SNEAKING INTO THE SCIENCE FACILITY. (+ Learning about the outbreak) || Days Gone (Part 13)

so what is going on guys that this is Ryan here and welcome back to another episode up days gone I've got freaking lunga why here man guys we stand this next episode off and we're sneaking from something and I don't even know what the Freak it is listen guys we better stay low in these shrubs I'm telling you right now something is watching us something very very close to be honest guys nothing's even happening I'm trying to make a dramatic intro well let's get this going shall we welcome back the guys to the next episode of days go on it now you guys maybe know it's not the land it is completely different that is at least if you missed the last episode so you better go back real quick long story short that mountain that you see him right there we came from over the top of that thing and we made our way into a brand new area of this crazy-looking game dude and this one looks real height man it's very very diverse and there's a lot of story just from what we can see here a lot of these trees looking burned down there's still elements of smoke blooming out from I guess what once was a pretty intense forest fire you buildings right there dude come on right now also guys I gotta say one more thing as well the last episode on this got crazy likes as well compared to the other stuff it's like the series is just coming back and our man it's so great to see same rule applies for this one guys – he likes next episodes straight away let's do this you see the drift election right now what up guys let me try that one more time I guess it's because the snow is coming in horror and nice run up with this one here so one thing I will say is well about the last episode if we caught up what the heck are superior mace yeah yeah guys we found a pretty formidable carrots we've been searching for for a long time if you still haven't seen it and you get an ideas check back and you'll see who I got a suspicion we're gonna be seeing this character time and time again and it's going to account to something pretty fantastic for the storyline for this episode of we're gonna keep doing the same thing again the story missions done and just going from that you can say John the captain cool here we go st. John a Corey come back hello sage ah there we go I just wish my guess he's assigned you to the research division mm-hmm captain research division I'm helping lieutenant Weaver and Lieutenant Whitaker pretty much you can offer are they gonna get it I guess much hope I'm gonna be in just sort of their errand boy for now and actually that's why I radio dance you see doubt this tenant Whitaker gave me a requisition form it says well you know alright guys so this one here this one is a supply room for Sarah so you know spoilers if you didn't see the last episode and didn't check back as you are at fault by this point so Sarah's out there wanting some yeast weather or you can actually use that for anything else other than baking which they're talking about I have no idea the earth crosses something's ever change yeah I guess so but maybe we're just simply going on a run pretty much for the camp so they can get some food supplies because food is probably just as important as the weapons man people don't have the energy to actually shift their weight then they're gonna be shifting nothing you know this is kind of nice as well because we're basically riding around crater lake you can get a good look around the place as a whole they should explore the lands a little bit so we're gonna see what's on pretty much the other side of Crater Lake and we're gonna go from there dude so if nothing else happens I'll join you guys there woah look on the mini-map look at all the good stuff we can get around here are you kidding I pitched up already crap my dude we got like herbs absolutely everywhere so first one right there give me that good stuff – blue cameras we know what the heck that is what I'm gonna eat and find out and down here I wish Todd okay these are weird not quite you ain't gonna get that absolutely no one I see you guys whatever I don't even care that was some pretty good Lewin though guys that's all I'm gonna say it got a lot of the resources work pretty much though at the Jack is that demon Birds right now you see that so birds as well in this place are basically an infestation center that's go via okay check this out yeah you just got a feast row there's one of the feast of these that is several breaker just like two or three why am I gonna do cow and easy let me get the high ground on this I got to assess the situation my goodness there's a lot so I only see one of the breakers now that dude he knows I'm up there there's one more there oh boy this yeah this is rough dude this is gonna be real rough dude we've got to get rid of them there is nothing else we can do come on on top some pipe bombs so okay I'm gonna put that thing there viruses I can hear my grunting you hear he's just down there you see that I could get him right there I'm just gonna go for this go right that's a pretty good shot he's definitely on fire but does he know where it came from I took on the low he knows it came from above okay so switch out to the mws just to be safe or does he gonna be doing some good damage right here he comes right now defuse him oh boy yeah this might be a problem to come out is he gonna do something there's I'm here I got a check behind – hey here he comes look at him peek it right there get some chocolate go try to get the headshots more so than anything else what the Freak you doing climbing on a cow right now you know here we go hello it's pretty much in its head there you go good shooting good shooting the truth be ready to roll with these guys okay so let's go now whoa there you go reload deeper a little bit and wait for it wait for it wait for it roll again that move is really hard to dodge shoot I don't know how we time that go try to really get the headshots for this guy man that's how you do the damage there you go okay good so far look how he just gets straight back on track though you know these guys are insane there you go first one down first him down that blends the spoiler on my armor to be honest there's another one down there though how the heck am I gonna take down the second one right first of all I see him down that I could get early shots on this three what up I can hear with the bikers and they come up close to the encampment I'm gonna have to drop it right down there a little bit I hope the breakers don't see me over the other side to be honest and gotta turn the bike round so I got a good escape route here in case that's good I'm gone the low can we do this man he doesn't see me so we could get inside I really hope we can do this nice and efficiently holy crap newts on top I'm not gonna even try and open that door there what very very quiet thankfully what can we do in here we gotta knock the fire gun I will take this thing preserving the beauty of Crater Lake Lobster listen now's not the time to be looking at that deep areas collectibles and you know what if I was to craft maybe a suppressor can I do that perhaps no perhaps not just let some yeast don't shoot the noose if you don't go to dude you know I watch you guess what you said superior mace dude I'm actually really tense right now I'm pretty into the zone you can hear one of those glass I bet I do a sweet listen I'm sorry I'm a guy you will see Mike they got a bike in that squatter Patrol don't think so the so much you got to look for now okay I'm like pulling back each time dude pick this this is probably where it's gonna be the right I think look nice and click nice and quick come on Mike come on come on come on yeah don't announce you d close the bind you close it close to freakin go thank you with a map yes this is the kitchen area right I guess I will take it for the sake of tourism there it is but we use this just important one by now this is enough we went to these lengths to get it so if we can pick this door we do this way here we can just open to you you do now break as I think I pretty much occupied around the other side so yeah we are here let's go up on the right is it break it down there so we're gonna have to go over the hilltops to where we came through now I hope the squatter doesn't see me I can still hear his bike in the distance coming away right there man I think we might be honest now just curious why do you all right yeah whatever geez dude she's pretty strange about everything right it's a bad way to go by the way calm down just about good let's go freak up the restaura wolves around me once I can't get a breach well I can't I mean you guys I'll just get back I'm sick of this here we go yeah opens up nicely now one thing I'm really enjoying about this bike is that the petrol is really start to last a lot longer so rather than this thing just like chowing down on it guzzling through it actually conserves it to an extent and we can ride a lot further with little to no issues so we're gonna write up the top of the mountain guys and I'll join you back once with that here we go then Sarah once again dammit ma'am probably cause a man Wow would you stop doing that please sure I know that things are strange Minh I can't help that right now well I live in a barracks with a dozen militia assholes when my wife lives in a private tent up on an officer's Ridge nothing strange about that Deacon the only time that I see is when I'm done running one of her errands nothing strange about that either ma'am mmm-hmm I used to thank