost 75 percent of our lives taking care of others and investing in others at the expense of our own self-care so this walk is a walk you do just for yourself and you can get your tickets by going to Cassandra Mac and you simply click on the events link and all the information in terms of pricing and everything you need to know will be there on the link you go to Cassandra Mac and click on the events link last year we had folks who came from Florida Baltimore we had one woman who came all the way from let me get it right oh yeah oh yeah she came all the way from the UK it's going to come to me in terms of the exact country but she got on a plane from the UK to come to this event and you'll see the pictures from last year on the Cassandra Mac ministries page you simply go to backslash Cassandra Mac ministry and you'll see the picture of her and I where I shouted out the country that she was from so you will see that there and for those of you who want inspiration throughout the week you can always follow me on instagram at Cassandra Mac Instagram da Cassandra Mac for a weekday inspiration so with that being said I'm about to open up the phone lines for your prayer requests and if you would like to share something that resonated with you about today's message so let me also quickly say we have someone who posted a video on the Cassandra Mac ministries light page and so what I want to share with that individual is that of course we are always praying for you but if you're in a situation where you know you have a governmental issue or issues that exceed what we can do or the Sunday morning our power church by phone I really really would encourage you to find an advocate in your city and state we can pray for you but our resources are limited and you made a video about all the different issues that you were dealing with that were state issues we don't we're not even set up for that so we can pray for you as I said but you'll need to get the assistance you're looking for by looking at the municipalities in your city and state so I want to put that out there before I open up the lines in case so that individual is on the phone that we can pray for you but we ask that you don't go into a long story about it and that you're you're respectful and succinct because we want to get in as many people as possible so with that being said let me open up the phone lines okay hey Cassandra I think the lady was from Sweden you're right you're right Finland or Finland where it was one of them but I know if you look on the page of if you look at Cassandra Mac ministries on Facebook and you go through our pictures you'll see it says grab a girlfriend and go 2018 the Outback particular album you'll see all the pictures of the people that came out thank you thank you so the phone lines are now open for you for your prayer requests or you want to share something that resonated with you from today's Oh the phone lines are now open to you prayers for the boys and marina absolutely their father God in the name of Jesus we pray for Chris Klug and Vanna we pray that you bless them keep them encourage them strengthen them and fortify them we pray for Lorena we pray that you would curvature keeper we pray that she has a lot of successful in her new job we pray for her marriage and we just pray that you continue to bless them in every area of your life in Jesus name Amen amen thank you on lines are open it's like double that you gotta jump in alright good morning morning good morning my name we ask for those who have background noise take a second and hit the floor on the Starkey so that we don't have pick up on the background noise we have someone trying to come through I heard you good morning I was just wondering if there's hotels you can recommend for the grab a girlfriend and go walk this year oh that's really good okay um I will I will do that I will have my team we'll look that up and then we'll put it on the Facebook page and we'll put it on the Cassandra Mac ministries page will put all at hotels a couple of hotels at different price points okay thank you you're welcome phone lines are open you got to jump in if you have a prayer request you want to share something that resonated with you phone lines open for you good morning Cassandra this is Michele from Chicago good morning Michele from Chicago how are you doing I am blessed thank you for using all the gifts that God has given you you have really been a blessing to me in my life I just want to say that everything that you said resonated with me and I know what I need to do and also the prayer requests regarding me apologizing to my Buddha co-worker went very well she received it very well and God has like kept her away from me because she's you know very negative and toxic but she received my apology very well thank you so much oh that's awesome I'm at a loss Mary look at God look at God move on your behalf Michele well praise God thank you for your boy thank you phone lines are open you gotta jump it everybody quiet today for this social media water you living to instil I buy so quiet hey Cassandra disappearance Hey sarens how you doing I'm doing well how are you I'm doing awesome yeah today's message was very well I want to try to be real brief I wanted to speak to something that happened the week of the 4th of July week and it's under the umbrella of I believe I'm in the season now of trying to understand God and and understand God in the place of in a in the place of my faith so what happened was I was at work and I'm the type of person that I'd like to bring my lunch to work so I went to my car to get to get some stuff that I left and I went back and stopped at the cafe and