100 thoughts on “‘So you won’t take down lies?’: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez challenges Facebook CEO”

  1. Ocasio-Cortez stumps Zuckerberg with questions on far right and Cambridge Analytica ► https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/oct/23/mark-zuckerberg-alexandria-ocasio-cortez-facebook-cambridge-analytica

  2. The Zucc while coding FB in his dorm room back in 2004 – "hmmm… I wonder if making this will lead to me being forced into a room with unhinged politicians accusing me of being a white supremacist? … Nah, that's absurd."

  3. AOC seems to have a problem with the US constitution, and instead of tackling it politically, she's trying to get Facebook to attack free speech for her. But perhaps I'm giving her too much credit there. Afterall, she does seem a bit dim.

  4. CORTEZ is a excellent SKAM ARTIST!! She fooled her DEAD BROKE voter's into voting her into a $225,000 a year Job with the BEST Benefits and pension plan in the WORLD!! Not to mention the Connections she's making!! FOOLS!!

  5. Is it just me… or is it the way she handled it… I have hots for her….
    I feel so attracted…..

    Imagine the foreplay…..with her as congresswomen…. OMG

  6. AOC: 'So you won't take down lies?'
    Zuck: 'No otherwise we would have to remove anything you've ever said congresswoman'

  7. Freedom of speech equals to freedom to lie, thats the way it goes. I havent heard anything great coming out of those people against Facebook's policy. It's all just a big drama show.

  8. It's not his fault. Mark Zuckerberg has a natural guilty face. He always looks like he was just caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

  9. This is absurd. You can put a lie as a billboard. You can put a lie in a newspaper but people have an issue when it's on Facebook. This lady has no idea how ads work.

  10. Do not be FOOLED just coz u hate zuckerberg !!

    This looks like AOC wants Facebook to CENSOR any ad that is against her leftist policy , her IMPLICATION that “lying ads” be fact checked and taken down is her way to CONTROL ads , coz guess WHO DECIDES WHAT IS FACT CHECKING !!! leftist ideas are accepted while conservative ideas are considered “lie “ ???? THIS IS MANIPULATIVE ATTEMPT TO CENSOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH OF ALL POITICAL PARTIES

    What does she mean by fact checking ??
    Does she want Facebook to CENSOR any ad that doesn’t share her political agenda ??

  12. I have a question!!
    Does she think that anyone who says climate change ain’t significant is a “LIER” ??? That’s the issue I have with her thinking here …
    She wants “FACT CHECKING” as a way to determine what someone says !!! Everyone can be allowed to say what they want ,, if she thinks it’s a lie doesn’t make it a lie !!!!

  13. All I see if SHE WANTS TO CENSOR AND CONTROL FREE SPEECH !! Anyone who doesn’t agree with her should be labeled a “ LIE” and censored by “FACT CHECKING” !!!!
    How is that fair ??? Facebook ads have to be NEUTRAL PLATFORM FOR ALL !! If a politician wants to lie it’s not Facebook job to stop him / her , it’s up to people to decide

  14. The real question is
    If she thinks anyone who doesn’t agree with any of her leftist ideas should be called a “lie” then NO !!!!
    This is another way to control and censor speech ! Just like they can label anything that is said against left as “hate speech “ similarly she wants every political ad that doesn’t share her policy to be labeled a “lie “

  15. Her question about black zip codes is replying to a black person is not smart enough to do a check on the internet. Listen to the words carefully, that's what is beaing replied here.

  16. But even if is a lie or not is up to their FB politica like private company to do watever thwy want with it, instead of belive eveything you see fact check your things first

  17. If a person starts yelling lies on the sidewalk should they be removed for lying? Of course not, people should decide for themselves.

  18. Anyone who thinks she will be a great president is a looney tune! I'm a transwoman and i would like to fight her in the octagon!

  19. Why would facebook check if a political ad or post is lieing or not? People that are actually conserned about their country can figure out themselves, only people that do not care therefore don;t follow up with the political timeliness can be missleaded by such propagandas. So in other words, people that cannot tell if a politician's facts are true or false it's his and only his fault for not being up to date with the timeliness.

  20. Just stop using Facebook. It's full of trash and security concerns. Facebook ads are suspicious. The 'likes' are suspicious. It's suspicious if your ads really target your audience. It may be just a huge group of questionable accounts.

  21. Most important question here is “what the hell is going on with this guys hair” I don’t know if he should comb it or scrape it off with a shovel n bury it alive.

  22. "grueling?…" Isn't it entirely obvious that so-called "fact-checking" political ads would be equivalent to political censorship? For example, who decides whether <any generic social group> have or have not done <any generic piece of bullshit>? Facebook does? Controlling ads in this way means disturbing the free flow of information and is entirely different from facebook taking down ads with incorrect election dates, as that is a rather exact piece of information possibly acting as a form of political censorship… Congressmen should exert at least a tiny bit of cognitive effort towards answering their own questions before bothering Mark, who can not respond critically towards the Congress, as that would create a big publicity stunt badly influencing facebook as a company(on the stock market and internally). This woman clearly abuses the public attention this event is getting to push her agenda. I am terribly worried about our future!

  23. Honestly, it's almost impressive how each comment that argues how spreading misinformation is justifiable when one can "find the truth themselves" manages to disprove that with grammar/spelling errors

  24. I don't know why people are so opposed to a concern with the morality with a platform that continually INTENTIONALLY targets the already misinformed for self interest. What are people so threatened by?

  25. Give your Uncle Bernie a BJ baby girl CORTEZ!! OK Uncle Bernie Sanders, ANYTHING for YOU and SOCIALISM!!💋💋💋

  26. Why cant we just give people critical thinking skills? Why does something thats not true HAVE TO BE taken down? Its weird. If thats the case then CNN should shut down or just delete all their lying articles

  27. AOC and the left want to get rid of free speech and have all content out there be only in agreement with what they believe. Huge threat to democracy.

  28. She can be cute, smart, latina, cuz i am too, but if you look deep, the goberment its trying to shot down facebook by many ways, and its not ok, because facebook its a window where you can express your thoughs, you can be free..

  29. AOC's trying to justify Facebook censorship in the name of "So you won't take down lies?". Who's defining what truth is? Is the solution censorship or filtering?

    There's a difference between an "opinion" and a "fact/detail". Yes, it's true that people can be manipulated, even with "facts", but WE THE PEOPLE deserve to form our own beliefs. We are actually pretty intuitive and smart. Give us evidence before it's been tampered with, and let us decide what to believe. We don't need a tech company or even the government doing that for us.

    Censorship of opinions is the modern day book burning.

    Censoring what we see (or blocking specific kinds of information) will prohibit us from progressing in society. Withholding information is the best way to keep someone in your control. Whether or not you agree with the information you see is up to you. You having to evaluate information is a pivotal part of you developing YOUR OWN believe system.

    America was built on opinions that the general public gave their approval to. This kind of "cancel culture" is a slippery slope than can lead to the manipulation of public opinion by allowing a select few people in the top 1% of the world decide whats right and whats wrong. Let people say and post and share what they believe. Let the PEOPLE choose what they want to believe after HEARING it. Let the PEOPLE come to their own conclusions.

    This is being an American

  30. Unfortunately lying is part of freedom of speech and facebook is a public forum, NOT A PUBLISHER. People need to understand the significance of the difference

  31. This girl is not fit to be asking these questions. She is wayyyy out of her league and anyone who is in Mark's league knows the repercussions of "Fact" checking facebook ads….. It's just like free speech……

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