you please I guess we'll learn more about if I stop are you baking something I mean if you need an oven I know I'm using it to create viral proteins that they trigger these antibodies but of course you are being sarcastic we are deep red a viral proteins it's all the same to me Wow hey wait a second it's strange you know ironically the chemistry in the ass thank you I already said that and then first a yes ma'am Bob teach geez I guess it was a very weird introduction there's a lot of like what when I first saw it so make sense I know things estranged like the mission is even called that so again that makes perfect sense I've never given up though I'm not losing sir again I'll stay and help any way I can that there shows that does Karen wants to get things done though still so even though he's got that personality deep down he does he just want to get this dude okay come on – hmm copy that sir Korea thanks very much for that so I guess we got our Tendo since yeah who likes to give the fireside chat very exciting all right let's see what's happening around come in its Indesit have a seat oh I don't know why this reminds me of like the end of dying light you know tops and stuff what did you ride with back in the day no I mean this look what ball z no I spent 20 years in East LA patching up bundles demo turistas and every other kind of Panero so he never look mm-hmm and is that one of those dudes no kind of wood stove did this thanks for not I guess calling us out on that appreciate it we're gonna say anything though nope forget good clean it'll heal on its own leave a nasty scar but I want you to come back and see me in a couple of days you got it funny thing what up when the city burned and the horse came in neighborhoods at war for decades all came together fought together Latinos interesting where dos chinos blood scripts did it matter find each other was the least of the words right we had so crazy would have to bring people together sometimes no strange brah what's good thanks time what if he wrote at some point as well I don't know he's got no tats on his body interesting though right it's kind of cool and you think about that kind of warming inside and some weird weird freakish way that's quite a huge freak are they so I did like the video comment let's go this guy's hilarious spray that maybe you got too close to that man you were tracking he did wait wait saw the trader League just off the South Rim Drive that boy Taylor all right that's the mission objective to thankfully because I'm trying not to do with the additional stuff at least not yet guys I want to focus on the mission things so save and Taylor is priority you know let's check this out see first of all I got another skill point just ran hold okay now a category I've really neglected is the melee one so we're gonna go hard hit a increases the weapon damage and we've really need this stuff because we're finding good weapons now and if the damage for that is increased then you only know what's gonna happen guys like it will be exploding so you lieutenant just have a better upload I guess channel alright hey so I looked at that requisition form it says that you want silicon okay column chrome what sorry it's my research that's actually going silicon where do I get it why do we get it okay okay nice one got it yeah Roxie's ma'am what is it for all played so we gonna get out of this guy's I'll be right back now we're gonna swing the bass one hand but that's like a to handle whoa this weapon is quite strong too right right there you go don't get back up honestly you'd be doing yourself more favors than me sorry again I'm here definitely not confusing it's free you know hey where else am I gonna go believe they're gonna make me get back this really cool hat so I'm starting to like this hat sure about that my guy hey save me some of the viral proteins I got an appetite out here so slowly you can see small parts of the humor coming back in you know like still laughing for another that's a good sign you know and the fact that sir has made a private channel that goes to show who's King guys I'm just being hopeful what is going on something's going down another story mission though can I know what's going on my 22 how poor now is that just like so I just heard that happened and didn't respond fair enough no can I just like dirt bike up here to get over the mountain quicker because this would be taking it all right whoa all right we're gonna go the long way sure he's trying right up this line nice and sunny honey honey breaker come be in front of me don't be front of me don't be in front of me don't be in front of me oh my god no Buford nice this is bad Helle crank it down here nice and safety hold up is he does it easy cuz I'm gonna go for dude let's go pull up pull up what I'm not gonna run a break-in no way there we go tell us where your camp is I think maybe we'll let you live don't talk I don't think he can hear us let's see if we can do something about that what's he doing out here though you know I'm not telling you strong man dude you're the first weeks to take a bite to the head for the brothers to do told me can we help what you think maybe we can turn this in at that army camp and get some credits yes I see you I cry there what are we gonna do anything Jesus Christ indeed hmm how can he help tiller hang in there can rescue tato we gotta so do this yeah we're goin in dude I don't even care about being like you'll silent for this one I just wanna get this done listen guys I ain't got no silencer so let's get the start okay here we go alright so if you 80s for so long you get like focus vision down the scope so let's see how effective this can be heck is the next attack I don't see any of them are they where the heck these dudes are all up here's a couple of rounds so let's see how to close that that one come on right now make the shell slam there you go oh that was a good shot okay sniper at the back there we go perfect asset that's him taken care of now so I'm not sure if those dudes died but there's not many left of this camp at all let's see what craft balls we got around here – it looks like another one of these small pipes so they make the pipe bombs always and I definitely need some ammo from these guys so whatever you got I'm taking it you know more ammo but we've got about 25 shots give or taking this thing I guess we're going in though dude they I guess I hiding out in some kind of cave slash abandoned mine with some weights this thing so did it mm-hmm okay it's not to you but I thought it's gonna be darker than that so yeah they're dead oh yeah go whoa good shot Terra you're okay right now I might wanna pop from the ear and then I don't Taylor oh you know I've had better days I'll be honest I just could be hey listen to me pal yeah take this pull it against your head like that good no I was gonna wait here I'm gonna go radio traffic hurry he's gonna send someone to pick you up all right yeah oh yeah nice job though least we saved Taylor you got a plan better okay hundred percent so wife outside of days Taylor keep your head up higher dude and you know listen to me in future literally so we've got the celica mission not to do next do that another new skill point as well let's go have the quarry be hopeful say John come back not why I'm checking in captain this time fill a house rider camp just off of South Rim Drive is close to the island no listen no no dealt with these bastards I have an injured man private Taylor they sliced his ear off yeah no no idea what he was doing out here I need you to send document in him enough's and some men to come out and get them I'll send you the coordinates dude this doesn't feel right I don't get it justjust coming way too close way too close for comfort so let's try and take him out silently that's awkward he's still facing me that's the problem you don't work just nice and silent it's a first time think Oh give me your ear by the way just like I'm taking Taylor's right now I mean wait what look dude I'm gonna have to move up I'm gonna use my melee weapon to take care of this one here let's go after rolling – just get rid of it there you go is that one shot whoa hold up so much sense of grading I guess they're melee thing I'm taking these down everyone here look at that okay that's gonna help a lot with crowd control hailer how you doing buddy what happened with him death teyla help is on the way you hang tight come back you've lost um up by the infirmary later see how you're doing uh-huh hey I've seen that thing is pretty pushy you're out there captain or something Taylor seen it don't give the doc too much trouble huh you got that dig it out subtlety next mission though guys we're gonna find some of that silicon or silicon whatever it was called silicate maybe is silicate you guys know I'm talking about so I took the trip back to the camp stocked up on the bikes it was all fuel – good – is that that sounded like an animal of some kind sir that's right here we go this is what we're gonna find it right here nice and slowly does it oh brother it's not this was a bad way to go fortunately shimmering oh yeah just beyond this point then if we find the cell – it almost looks like it's gonna be down by the water so it's a natural resource or something stored more so within that cabin right there so it's gotta be getting close what this thing yes silica okay let's see all right fellas get inside wait it's like a little arrow on there just talk to listen here I bought a suppressor to go just to keep it nice and quiet mama being jump-scare by birds like you know what I mean