Social and Emotional Learning After-School Program Gives Kids Wings

>>Wings, can I give you some praise?>>All: Yeah!>>This is Wings for Kids, an after
school program in Charleston, South Carolina, for children
in grades K through six. It’s three hours a day, five
days a week, dedicated solely to teaching kids critical,
social and emotional skills.>>All: I saw the wings. Let me tell you why I learned–>>Every day, the children
chant a song that sums up Wings’ essential teachings:
monitoring your feelings, listening to each other and
making good choices for yourself. It’s called the creed.>>All: The choices I make shall
be what’s best for me to do.>>Throughout the afternoon,
the teachers stay on message, reminding the students how they
can live these lessons and succeed.>>We have to learn how to
say no to peer pressure, so that we can make the choice that’s
best for ourselves to make, okay?>>Wings is a nonprofit,
established more than a decade ago. It serves boys and girls who
come from a poor community. At Wings, they’re taking dance
classes and doing art projects and playing competitive games,
all activities with social and emotional lessons
hidden inside them.>>When I say “go” you must find
the right sentence to create to go against that peer pressure. Once again we go into Wings,
when someone says “Hey, you want to skip wings and let’s
go to the store over there?” Go!>>These lessons give children
confidence to express themselves, overcome setbacks, and
work well with others. Tools that equip them for
success in school, work and life.>>Let’s see who can tell me
what our objective this week is.>>The Wings teachers, who
are local college students, emphasize a new lesson each week.>>When I say “go” do your
move and say your phrase. Once again, “Let’s steal
the candy from that desk.” All right, brainstorm.”>>After school is an ideal time for teaching these skills
in the guise of fun. Skills that often don’t get full
attention during the school day.>>One more time, don’t
want to get in trouble!>>All: Don’t want to get in trouble!>>People often think of
these abilities as innate. Either you’re resilient and good at
managing your emotions or you’re not. But anecdotal evidence shows
Wings kids are behaving and performing better
in the classroom. Among the small group of students
who attended the first year of the program, 40 percent
more graduated from high school than those who didn’t go to Wings. So Wings believes, and the first
bits of data from the program suggest that social and emotional skills
can be taught, enabling each child, even children whom life has
dealt many obstacles, to soar.

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  1. THESE GUYS ARE DOING WELL!!!! please more brothers and sisters who become teachers!!! American white police stop killing our people in the middle of the street. mind your business and leave us in peace to do well in life

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