then I went back up to my desk so anyway long story short at the end of my day I was going to leave a little early so I can go get my daughter so we can do do some homework and things like that and as I as I was looking for my keys I couldn't find my keys in my car and I and I actually end up losing my keys so I wasn't able to get home um and then I called I called the um I called the locksmiths and they said they would take an hour I wouldn't have to get to me and I worked 50 minutes away from my job I lived fifty fifty minutes away from my job so anyway another long story short I play Doctor Who a co-worker who I'm just I'm just him and I are just cool and he said he said Terrence I will I will go outside maybe you left your key somewhere in your car I will help you look to your car to find your key so we downstairs it's hot outside I'm sweating he's sweating trying to find my keys we even look under the car I didn't find it so he just he just stopped and said you know what take my car drive home pick up your daughter take me home and bring my car back tomorrow and I'm like I doing that yeah yeah I said I'm not doing that you know because because I'm not so comfortable because I never felt comfortable job in people's cars um he was real adamant about it too like here take my card well you know you got your daughter and blah blah blah take it take it and so after about nine hundred times of that I said okay okay I think so so then I took him home and and I said good now I said I said I'm and we you know we're out there for a couple of hours I didn't leave working to like 6:30 he was like well if I said to him terms um no I said to him now I can go give me something to eat because I'm hungry because all that work we were doing he was like he was like you're hungry I said yeah he went to his wallet and gave me for that I don't need you I have money I'm not broke you know I just I just I just you know I just need the way to get home and and as I was pulling off with his car he threw the $40 in there in Atlanta on the passenger side see I said okay I said I just put it in the glove compartment and not and I use it so anyway I get all the way home and he he calls me and say hey terrorists terrorists did you make it home yet and I said yes and that's I have a question huh how old is your card is costing like it's fairly neat he said oh I just got it I'm like I like so how soon I just got he's like last month I'm like you gave me your brand spanking new car for me to drive home you know God look god yeah yeah goodnight ferrets yeah and I was like s so the anything was in prayer I was saying God you know there was a crisis that was going on I lost my T's and I wasn't able to get home and I didn't get home till like 9:30 10 o'clock tonight um and I said there was a crisis and I always I you know I used to hear the old folks say I said people in chose say you know God God God controls everything he's in it and I didn't understand and I'm learning that that he was although I was still in the crisis in the situation he was still in it because he allowed the guy who I barely knew only known the for a month but but he gave me his brand-new car so I can get home but the but the but the but the crisis was still going on and and and and that helped me with my face because I was like oh you were still orchestrating this situation you although it was going on I said I said I'm starting to learn it I'm starting to get it and that's and that's something that that you know understanding God that I want I want to work on my face you know become if something's happening instead of me having a having a knee-jerk reaction of being scared and being fearful and not and not going to him first you know and and that's and that's one of the biggest things that I learned from that was that was that he was still orchestrating that situation now I gave the guy back his car there's money and I filled this tank up but I was but I'm not gonna lie to you I was scared driving home because I didn't want to get to an accident or I did you know I didn't want nobody to bump into the car you know so so yeah I just I just want to share that with you you know and also actually do you know of any any any any any scriptures in the Bible that speaks to faith absolutely there's so many well that's what we got our we're going to come back to that but listen I just want to say thank you for sharing your testimony because that was a praise report yeah I know that you have encouraged someone on the line right now to know that you know God never leaves us or forsake us that's the scripture my dear God would never leave what – thank you and so and that really speaks to your face but now I do you know that right okay but um well well I'm since real quick you know that anything that happens to us either God either God allowed it or he is permitting it for some reason and I know it's a faith builder I know I know that I know that whenever crisis come in our lives he's doing this he wants to show us a different part of him he want us to grow if I can answer that question if accidentally seconds us but but I just wanted to say that but anyway so I just want to first like I said say thank you for the praise report because that's powerful and I love that we're hearing our testimonies today you know we had the testimony from Michelle and the apology that we have your testimony of how God comes true and that's the key that you may still be in the crisis because sometimes we think that it's about removing the crisis it is getting you through the crisis that's the real victory and don't work through people through people and so right because we know God is spirit so god