so we learned in the last episode that the infection actually spreads to birds some stuff too you know what just to be safe as well we're gonna use this thing so one sure now it's kind of crazy but what was the upgrade right there so repair okay maybe that's worth doing dude we were paired up a hundred percent I like this one a lot here we're gonna do an intake um I suppose there we go listen guys look you're gonna go to be problem so it's gonna be very tasty later and inside we go no point win over the county you see that literally there's another one and then let's get explore in this place a little bit so the heck is that the remnants of a body my goodness one bandage is that gunfire it is gonna fire while I'm inside there out there it does not matter I see then why would this be in here I say we the girls on the way ahead bitch speak and then when can I sleep you because anywhere okay how do we stop just the cab really okay in a bag right there there was that it see here we go silicate Selleck it is almost silica I keep saying said okay now I just gotta find a way out of here way I was fine which we'll get into you dude I'm loved in the environment for this just the sound listen to this how cloudy gets the night you know you can't see far ahead they also a danger an already missing me like okay Wow No is he doing yep this is ridiculous dude let's go find out I guess I should there this is corporal st. John doc job how's the arm it's still been enough that's a bit baby it's Hey so I'm actually just checking in to see the do you know any of the officers I don't know I'm just the wood some runs for them for him lieutenant Whitaker and it just seems like he's uh he's in her face all the time and trying to like not make it a coffee it's right Weaver I swear to God what are you afraid of a little competition is there problems oh I like that dude as well what now ma'am just a friendly discussion corporal lieutenant okay what was that all about you don't it nothing it's just Weaver he thinks that the answer to everything is just to burn it all they can do Kim here thank you no don't what now deke thank me don't thank me every time you thank me I end up outside with another one of your both requisition forms my book that's what you think this is of course you didn't mean it you know I don't understand why you're still here this side well then let me enlighten you I spent the last five years killing freaks one by one up close is so close that I could smell flesh rotting between your teeth so if you're working on something here that's gonna take them all out at once okay I'm in but if you don't want me here you know I just give the order Deacon wait I'm sorry okay I do need I just so doesn't the have you ever had a dream kid you know what I mean guys you know Sarah emergency when he means before the outbreak I have a right listen guys remember I was talking about cheeks like two episodes ago Deacon's head right now the hamsters spin in that wheel okay so well anyway Weaver yeah I'm here of course okay yeah yeah I mean yeah yes sir polystyrene you need polystyrene right there's a seven such remote beneath the water tower if it's a story mission of course what is this I'll find it the wrecked truck okay I'll get you your polystyrene mmm-hmm if it's a story mission are well and it is so our shell alright guys let's check out the other side of this camp I didn't even know around the back those also another way out this thing you see a little bit of how this camp is actually working as a whole interesting so the sleeping quarters back there this is probably where they store stuff fortification so that the walls don't break down and this is a large open growing area so this is where they're planning to plant the crops keep everyone alive that way looks like maybe somewhere over here perhaps the harvesting or doing something to help maintain what do we have just beyond this part training ok so there is structure to this place it's really interesting to see it gives a lot more life to everything you know one dude hi guys so we're back out look at the way the Supreme or so totally we've got to find seven and different pieces of the polystyrene for the Corporal and from there's gonna do with it this dude's getting his head snapped I don't even care right now this is some bull crap from I think okay it sounds a lot like to lady what are you talking about alright next time I see one of those then I'm definitely gonna start because I've know it's at you always get shocked from the engine semester scrap of yes sir [Applause] another one coming up right now [Applause] alright might do my best yes sir I'll chase them down you're coming back I would have left you you just run away come on thanks crap these guys are still brutal then you see that so we bring them back alive only four then him to be killed anyways and the mission is called you've got the wrong guy that is not very very good you know I'm worried about that water tower okay so we just stopped the bicycle yeah be here somewhere mm-hmm what are we looking for then he said a truck so maybe this one just out of the searching areas so the can't get anything there those guys are just gonna find weavers that's a problem cuz these guys they swooped down look they're already coming in bro my god it's gonna be a nightmare so I'm probably gonna burn the nest down right to take care of them how do I take care of these guys cuz this is gonna be a nightmare you can see there's obviously like kids have a nest there so maybe I got a launch molotovs at it listen I gotta do it listen guys I love birds but I don't like birds that part so that does look at that neo clear so just like that the problem is solved question mark I think it is solved exclamation mark nice list let's go I can smell it it's that with beak it it's dealt with there's a second one just here guys so again we got to do the same thing unfortunately sorry guys luck which out the way that thing their nests destroyed is that both of them then sure hope there's only two I can deal without those birds man all right so the hunt for polystyrene begins that looks like some Balinese diary we need crazy you know we just need to simply polystyrene cups that's what we're doing right now we're skin our life at just for this there's another master oh my gosh it has to be one more nearby good they're building them absolutely everywhere so I'll craft the final one let's torch this up guys its nest about to get torched oh god dude there you go don't miss such short that's four different nets done so maybe that's all of them taken care of I shall freakin hope so dude my gosh huh there we go don't mark the rest and if I can never have Cory sentiment I heard to get the rest just proved that at least exist there all right now I was gonna fast travel but it looks like there's another mission right there for the Bounty Hunter so kind of feeling like we do a two in one here you know we may just as well so I'll now select this one here half the seven things that I need we'll get there then Oh this back of this thing here it's very very quiet fortunately the breakers are all gone I'm gonna leave my bike here because I don't know what's gonna happen you know with the people would they see me on my bike whatever give safe distance we can escape let's take a look this is it mm-hmm something back there though we're looking at maybe the map or something like that I don't really understand what it is around here all right what is this hot Oh wanted I'm I'm back alive it's functioning bike nearby you what okay let's see see where this all about it's going on here yeah good question colonel spotted oh my god okay well let me see if I can take a good pops how do you take like a bullet to the forehead me still okay my gosh all right let's go anyway okay let's go come back a bunch a getaway teacher trying I'm trying oh my god this is the words come on noise or ignore ignore ignore it what the dude he's so far ahead by the way that jump tho why your men trying to take me out of my dude the Freak on here stop shooting me I tried sideswiping yeah that's good that was a good one right there I got the second one okay so now it's just him if he's not in it like guilty why she tries to like stop himself from being poor you know right it's forehead look at this shot them time go my engines gone again by the way he looks so dead right oh my gosh I'm gonna be like ten scrap from somewhere what a nightmare dude what is he even like cooperate I can't remember its forehead my god he's got a knife in the back of his hands or something by the way no all right okay bro my bike engine is completely guess we're gonna leave into it can I leave you my guy look at your head though it looks like you've just smashed off a tomorrow right there you see that hey the first one you were asking for oh good good send it down over there he's gonna show us some of what he's been working on maybe let me get a piece okay all right how are things going with lieutenant Whitaker I think he knows something's up right how do you mean I see you coming and going man you're doing a lot of runs for her yeah I'm just doing my job [Laughter] yeah I tried to hit that once when I first got here and I'm trying to hit you straight in the flavor – oh yeah dude I mean that lady's got a fine ass I'm an ass man can't help myself yeah yeah how'd that work out for you I'm not too good they she threw me down on the ground tried to break my goddamn arm listen up need to watch yourself with her there ladies intense keep that in mind ah anything else uh no but grab these