Social housing: fixed-term tenancies – The Welfare Conditionality research project

soon all new council tenants might have fixed term tenancy x' rather than being able to stay in their homes for as long as they wish our research provides the first evidence on the impacts of these kinds of tendencies which some landlords have been using since 2012 we found no evidence that tenants adjust their behavior in socially desirable ways because they have a fixed rather than an open-ended tenancy for some tenants the insecurity caused considerable distress especially among older tenants those with health problems and some families with children what's more social long as were finding these tendencies resource intensive to administer and we're not seeing the gains they had hoped in terms of freeing up social homes for these reasons we'd argue that local authorities should not be compelled to use fixed term tenancy x' and that other social landlords should be extremely cautious about using them

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