works through people so it's going to be a person who your coworker his heart was moved to help you in that situation and it wasn't about the brand-new car it wasn't about the money and we don't know his story maybe somebody blessed him exactly and so as a result he's like I need to pay this forward and so that lets you know that there may be a time but God is gonna pull on you to bless somebody else who may have a different situation well one of the stitches that I love that speak there's a couple of them but I'm just going to um I just want to share one with you and and that comes from Isaiah 26:3 is when you say me mm-hmm and if you will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast because they trust you and I love this because what that denotes is even if the situation is not ideal but we don't like it when our minds are steadfast and we're trusting God we're saying okay god I don't like the fact that I'm in this situation but I trust that you're going to provide for me I trust that you were going to show me what I need to do I trust that you're going to send somebody my way who could be a help to me I trust that you're going to help me discern what I need to do next I may not see the whole staircase but you're going to show me the first step and then when I get there you'll show me the next step right because we know purpose is progressive it's not one lump sum and so and that allows us to keep in perfect peace meaning our circumstances are crazy and we might annoyed perfect peace doesn't mean that like you don't have emotions what it means that your entire piece is not shattered if there's this little voice inside your head saying it's gonna be okay so that's the go-to one that I would you know that you can beat over and over again there 2063 yes thank you for sharing that powerful powerful testimony for God is really awesome yeah I found and then I found my keys the next day they were in the little cafes I was at because one was like I asked Akaka I saw him soon as I walked in the store they were right there but but it was it was the fact that I was in it I had initially got scared because you know I got to get my daughter than addict then I called her mom and her mom bumped a little bit but she picked her up and kept her for the rest of the evening but but it was it was all that was going on I work 50 minutes away and I'm like I'm going to do this and then he did come on chance I'll go downstairs with you and we were out there for like 20 minutes looking for I mean sweatin because you know it's July um and then he just hit hit he just hit take my car like I'm not taking your car I'm sorry you know but he was like as I say real adamant about it you know and and in prayer like as I said he got was he was in that he was in that you know he was still orchestrating that and so that's what I'm doing now when things happen in my life that I feel are a crisis or if I'm going through a trial how was God still August how is he still helping me in this situation what little way and it could be somebody as you said someone giving me something food or something like that or I find some money that I didn't have you know so I'm looking for those ways and that's to help me with my faith and that's all awesome awesome and read that verse over and over again you know over and over again because when you're – steadfast that means your thoughts are not wavering you're like okay I don't like this but you know it's not the end of the world I'm gonna get through this somehow because I just on the side right I'm gonna do it I'm gonna get through it so it doesn't mean that like it's not going to happen to be right so that exact there's a lot of people are looking at are looking for the it's not going to happen to me but the Bible is clear that it rains on the just and unjust so it might happen but you'll get a look right right and and and I would like and I like to request the you know for my daughter myself and her mom and in my daughter's name is Leah in her mom is Sabrina I remember okay okay okay their father God in the name of Jesus we pray for Leah we pray that you bless her cover her keep alert know how special she is father God we pray for Sabrina we pray that you cover her keeper that you always make sure that Leah is first and foremost in that interaction between her and parents we pray that you bless her also as she's raising her daughter we pray that should continue to cover servants we give you glory for this wonderful wonderful praise report and testimony that has happened to him and we pray that he continues to share that testimony to encourage others we pray all three of these prayers in Jesus name Amen amen management take a sponger I like to say something to terrorists and that is basically you were supposed to lose your keys that day I thought exactly when the Lord happened I agree was right and doing so you not only made a new friend but that friends journey and I'm sure he had won allows him to be there for you to say I know what that was like and that's why God said you're not supposed to be anyplace else but here today and tomorrow you'll get your keys back you know it's really sometimes as the saying goes that my niece's often is be still and let God do his work that's it yeah thank you for that I said the same thing too I think after everything was said and done I said God it was that was supposed to happen you know you know I'm a friend believing that I also have to happen the way it did yeah have a blessed day you too all I'm not open hi I get you coming in hello I heard I hear someone coming it sounds like you buy some of my airport I hear you come in hello hi Cassandra hi hi this is