and follow me we about to start doing some yeah I know carrier right now to be fair dude anyone who says that about a woman I'm going with I swear to goodness knows yesterday Pam Molotov we're actually about to test napalm that guy who's got it in his hand see pilot styrene is an aromatic hydrocarbon while gasoline is made up of simple aliphatic hydrocarbons Martines I say in that anyway MIT you two together all those molecular chains break up into single covalent bond all right and tell me what I don't know yeah everybody knows that seek factual guys facts I didn't know that guys anyway let's see what happens then so he's actually gonna throw a small one that come with crap napalm after hold up that might be insane if we can't so it works that my friend is a napalm Molotov that is how we're gonna win this war which I find to in the formula it's gonna burn hotter than an acetylene torch bang no how could it yeah I got a pretty good idea I'm not get about fire mine roaring what can work in an auto shop do anything else no man I'm good all right talking about butts you know some honesty flashbacks keeps we've got that one done now look guys to it one right now let's go and see what Sarah's going on with me chaining these events to like the maximum degree this is how you optimize okay servants for this cam yeah just some put it on the counter will you okay I'm sorry hmm it's this is just really frustrating for me sometimes how many emotions is happening right now is enough for everyone right just another requisition form oh you know what I'm I'm not gonna give this one to you reason why not so I'm gonna go with you this time let's go that's got a hype ok so we're actually doing a mission with Sarah it's not like a flashback this time it's the real deal okay it's interesting just in a requisition form not this time last time you went on a run I mean give real slow listen hey I've done supply runs like anyone else so I got to admit it's been a while mm-hmm even had a bike no but we do but I think I'm gonna ride with you on this run hey chance of us getting separated that way yeah I like that that sounds good to him mm-hmm hey you uh you've been inside the arc yet the caves here yeah I got the Grand Tour when I arrived fascinating colonel himself hmm come on even you got to give the man some credit provision stockpiling preparing saving what we can give him this this island is a goddamn fortress nothing's gonna get in here without a hell of a fight hey the war there's two ways through you know it'll be kind of interesting if need be like they could cook the bridge is completely and then they're safe you know no freak is coming in I guess you could get nice quiet place it's got that woman's touch all right I'm hardly ever here and most nights I usually spend it on a cot in the lab hey there's this will get the job done as a gift from Matt when I first joined up Matt the colonel Jesus come on Deacon it's just a gun come on let's go this way I want to show you something all right well Owen you more about the compliments not here the militia to cut down almost every tree on the island I am guessing that's like one left right colonel to save the last one oh yeah well how about we do that no she likes trees right up here to create a lake I mean she got married so he gladly this people eh I remember maybe something that Mount Mazama blew up how long did it take a lot of the cool and soil to form all these trees to grow when all this is over when we leave this fucking Island I want there to be at least one tree left let's go listen these guys don't know about any of that I've I've been through their dead zone the Colonel's focused on winning the war sooner I do my part sooner he'll stop burning everything to the ground war like so many a war is just what's happening I don't know why they reference it's a war all right here we go though epsilon the same Viking no nothing it's just it's not the same bye well do you know what's wrong all right let's do this then Community College east of here off the highway you know the one right my goodness yeah yeah let's take the south bridge it'll be faster okay yeah now this is gonna be interesting though because this is the first time Sara and ass are gonna have all this stuff the yeast the silicon why don't you all right the weapon I'm working on is a beer sighs oh yeah the buyers the causal themselves to mutate I can kill it so she's working on something really interesting where's everyone else is like just fire power she's doing direct like biology by the sounds of in our research could be crucial because if then once something's found it could be replicated this could be used on everything dude like imagine if they could like mass empty this stuff everywhere you know I would end this for good well maybe I'm just looking into this too much look guys come on I don't know after that night and farewell what happened I mean how did you get out we never soul flash backs on those we almost didn't after the feds pulled out anyone still alive shot started putting up roadblocks of their own and they started shooting people on site we somehow made it to that refugee camp where we put we thought that you were gonna be waiting but like I said it was gone tried a few others same story no survivors everything overrun so within a week the whole damn Valley was a war zone people were killing each other over scraps of food sometimes killing each other for no reason at all Boozer and I hadn't stuck together I don't think we would have made it wait Boozer he's alive where is he what happened to him he's backing somewhere oh yes he's alive but he's he's at a camp up north he can't ride anymore because because he lost his arm but but he is alive so glad he's alive oh I'm really sorry I should have asked you about him sooner don't worry about it okay my turn miss look it's gonna sound stupid but um that night farewell my mongrels ring we found on someone else right you'll have it Deacon I'm sorry it's the Colonel's policy uh-huh they confiscate all jewelry when you come into the camp so my second theory gold and silver to use in Weaver's project or whatever the hell I forgot all about it I'm really sorry I went to get it from right behind oh don't worry about it I don't know I was just making out loud it doesn't matter yes he just wanted like a peace of mind with that one like I guess it makes sense you know two years for this moment even if Sarah's not voiced yet we still gotta you know be that way so let's see what are we heading for here it's like an old research okay what does that say Community College right that you've been here before once before you know career day they invited me to give a presentation on exciting careers in biochemistry no no good nothing just looking back it should have been a talk on how to survive the end of the world let's do this I wonder if there'll be anyone here sure hope c'mon dude how are we gonna get through this so funny way around and the CCC kiddo hold on I can boost you up there mm-hmm gotta find a spot with this involved why so about here ready take it easy we've only just found you back come on do your bit here watch your head yeah the way you're gonna kick that down for us let's go by the way look I got random questions like who even put that there who spent the time to put that one box up here you know they carried that up here Jesus when the hell happened here the same as everywhere else right set up before they figured out that a hordes like to run along highways I'm gonna take anything that comes on this entire place is gonna be crawling maybe you know where we're going should've okay let's take a look at this M&C good fine what up first of all Sarah wait that one sec I need some ammo I got a stuck up yeah we go sounds like newts more than three kiss themselves which is decent because they are one shot now what I can hear it sounds like frickin what's wrong well I mean I don't want to bring the whole place down to this we don't even know what's in there know what's in there but you goddamn do this mom let's just go and do it saris we look at them do spiked a and my goodness me look at this was living here jammed playset pretty good fortification didn't last long clearly for the newts very acrobatic they can climb anything and they got a spring in their step dude so I Sarah we're going through it this way yeah here the doors locked but it doesn't look barricaded can you Jimmy it of course we can we're drift action we can Jimmy just about any good at this there nice camera angle liking it alright seemed all right inside deacons head you know okay now these are the thoughts that coming look I'm gonna bring you down here help me move this okay coming over gets ready for backing myself way are you back like that yeah all right why don't you find another way don't wait a second look at them best so close we can do this we can do this uh we both go out there we're just gonna pull them down on top of each other so wait a second what if you don't they'll be here uh-huh you lay down covering fire take out the strap I'll take up the rest are you sure about this yeah yeah I do this all the time just keep up a steady stream of fire all right once I'm through [Applause] um she's probably scared all right let's go here we go so there's a swarm right here there's gonna be interesting so I want to stop out definitely to the mws no chocolates it's not that many to be fair dude go I want to try conserve ammo as best I can to let that do go away second take the time to reload right you know I'm gonna finish this dude with a melee hey you