cute hey the wave to you uh Chicago to you Chicago can I don't care no news is I can ACOG oh hey how you doing I'm doing great how are you doing I'm doing well I appreciated your message today I just wanted to request the prayer for myself for my family my friends and my enemy so I just want you to do it like this a prayer for those people who myself that is all so much even requesting pressing enemies all right let's let's just let's do it their father God in the name of Jesus we lift up your door to cure this morning father God we pray for Kia we pray for our family we pray for her friends and we pray for our enemies we pray that you bless them cover them keep them strengthen them guide them in your way help them to trust in you and not to lean in their own understanding we pray that you bless them exceedingly and abundantly above anything they could ask in Jesus name Amen amen thank you thank you for joining us all the way from Saks and Chicago yes ma'am phone lines are open phone lines are open anyone else good morning can you hear me I can hear you good morning hi this is Nora oh hang on Judy I catch your voice I borrow how you doing I'm making it have a really really really bad headache but we stopped me from coming online and with you to your amazing powerful message and listening to the voice mail better we pray your field we pray you feel better thank you so much I would like at once for prayer for my teenage daughters all here we don't have a super food with her and for online school favorite I'm one more time I'm sorry sorry yeah sorry oh okay yes yes um I wanted to ask for prayer for your son for some reason by my heart and mind and is it your cousin Keisha as well another one online you know or just everybody in general alright so we just go to inaudible prayer thank you for thank you finger family my son my husband show my own balance what up we have found God in the Damned and we don't want to leave me out okay so we going on safe everybody we're on top with your daughter we pray for Zarya we pray that everything comes through with her online school we pray that you cover her keeper that all go well we pray that you strengthen the hedge of protection around her around around Laura and around Norma's other daughter father God that should bless them cover them and keep them father God Father we pray for my son listen that you just continue to bless them help them to make good choices help us be a little bit more discipline the Queen in room we pray for my cousin Keisha father God we continue to pray father God that you build it up mentally that you build up physically fathers how we pray for total full recovery father God we pray for her mom my aunt Valerie that you continue to just strengthen her and keep her we pray for me and this entire ministry that should just bless us cover us and keep us in Jesus name Amen Thank You Nora a little louder because I back my boys coming in so I'm having a hard time here with you there dad okay I was thinking about Terrence and his testimony and yes he was supposed to be there but I also feel that parents walk a certain way and maybe you've touched this person's life and I just didn't mind because of how awesome parents is so you know my table so keep an eye out here yeah I didn't I didn't see it that way maybe I am awesome you know I mean to some people you are because think about it we are fearfully and wonderfully made in marvelous are thy works and you have the favor of God operating on your life when you have the favor of God operating in your life people will do favors for you they don't even want to help you people will do favors for you that don't even know why they feel so moved and inspired to go out of their way we know it's God with the stuff they don't have a name for it you know so will you have the same of God on your life you're going to experience the fruits of paper mm-hmm mm-hmm yeah you Frank I am us love the yeah anyone else anyone else this morning before the closing players anyone else one morning good morning Pawan how are you I'm doing good how are you okay I was about to say Glen I was a soy no chicken me today with your voices [Laughter] remember I'm blessing tonight I would like to present our lease my children and their on the wood as they travel to see it since we hand Karen Taemin and my niece who will be traveling to leave me next week and my husband what connects his name sighs bye yes GI okay vis okay fear father God in the name of Jesus we pray for our lease we continue to pray for recovery we continue to pray for all the staff doctors nurses involved in her care that she's recovering father God we continue to press on parents that she just strengthen them fill them up then the respite and help to make things a little easier we pray for all of lens's children that you cover them keep them strengthen sympathiser protection around their lives around their homes around their finances around their relationships father God in Jesus name Amen amen father God we pray for a tailor this morning we continue to pray that you build them up let them know how special he is let him know he's awesome remind him that he's fearfully and wonderfully made and Jesus name Amen amen father no refrain father God we pray we continue to pray for lenders husband we pray that you build them up showing his gifts and his talent show him who he is given new vision give a renewed vision for his family amen amen father God we pray for Glenda and her business we continue to pray that the business just grows that she has clients customers from the pieces Northwest and that you can open up the windows of divine finance to her in Jesus name yes a man's man