go take that to the forehead right there yeah right now it's clear these two need the bounties for the camp man I want to start purchasing those up greatest time goes on station no we had it all the way mmm-hmm something like that it's gonna bring in more mmm-hmm so we better be hasty right he'll be long gone by then we'll see yes just advancing simply right kill the dice barricaded up pretty good the window that we're gonna put Sarah through that I did see a lot of messed up oh okay so there's gonna get it in here maybe we'll have to burn these down maybe one how can we get all right that's not good find something for me to climb on all right let's get everybody this thing we go up so we're like let's start there no they're kind of backing up a bit that was a bad throw I think that got quite a few types of landing shots as best they can I've got the penetrate fire as wild right so there we go easy peasy lemon squeezy going back to school and now you finally got your way well better late than never oh okay thanks well making it through this oh there's a nest right there seriously mmm-hmm she's the one asking us thing like this this is cool we make quite a good team look guys I'm just saying alright no early observations here about your first decide whatever you say I'll make some new craftable just walk around it's like a bomb went off all right maybe one did come on I think we can get through here the doors jammed wants to Jimmy again let's check it out one two three close close there you go ringing gotta be careful dude good job he's nervous you can tell weapon ready decode all times either you need this piece of equipment we're not giving up now always clear though you know you never know until you're actually out there I can hear at least something it does sound fairly distant more barricades and they're everywhere okay huh check the buildings it's a small hole in the fence right there it's over there just got to get through these barriers let's take a look we can probably push the car over to that window that another open a window I guess we don't need dad I'll push the car those you're both gonna loose you can do this way don't take so long finding something for you to climb mm-hmm she's through okay not to attract any more swarmers don't shoot the weapon none less I mean yeah I'll see what I can do Morag that's good Sarah dude what the heck okay I can't go that way now we push the car right aw dude we gotta hurry up you can hear us you we should have done this from the get-go this was my ritual come on new this is gonna be risky that's in place let's go let's go let's go where is she ah god damn it Sarah he was going where she were she hope she's all right she should be Sarah okay all right yeah did she still pull in the trigger I can shock me she did it though yeah there's there are so many I just kept coming it's okay it's okay it's okay okay she hasn't been like cool has she fine come on we're almost there come on please don't act tough for the sake of just putting a face on it's a bit concerning she was just pulling the trigger continually it's not a good sign honestly Sarah please be careful please there's no one's gonna be here it looks like this place has been shut up tight from the inside hmm come on there's gotta be a way in interesting and sealed up from the inside though and there's no remnants of people ever getting in what's in that huh sure you're okay yeah the CCC Building killed friis before I know what you mean this is just a minute right Deacon I'm fine let's go let's check this door can you open it I probably can't go around the building I leave that way in someone sealed and tight from the inside what about the roof tough day we gotta stay together Yeah right she gets it hey you go oh man straight on the hot oh damn it jams like all the rest right which means come on she's got no ammo left there for a gun I don't want to start to do anything crazy ah man it feels like she's gone oh please Sarah don't do it okay you come on the roofs low yeah yeah we just have to find a way up Sarah here help me push this we can use it to climb up mm-hmm okay let's go dude give me the problem Gabriel from Bush here we go bad thing if we run or for that dude and I would take that back to camp on bike is cool stuff we could probably start on the bagging but we need vehicles like this man doing those runs you could just fly in any type of zombie you break a might get broken you know yeah there's a lot of news that we're gonna have to like that it's been down look at this reminiscent not ready to wear newts can get pretty nasty when you trespass in their territory how we good man this weapons gonna take him more down watch this that is the best of them just like that it's the last of them this weapon is insane man I'm gonna take all these new ears by the way dude no but I mean you gotta admit they're pretty goddamn annoying you know all right this is how they were getting in okay so I knew it's still in there you know dude guess we're gonna hop down though let's just go for it here give me your head okay so at least we're gonna hop him first right let's go nice it's any news to be honest that facial animation was a bit weird right there I'm gonna say that bit so I'm into this dude you better catch your dq1 and there you go that catch though right all right fuck him also we're inside could probably open the door from the outside but Oh annoying but they smell like oh yeah you try to find the smell after two years no thanks work where are we going to try these doors one of these is gonna be a lab or a lecture room a centrifuge has to be here somewhere okay centrifuge probably this one here you know cutscene obviously so let's see what if I like recognize number 207 before let's used him reference to something I swear it's like an easter egg I'm not sure man look never in all the names I all just came in here did they showed themselves away and that was it right they just allowed themselves to die hemlock they all killed themselves my suicide and the names on the board are all of those are now in this room forever over here Thanks yeah it's nice what you need Center fuse you were looking for yeah this is it come on well there's names man look at that okay what if that's an easter egg no too like the developers or something I would be curious about that of course there was gonna be something right what are the chances you know marauders is it yes I shoot it down Barry Jones hiding bike all right let's do this we just went on all right I hope she's okay this is a bit yeah you know stay put the like there's a lot look at the mold dude holy crap take these dudes out here they're like yeah there's two freaking Shubin dude just take my bow let's sit down with this freak you said to so I'm gonna let them deal with them all right do we gotta kill the Freak is up to I guess maybe I'll take them up at the back which will be loose there's a lot flooding and holy crap hold up no do I want to keep moving up right now and my guy thanks for the bounties though you know let's just pick up the last of these guys then and we'll keep moving the description so that two shots with the guns as long as you land them look at that and then let's just focus fire make sure that one is he dead I think so come on just drop down there take some of these boundaries so there's actually a quite a few wait what's going on yes good there they are she caught us before we even saw him it's a one shot even despite the armor dang dude how's that working out for you then huh not too good I guess right now that dude is just like laying down fire take him out now gonna be annoying to take pounding all right start taking care of there we go good LMG there though can I take that wait what the Freak it's like a fair slot so it fills up as a new special okay now that will be really really effective so keep all of that it's a moment for this idea so a second 204 um oh I gotta test this out look at the drum just go straight in there so she's got the centrifuge still right I am about ready to test this gun out please give me another prompt to take down some more you know let's see a lot more you got any more of those smoking aids yeah you're not gonna like entire party watch where I'm going and throw the grenades ahead of me you got it we got chance to use it let's go okay let's do this yeah there's someone pieced together so clear the area of marauders swap out to the RPGs so we're gonna throw a thing like before but if do I just actually I don't really understand so it's not accurate but closer that will be really effective I'm sure we could probably get that to be more accurate over time we're gonna get movin dude no point wasting time look at these shots s3 gun right we'll move you here come on maybe shot land comes come real close I've got the RPD so I'm gonna try at let's see that claps dude oh man a close range a two shot and it's got like a drum of 100 oh my god he said take some more ammo please be some more in that 150 what's the ammo capacity of that thing you know right holy crap if you zoom in the legs they drop much faster so maybe that's the best thing we don't have armor this dude is very occupied there's two of them so let's go for the lakers laughs well they are armored there too so right there nice shop shooting dude oh boy that was close last one right there yeah me too bye let's go okay hold on I'm coming to you with the bike or do we want to walk back so you want to walk by Hank dude what the objective all done though and by the way you see this ramp right now I would love to use that but bikes