play for her nice and she travels back we pray for traveling mercy for her niece who were leaving and we also pray for traveling mercy for the children her children who are coming down to where she's at and Jesus name Amen amen amen say it everybody Glenda you sure did thank you okay god bless whoever else hey-ya be sure please so people come in let her go first all right thank you so much this is Michelle again from Chicago hey Michelle I pray for my son Jamel he is despairing twenty-eight and he needs to find his way and put aside you know the things that are holding him back because he has a beautiful daughter that needs Emma forgot to deliver him from all this not like him and you know cover him with his precious blood thank you and that's an agreed with you Amen father God in the name of Jesus we pray for Michelle son Jamel we pray for the God that should show him open up his eyes to see who he is in you me that he is a mighty man of God a mighty man of Valor a mighty man with gifts and strengths and talents father God father God we ask that if there's anything that's not like you that you even moved in father God help him to see father God who he is helping to see his purpose by the God help him to remember that he's a father of a beautiful daughter father God and that he's got to make decisions on the gods that are in her best interest father God if he's making decisions that are keeping him off track and taking in water that matter that help him to assess and begin to really look at those decisions so he can line up his choices which are will in your word in Jesus name we pray amen amen thank you pretty sure absolutely will pray for again real father guide in the name of Jesus we continue to pray for Keisha full recovery we continue to pray that they get to the bottom of everything that's going on and why is going on father God we also pray the hospira father God and she gets back as a whole the hill or jesus name amen please put your phones on mute if you want to remind you to put your phones on mute take a moment hit the floors of Sparky I can't mute the phone because then I won't be able to hear all of you so I need you to leave your phones ok the phone lines are still open to anyone else anyone else all right this will be out – someone coming through anyone else anyone else all right we're going to walk close out via father God in the name of Jesus we thank you for this time together I thank you for each and every person who calls in this morning father god father my prayer is that you cover us keep us help us to make good decisions father God strengthen the hedge of protection around our homes our hearts our finances help us father God not to lean to our own understanding but to trust in you to acknowledge you in all of our ways for those that it's traveling father God I pray for their traveling mercy I pray that we have a blessed and productive week father god I pray father God that we will not allow social media to control and that we will control it father God that we will have dominion over it father God father God help us to be fruitful in our endeavors and help us to be better by ourselves each other and most importantly to be better by you I pray this prayer father God in Jesus name Amen amen amen amen so and peace everyone and have a blessed and beautiful week god bless you thank you god bless you love your dad celebrate seshu you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you

12 thoughts on “Social Media & Your Emotional Well Being (Replay of MY CHURCH BY PHONE SERVICE)”

  1. Social media will tell you alot about yourself and where you stand with others. The more you start to grow you're likes are going to decrease naturally. I just started my social media fast

  2. I would find myself resenting people on social media. When people posted things such as; material things, growth or whining.
    After, listening to you realize that these are feeling I have about myself. Thank you, for the realization.

  3. I agree detox 6 days a week. I delete and reload on Saturday. I have although seen it empowering in some ways. I think you can spread news or warn people. I posted something to spill the beans on a gossip someone does against other women to others. She tells people other girls are doing internet porn mostly lies. If any girl is in the spotlight that's what she tells everyone that, I just put a general note. know! I feel it's bad but it's empowering for morality. Why not make everyone aware I thought. I didn't put names. I used it to call it out. I saw what she does to others and it's been over and over so now I heard it again and we are not friends I wanted to warn the friends she has and maybe she said other things about me,

  4. Been off of it for 8 years.. very brave for 20 yr old man in those times. Always told people if they really want to reach me they can email text or call. I don't need people keeping tabs on my blessings & shortcomings. One of the best things I did was deleting social media from my life. My parents said remove all forms of negativity not supporting your well-being and not to listen and aspire to be around people you do not want to be like. I appreciate you Ms. Mack.. take care!

  5. Timely message!! I wonder how the single mother feel about super pretty Raven Elyse youtuber who just premiered her million dollar custom made home with a 3 car garage. She is just 25 and a single mother. She has over a million subscribers! She is very impressive!

  6. This was "SO GOOD" this morning. I was hoping you would post it Sis. Cassandra. Thank you!!!! I am listening to this again. Have a blessed day ♡

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