from the out front let's just get Sara and get out of here all right wait we move back in here all right no centrifuges I hope there's not like one stream I all right what's wrong with you please dude I don't know it's just that I remember the day that I met you you fired my gun in this careful rednecks and you're so scared you cringe – shake yeah well what's changed since then come on let's get the hell out of here it's like she wants to take the lead always you know she always wants to make sure that we're the one following her as opposed to saying the stuff happened to you sir what's that this is what happened okay look I get it how lots changed everyone we knew is gone but it doesn't explain explain why not why everyone in the good old boys club calls me the wizard island which I'm kind of curious about that too to be honest I don't give a shit about any of that I I kind of do I'm curious though nothing has happened to me that hasn't happened to every other person on this planet yeah okay if you say so mm-hmm so centrifuge let's move we're gonna do just get back home I sure hope is as simple as getting back home you always know how this game turns out though probably not bitter like strange tension in the air at the moment I'm kind of feeling let's check my audio can I say thank you maybe we'll see no guess nothing there we go though I just wanted to let you know how much I needed this it's like smile you know that's enough folks ish oh there it is he still responded for like a thank you like deep down that was just service way of getting around that that was a pretty big mission done dude we went to a college know pretty much the equipment so which 61% with that to call these credits dude I've done nothing okay so with all of that can you let me talk thank you now we've got to go up to our cameras name I think it's him – it's pronounced term ivory Jimin it's like I remember guys look we've got to go visit him I guess about the arm and make sure things are still healing up nicely with that and it's like no risk of an infection can you believe it captain Curry's got me on guard duty like something's gonna happen to that dock in the middle oh yeah it's a touch up but I'm sure you got it covered all right yeah hey what's going on with you man you got some some saddle sores or something neither dr. Lu y'all how's the ear I can't hear you ironic I just man I'm feeling no pain brother Doc's got me on some oxy tight fine man I'm fine oh hey I saw the lieutenant earlier she was trying to get something from the doc yeah yeah I thought you'd want to know no thanks you around Taylor yeah I like that chemistry is the tube they weight together quite well so we'll set up eme you'll be fine all right just don't start any bar fights that's gonna be difficult or any promises died you know me but I say I was thinking it's been a while since I've been in does he want to go out and it's healing soft mr. Allen and oh are you kidding oh you're serious you want to go on a run with me I used to ride myself before the world went to hell you I said that works ago corporal doc going someplace he was planning in it it's been a while since I've been on a run and I was going to go and girls no no I don't think so nice coronet did what I do if I lost you if anything were to happen to you you can't be put place yes sir I can look out for him dismissed corporal he's gonna want to sneak out right I've been out in the eye and but again if anything would happen to you I don't know what I'd do if I that's true you know and I bet if he wants to sneak out or something dude singing but it's gonna go down like a problem or something so what kept me going sorry you want something else already let's hear it let's hear it that's it that's as far as I can go how can I help you can't unless you have a DNA synthesizer somewhere nearer comes no but uh there's an auto parts store near for clammin I can get what I need there you'd think I would learn I think I know where you go really an aero cam come on your old lab Cloverdale okay yeah that's great all we have to do is find a way over the mountain we did that yeah you're right that would be impossible oh my god do you know a way over don't you good you can take me it's at an order lieutenant yes no I'm Jude well I don't know where you're gonna take me or not dress warm pack light we're gonna do it we gon do it my god you say thank you one more time I need in for that come on II knew that was coming dig don't you go lyin let me know when you're worried Sarah knows how to win this going somewhere lieutenant yup colonel captain yes we were heading out to retrieve a piece of equipment that I need let's see how is your work progressing good good with deke corporal st. John's help I've been able to make some good progress careful with now thank you for assigning him to my project well lieutenant Weaver's also been making progress he says he'll be ready to test his chemical weapon by the end of the week I heard mine will be ready soon you realize you are more valuable than any piece of equipment equipment can be replaced you cannot I system will this count you know that I can handle myself carry on lieutenant corporal cool why is curry with it this time to see the folks in Worcester the one I guess Weaver's research as opposed to Sarah's what is that all about anyway what all the yes sirs and no sirs saluting and the ranks the uniforms just seems kind of pointless you know sirree hey you're in the army once that was different Wow there were more people in the world I don't know I mean having a military made more sense wait how is for kids to get up that what the heck this moment we're not gonna make and I've been at plenty of camps that are doing just fine without having a colonel breathing down their necks you know what's funny about uniforms the rank City toilets I mean when you guys used to all right you look like I'm gonna do a show like all right dude let's go now that you mention it we're just gonna come back in somewhere around here I can't remember what the freaking we're talking about that's like you know snowy lands act yeah oh that's gonna be called oh now that you mention it I can see your point look at the Sun on the top – gorgeous dude mike kob we're gonna have to see if the colonel will let me switch uniformed people there though yo these people good though fake is this does it dude right that taking I shut up all right you have to turn around buddy we got orders to keep anyone from keep anyone from what corporal no okay just the same rank sorry ma'am I didn't see with you it's not the same guy from that's giving us orders they gave big hold up don't be hilarious just accusing me of going AWOL then get out of my way brutally Mexico what the Freak you looking at you know bro what are you still doing there get the hell out of my way yes ma'am I'm sorry ma'am I'll have to report this yeah you do that let's just get this move in there Yankees I do that sounds serious I guess this like ya know gonna play this see that he's gonna report you cuz I look at the views it's just bad gonna take that never questioning office how close back we go in it's just to say where we came through the foam truck beautiful nothing it's just I mean the view up here it's incredible yeah you see em yeah I guess I just don't see it anymore crazy hey attention to it I mean how can you not it's breathtaking yeah yeah the world wakes up grateful for another dawn hey if you spent all day staring into a microscope you might appreciate it well I appreciate it I know being around when the morning comes up as a hell of a lot better than the alternative I gotta be honest no hoping to see another day yeah I know the feeling what kept you going back that I don't know just uh get going right God answers number two give up I think I don't believe you did give up sir I did then I don't know losers arm got dumped and I had to I mean I wasn't gonna let him die you're the game Stein was it again mother sounds in a struggle to keep going he had no reason no can reason at all I guess I didn't want to I didn't want to let him down oh right I didn't want to go out that way then I found out that that you were still alive in that ammo of a arrow on the top of her and I really wanted to that's what I really wanted to kill myself what yep right no seriously but uh then I remembered you still have my mongrels ring Wow that's what kept me going figured I've looked you up get it back you know all that exactly these dude things are gonna get better you know that right yeah yeah we can win this thing deep and we can try to keep it's me or you we're going on right the way back are we going the same way cuz I thought that that behind this era you coming up on the tears in tunnel tunnel unless oh did we I can't remember but I knew we'd be backtracking though through these other lands and we knew that her I guess like college or rather it will be the facility it was back here we got a visit that thing get the goods and get the heck back out of there as fast as we can heck was that triangle in the middle you guys see that you need your help to move that out of the way oh dang this is not gonna be easy there's gonna be the hell is that that what is a sigil it's a warning sign from the rippers what's a Ripper Ripper rest in peace they were a cult they cut themselves they worshipped the freaks they wanted to be like them mm-hmm past tense good see what happened if you didn't want to be like them how do we deal with them if you run into him she ain't gonna run into him that's gonna mean this or what yeah sure you probably figured out that we helped someone here we go see how dark that is another month kind of concerning back to the bike let's do this let's get hang on this is gonna be a tight squeeze look at this Jesus no wonder everyone gave up their cars this is nothing there's a tunnel up in the old Belknap traffic had been backed up at a nearer checkpoint for about a mile when everything Wow Ron how closely I think it's right wait yeah let's go can hear some talking I don't see any free-cos around though right yeah yeah it's right up here dude I thought was about to kill sir again I was gonna say you kidding we go now looks like the same shot before when we pulled it right dude seal that hold it now that won't come in through where's the it looks like the power still on so can she use the scanning recognition thing stick hey alright the power is still on so we have a lanyard there's a solar ad in the main rooftop I think I heard rumors about a nuclear powered generator but I never saw it okay well how the hell are we gonna get in I'll show you like you said power still isn't simple should be anyway Sarah I written Whittaker I do two zero zero seven six five nine she still remembers that no this is what we find the t-virus guys I'm telling you okay don't hold me up the eyes are a little more high-tech than I remember it's not really that impressive Aries not intelligent she's like a souped-up smartphone app area I better run on my signal you don't want to get something anything is it dude you see that in the Gulf come right then what's the heck sorry what's using that why I didn't find Dracula even if he's dead oh my god what is it things nothing food things just count on growing this there's so much Rudy Sara this should be the irrigation system it's all self automated so as long as the power is on this is self-sustaining let's let gymnast write that this place has everything it's got food it's got water it's got power it's gonna big fence and surprise no one is a camp dowdy that's like you said to the Howard salon that pull your bike in right bowels and volts telling everyone to keep this out how did that do to the golf cart Mon you could have just kept what a fault what are you just stop you know something like maybe you will go be insane being two years on your own and all around you is just freak is going crazy what a sight though huh pretty cool like literally just the simple concept that's what people didn't stay here then cry is there I think that will cool cries or something oh boy yeah safe from everything but these guys are now coming in though I'm fantastic now this reminds me of that scene in Jumanji you know what I'm gonna do dismiss they're gonna dismiss you see that Securi outfit down now on the floor okay so shriek is or whatever they call them now she's shaking ahead they're infected it's what's made them so hyper Dorothy we learned about that in the new land in my hat I think we should be okay as long as mm-hmm let's do this okay let's go sneaking into the science facility guys see it's mom who said this will sweetly giving a lot more tense than you gotta quite there is an excuse to really forget hello let's get in there let's get has come what we're here for I can't really remember what the hell happened here or you trim get it saw it that's the same guy he can recognizes him right you look into the other one is it the same sir these what they killed me this week long ain't it's here right did you know that yeah yeah I knew him there's something jacked up how can happen here nobody looks like that I hope not but I'm almost assuming so unfortunately so someone shot them all as they were what trying to leave I mean yeah it looks like it let me just lock the place up tight and they left why would they do that these there's someone oh yeah I don't know I wasn't here just go inside this place what though Sara Irene Whittaker ID two zero zero seven six five nine I can't use weapons see that's concerning power cuts the main thing it's gonna be another there's always another one okay so why is what you call it Arry why is arey working at the front gate not the front door ones inside surprise she's working at all I remember the guys in the IT department constantly complaining about the system going down and that was with weekly maintenance and now it's been what two years that one's on dammit I don't understand where these are working someone is inside you know how you said that no I get in here someone's inside already someone's watching someone's looking at me they're already here my god you're right they've locked me out one who knows how to use the system I've sealed this place hey let us in we're not gonna hurt you and we're not here to stay let us and why would the Funday still what those are spent Oh is there another way ceiling yeah I used to work out yeah I got an idea come on let's do it nice car mom this is interesting this is so interesting so they have that locked out too because there it is it's probably just that's why shouldn't you they're part of cloverdale safety protocols okay I guess that would make sense I'll say if this us the stroke ain't no one gain out and that is part of the you know that defeats the objective let's just say that right now I see this light you want to start to figure out how to get up before yeah we did actually let's do this so we're going inside dude there must be another way and then I still don't see anyone bad there is another scan of s well this one work with Sarah I don't know about this why don't you let me go in first I don't know what happened back there in the parking lot but I'm telling you there's no way anyone could have gotten in past this fence I know these people and if Jim's in there he's gonna listen Jim Jim the rent-a-cop Jim Jim who almost shot me when I tried to pick you get on the hole that's changed since then yeah not for the better Sarah Irene Whittaker ID 2 0 0 7 6 5 9 see I told you about those other doors must have been bugged or something ready walk-in ready I don't know what there was this to shoot me right now there goes the first speaker in then let's get the second one just there someone that side all right two more here then should be no problem there we go that's those two taken care of why overloading come on D oh my god that's the speaker's dealt with I think that's all of them then apart from I think the one on the outside of this part here let's go Sarah you know what to do I'm sorry I teach users or 765 nine should what security has been breached man we don't get through override ID two zero zero seven six five nine overrides they must not have locked out under security you ready mm-hmm yeah this time party amen let me go at first I'm in dude let's go this time we go in together okay I'm already pointing the trigger so there's nose to at least works nicely for me look at that Sarah look at her doing work oh my gosh finish the suit up hey guys that one she said sniper simpler or more than one that's not a psycho Sarah zero zero seven six five nine whatever is gonna understand that what all right let's just do this wait I couldn't shoot him it stops me being able to shoot him so his chin god damn it dude come on let's take out the last of these speakers my goodness shut up where's the next one yeah all right so the heck were they doing around – you just got ammo laying around take that but yeah good I guess that's a good sign so what we can do is really try and get through this thing again right come on let's try the door yeah Oakley guys to zero zero second point maybe they'll be scared disabled game voice response people this be concise your security clearance these cowards right now come on well I just shot the last one so let me in bitch today hey going in that way would have been a death trap anyway every gun on the other side of that door is aimed right here we need a better plan another way around right sometimes real we can fake it one right maybe with clamwin hear me like is there a way to that rooftop from here you have just found one already over here climb on this together I guess can I see the cameras that hold up without AC okay one step ahead should be able to climb up from there let's go up listen I don't want you to go up there lay down suppressing fire keep their attention when they're all looking up I'm gonna go in from here I'm gonna take it by surprise sounds like a plan to me go for it what's that the door's locked wait to get it so we're not quite doing this just yet at least see what's this idea huh does it computer right here look at that your hand on that reader wait what are you doing she's gonna would sign us-like a thing so we can use it okay they locked out security but they forgot the admin codes from this station I can get you a temporary access code all right here's your ID go alright yeah sure your full name an ID five four two nine zero zero nine you got that five four two nine zero zero nine five four two nine zero zero nine is that right mm-hmm syrups a 542 nine zero nine we hop down I guess it's kind of dull to go take any chances okay go go let me scan this dude come on it it won't let me scan the thing hold up you still I can't do it come on come on come on come on come on come on come on that goes three more write that I go six I think whoa that was efficient two more here now he's an ama guy so she's gonna keep shooting him knock off the helmet I've tried to pop the head that was dead you're the but that no let's get this i'm as well okay you got a shotgun at range so you already dead my dude what about weapon choice for the situation there you go to use the words scurry used a few things to scrap that's really good actually alright so this guy is like situate within here it will just pick the lock Jim ready be ready pants up don't shoot him well you have to do is listen I've damn it I said hands all right go all right just just tell me what you want okay he's clean we were just defending myself down there we didn't listen did you this could have all been preventable outside Jim you know the ones you shot in the head winded I mean what was it huh what were they trying to do get home to their families maybe bring them back here you didn't want that did you all right I can't don't make me Sam I'm gonna count to three no no why no you don't understand – look don't do this the Reid open the goddamn door all right all right what's with this door you know what's the problem this is where we need to be oh now this is the signs for sitting on you do you know what you're doing no clue and I don't care right now I really ain't you can give it down yes we know what we're doing all right you don't have to do this let me go I don't trust him sorry we just need lose your head rule but necessary come on how does karma taste hi Jim not good huh oh we got in science facility this is like everything we could need to get this cure finally underway it's all true I didn't want to believe it what are you talking about this is my fault uh-oh I don't understand you should have seen it when the first went in maybe we used to grow wild ginger and grapefruit here and then all of this changed they sealed everything off they took away my clearance kept telling me he kept telling me that something was wrong okay okay who's who's David David Gorman he was this research intern you know what I said I told him that were farm and we were high tech and all veg and that there are billions of dollars at stake and – just leave it alone then he didn't listen he hacked the system he caught behind the firewall he told me that this was some sort of classified project or project he wanted to be the next Edward Snowden you see he wanted to blow the lid off of this entire thing David Gorman exposes the evil empire and saves the world and all that and I didn't listen to him deacon I told him that he was being paranoid and he must have broken in here and then gotten some sample of whatever the hell they were cooking in here first what do you mean I pieced it together in myself a little while later the night that I was stabbed I went to the Cloverdale office in farewell and I went to go try and find David but he was already gone he'd been gone for two weeks there was this big green Expo in Portland he must have gone to see a reporter he was probably infected and you didn't even know it yet so that's tied it in two days later two days later everybody else wasn't infected and then they all got on planes and they went home so the whole world has been in a week later two and a half billion people were dead this isn't this could be your Foreman you couldn't have stopped and it's it's the research my research was a part of this Deakin I was a part of this they used me the outbreak right there damn it's crazy I guess the electric fences how I turn them off the power relays are in a building by the greenhouse is why I'm gonna turn off ah just that there's a lot of food here and I was thinking about radioing boozer that somebody's lost like camp no I'll be shocked if I know that I contributed to this disaster yes you put two and two together once we broke in gonna take the risk to turn off Cloverdale electric fence let's go here we go is this I mean I saw them before anyway dude all the prizes they could cry so I'm at the corner on the wrong thing I really hope not they see an F straight away though so I'm gonna torch that whatever whatever whatever Lam do that thing so I don't know what any of their other knows we get in here now I don't understand what's going on there different trying to attack me I can hear them the role the freak where am I going we've got second expertise guys we're gonna hear it about my health holy crap I'm literally I just set myself on fire – dude are you kidding no fun and I think it did or it doesn't burn them that's why I think that torched it the nests okay so now we can finally go in here gosh so I just got a Jimmy that door should be no problem right once we're done with this it's gonna get back but exactly what we needed so now the next thing just turn the power off right there one switch to this place return to the bike I love our snow storms just came in on nowhere as well right what up O'Brien loser it's it's Deacon come back let's see Lost Lake Camp is anyone there scusa how's things goin let's see you at buzzards me the bright sky school your students good to hear from you too listen I don't got a lot of time the the research facility that Sarah used to work at the one near I imbued the one near the Ripper you know the one that I'm talking about right so listen there's food here lots of food corn so tell Ricky tell higher my tone the sense of yeah dollar loser loser loser he's cut the line I think while slate camp come in okay good listen up huh yeah yeah it's me oh listen there's it's trying to get look that's fine listen there's this oh my gosh yeah yeah thank you we just say what we need to know yeah okay listen there's this farm okay there's a power it's got Electrical fences and if you come here it's ask Boozer it's where Sarah used to work by iron Butte he's gonna know the place you come over here you're gonna find food are you kidding wow that's great um he made excuses all right could you tell you know what listen thank you ever made Boozer thought we were really cool back but you know what wait a second wait a second Isaac ah that thing you said about a lighting a candle I think maybe you were right okay I don't really go what does he mean by that hey John this is curry where are you and I'm way back one of my men reported that you went through his checkpoint at the Tilson past yeah captain there's a research facility and iron Butte it's it's like Sarah lieutenant Whitaker said there's an important piece of equipment that she needed and this is with and this was the only place that she could get it to get through okay we cut the line off did you talk to him to Boozer yeah yeah yeah I told him the you're fine and we're fine and that I had to get moving because we have to try to make it over the past pick the radio between us and Ricki I guess what do you think I don't know doesn't look good this snow is planned but we try so that's a good moment all right yes we're gonna do that you've been deke looking at the objectives a nice kid done only you were saying deke just don't look good kind even see in front okay I see that pumping out some of that smoke so he's got a fire burning hold up stop enough it's clear we could make it back my hands guys don't not assume anything you know it's like the first time they've actually spent time together no away from the camp sweat it water are you gonna come out need something guess it's cold right and it's like bad time together it's probably been a while you know I had a soaking wet digs like thank God for that deep down jinx it's a possibility for deke just say guys they could be the mine reader in real life get warm again can we cut this tension we know what's about to happen did you want to get something wrong question yeah nearby guys hurry up come on time's tickin SEPA so it's been like three hours recorded now my moral waiting for this moment mom this is cheeks like I said yeah I said this is what needs to happen again all about the mission just don't think about what the core paulandmel are gonna be like when things go I guess we're in there back yeah that's it this is a nice moment you know all this chaos hours of it deke deserves a Bev I guess just some appreciation sweet positive you know let that looks positive guys it does appropriate fade-out thank goodness let me have to do a large sensor hi here we go so shows they're probably building this thing back together again which is important that was obviously like a really important moment for both of them you know cam step aside that was there nice sweet we're ready get now the backing count this could be interesting right they're gonna have to like good risk you're stone-cold from the wall again you know do we get upgrades that's what's often kuri saw it you shouldn't all done I want adventure for this episode dude you got so much done for this hundred percent can take the risk all you did and it paid off as a result we got all these new unlocks like new skins for the bike new skill boys nice yeah look at we just come in like don't observe seriously John come in this is corporal st. John what's up captain I need you to head back to command stat he saw I don't you get the infirmary all right why not fir Murray what's wrong there's no way that's a good spot to end dude what the hell huh yeah lieutenant Whitaker are you there see Sarah come in Sarah hi guys we're gonna cut this here if anything happens right now – Sarah dude look at my back okay I will use all of this I don't care about this come whatsoever a lot going down for this episode the guys this was another really good one and hopefully you guys did enjoy this one as well if you did why not drop me that Locrian and hey if you new around here why not subscribe for more videos just like this one right here so thank you so much for watching this video guys of course we did enjoy and I'll of course see one the next one

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